What to Put on Dry Lips? Home Remedies or Lip Balm

Updated: September 26, 2019
what to put on dry lips

You can either put home remedies or lip balm. Both work well to alleviate dry lips.

Dry lips are mainly caused by the lack of water on the lip skin, and lips have no any oil glands that let the skin stay soft. Besides, dry lips may be caused by the sun exposure, vitamin deficiency, smoking, harsh weather (warm or cold wind/weather, sun rays), allergic reaction, excessive licking of the lips, etc.

Dry lips are not only caused by the winter, the lips may be dry also at any time if you do not take proper care of your lips.

If your lips are dry, the common signs or symptoms are chapped, cracking, reddish, flaking, itchy, scaly, rough, dark, tender or sore lips. Even, bleeding may have been for severely dry lips that will give you much pain and uneasiness. All those things finally present you unattractive, painful and discontent lips.

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Then- what to put on dry lips to get rid of those symptoms? Home remedies are very useful in treating dry or chapped lips. Lip balm or ointments are also very effective to treat dry lips.

I Like Home Remedies for My Dry Lips

Home remedies naturally heal the dry lips and save your money. The products are also good. But, you need to select the right lip balm, chapstick, or ointment. First, I will show you some natural ingredients to put on your dry lips.

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is known as a nice treatment for reducing dry lips. You can simply apply some castor oil several times a day on your lips. Or make a mixture with few drops of lemon juice, one teaspoon glycerin, and one teaspoon castor oil. Apply this before going to sleep. At morning wash your lips off. Do it daily and get dryness-free lips.

2. Honey

Honey has natural healing, moisturizing and antibacterial elements that can soothe dry, sore lips. Prepare a solution with some glycerin and honey. Apply it on the lips at night before sleeping. Enjoy more moisturized lips after getting up. It will stay all day long.

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3. Milk Cream

What the milk cream contains for that, your dry lips will be healed? Milk cream has a high substance of fat that works as a big natural moisturizer for skin. Leave some fresh milk cream on the lips for 10 minutes. Then wash your lips with clean water. Doing this regularly keeps your lips chapping free.

4. Sugar to Exfoliate Chapped Lipswhat to put on dry lips

Sugar is used to scrub the lips to remove the dead, dry or chapped skin cells to give the lips an even shape. WebMD suggests, “Don’t exfoliate dry lips. It can cause further damage to chapped lips. Instead, apply plenty of balm or ointment and turn on the humidifier.”

Moreover, if you want to scrub your lips, don’t forget to use natural elements. Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar and leave this mixer on the lips for several minutes. Then rub the lips gently with the fingers to get rid of the dead cells.

Don’t use a toothbrush, soap-based exfoliator, or scrubbing beads. These exfoliators trigger the lips to more chapping and harsh.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a quality natural oil that you can put on your dry lips to moisturize your lips all day long from the dry or cold weather or wind. Put some pure coconut oil on the chapped lips. Doing it daily 2-3 times will heal your lips fast. You can also use the following oils.

  • Almond oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil
  • Cocoa or Shea butter
  • Rosehip oil

6. Rose Petals

Rose petals come to mind when you want both moisturized and rosy lips at a time. Rose petal leaves a nice color on the lips by securing the lips from being dry. Soak some rose petals in the milk for 2 hours. Then mash up those petals. If you have problems with dairy items, you can use glycerin. Apply the mashed petals on the dry lips. Do it several times a day. Applying rose petals at night before going to bed treats the chapped lips faster.

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7. Water

For overall dehydration, your lips may be dry. In winter, most of the people drink less water. But, we face more dry skin during this time. So, no excuses, whether it is summer or winter; drink lots of water (minimum 8 glasses a day). This habit keeps your body hydrated and helps to dispose of out the toxins of the body.

8. Aloe Vera

Raw Aloe Vera is a well-known natural healing stuff for the skin. It soothes the painful cracked lips in a few minutes, though its taste slightly displeases. But, its healing power is wonderful. Just apply some raw Aloe Vera on the chapped lips for a few minutes.

9. Cucumber

Cucumber is a good treatment for sore, cracked lips. Rub a slice of cucumber on your dry lips and then let it stay for 15 minutes. Do it daily to get healthy lips.

I Also Use Lip Balm/Chapstick/Ointment to Treat My Dry Lips

Lip balm moistens and protects the lips from being dry. It restores the lip’s beauty by healing the problems. Apply the products that contain almond oil, beeswax, coconut butter, Shea butter, or other natural ingredients.

Glycerin or Vitamin E containing chapsticks are very effective for dry lips.

The ointments having eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, petroleum jelly, or pungent flavor should not be used because they may irritate, or dry out your lips more.

Petroleum jelly moistens the lips for a while, but hiddenly dries out the lips that force you to reapply the balm frequently.

Don’t use lipstick based moisturizer. Rather, you can apply the chapstick under the lipstick. It keeps the lips stayed moisturized. After every wash, eating, bathing or drinking, apply the balm. See some quality moisturizers for dry or chapped lips below:

How to Apply A Lip Balm Perfectly

Whatever the product is, it does not matter. But, don’t put the products after the lipstick, lip color, lip shade, lip liner or lip gloss. Just wear the moisturizer before the lipstick. To keep the lips protected for an entire day, you can put the ointment very often whenever you feel a little bit dryness on the lips.

At morning after washing your face, dab a first application and before sleeping at night put on the last application. Between this time, apply 5-6 times a day. Keep a chapstick always with you. If you explore in the sun exposure, you must use a SPF lip balm.

Put on a Ski Mask/ Scarf

We always cover our other parts of the body, but most of the time our lips are open whether it is hot, warm, cold or rough temperature. So, the lips become damaged first. You can wear a ski mask or a scarf during going outside in the cold or rough weather that can dry out your lips. Of course, keep a balm with the minimum SPF 15 sun protection.

Some Other Tips to Get Dryness-Free Lips

If you want smooth, healthy and beautiful lips, you must maintain some other tips besides using the home remedies and the products.

  • Take a balanced diet. It is very helpful to have smooth skin.
  • If your lips are dry prone, don’t eat salty foods. It forces to lick the lips more.
  • You should maintain some vitamins in a proper amount. Such vitamins are A, B, C, B2 (Riboflavin deficiency) and E.
  • If smoking or chewing is liable for chapped lips, you should avoid it.
  • Sometimes, processed snacks may irritate, and dry out the lips. So, give up them.
  • Find out what the elements cause your lip allergy. It can be your toothpaste to lipstick or any other things. Whatever the elements are, just avoid them.
  • Avoid the unnecessary use of the cosmetics or lipsticks.
  • You can put Egyptian Magic on your dry lips. It is a natural balm for chapped lips.
  • If any medications cause dry lips, talk to your dermatologist.
  • Some severe conditions, like Diabetes, Kawasaki, Sjogren’s syndrome, Macrocytosis, and Sexually transmitted diseases may also cause chapped lips. Consult with your doctor as soon as possible if you think that these diseases are causing your lips cracked.

I think, already you have known what to put on dry lips. Home remedies and lip balm are enough. If the regular use of lip balm does not treat your dry lips, it may be a serious condition, like cancer or pre-cancer (Actinic cheilitis). Chronic dry lips may be posed a severe threat. So, go to your doctor immediately.

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