What Causes Dark Spots on Lips and How to Remove Them

Updated: September 26, 2019
what causes dark spots on lips
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Dark spots on lips are not good signs for showing your beauty. You feel uneasy and uncomfortable to show off your appearance. Especially, women feel very hesitation to expose themselves to the public with dark spots on lips. They are always tensed with those lips.

So, it is important to know what exactly causes dark spots on the lips. The identification of reasons will help you to treat black patches, lines or shades of your lips.

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Can It Become a Concern?

Many of you may have faced something like slight discoloration, flaky patches, or dark, raised moles on your lips. Most of the time they are due to lack of care. But, that does not mean they lack your concern.

Not only for climate or moisture, one may have spots for other grieving reasons. Skin is the best medium or reflexion of the body inside. Anything wrong can first see through it.

So, when you see any abnormalities, it is only best to go and have a check by the doctor making sure you are healthy and in good shape.

Can It Become Skin Cancer?

You have to know how to detect skin cancer from evaluating a spot as it can be a symptom. For that, you have to know what a cancerous spot or growth is like.

Firstly, it is irregular. The shape and size are not like that of a normal spot or mole on your body. They are mostly shiny and also have an unusual color. Secondly, it has a rapid growth and will increase in size. Thirdly, it will have an opening and that opening may bleed. Fourth, but not the last you will also face scaly red patches of skin and will have scar-like tissues.

Remember, men are 3 to 13 times more prone to develop lip cancer than women and out of it, the lower lips are 12 times more in danger.

Anyway, in this article, I will mainly show what things can cause dark spots, darkness, black spots, wrinkles, tan, blemishes or discoloration on your lips. I will also show some treatment options, home remedies, creams, and products to use. Hope, all those will help you to treat dark spots of your lips, keep reading and commenting about yours.

We listed 18 most probable reasons for black spots or discoloration on the lips

1. Dehydration

Dehydration means the insufficiency of water in the body. You may encounter many difficulties for dehydration. Dryness of skin (cheeks, lips) is very common. Dryness for dehydration eventually may create dark spots around the lips.

Solution: Taking lots of water along with fresh vegetables and fruits will help to hydrate your body. It will make your cheeks and lips moisturized.

2. Lack of Vitamin B

For not eating enough amount of vitamin B rich foods, many people suffer from the insufficiency of vitamin B. It causes many problems either inside or outside of the body.

Angular cheilitis is one of the most common problems caused by the insufficiency of vitamin B. Angular cheilitis means a cracking and inflammation around the lips. It creates fungal infection and finally, dark spots are seen on the lips.

Solution: Eating vitamin B rich foods will solve this problem. Or you can take vitamin B supplements. Safe and quality ingredients are used to formulate this product. Before taking any supplements, talk to your doctor.

3. Hormonal Disorder

Hormonal disorders also create many difficulties both for health and skin. You may experience dry lips for thyroid inconsistency. Thyroid inconsistency (one kind of hormonal imbalance) is caused when thyroid gland hormones affect sexual function, mood, and food metabolism. When thyroid generates a vast amount of hormones, the body uses its energy faster than it does normally. Thyroid imbalance is also known as hyperthyroidism.

Solution: Talk to your doctor.

4. Smoking

Smoking contains thousands of harmful particles, known as nicotine. Nicotine is severely harmful to health. It dries up the lip’s skin too. So, the people, who smoke more, may also experience dark spots on their lips.

Cigarette leaves one kind of stain on the lips. If it is untreated, it can cause dryness, discoloration, and even cancer may be threatened.

Solution: The best way is to quit smoking and you will gradually get back your natural lips. If you cannot stop smoking despite lots of efforts, read, Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. It will help you to stop smoking naturally. Or you can also read “home remedies to lighten dark lips due to smoking”.

5. Sun Rays

Sun rays create melanin pigments on the skin that look almost black after a certain period of time if you do not take steps to protect your lips from the sunburn.

Solution: Go less in the sun or use sunscreen products for lips. Also, read how to treat sunburned lips with home remedies.

6. Pigmentation

Many people face hyper-pigmentation on the lip skin. Hyperpigmentation gradually creates brown/dark patches. Pigmentation means the complex melanin on your lips grows from UBA/UVA sun rays.

7. Cancer

Sometimes, dark spots are signs of cancer. The people moving excessively in the sun may encounter this lip cancer. This cancer attracts the lower level of the lip. You may also find lumps on the lips for it. But, cancer on the lips is rare.

Solution: Talk to your doctor.

8. Excessive Iron

Do you know if your body contains more iron than it needs, you may encounter many problems? One of them is dark spots around the lips.

Solution: So, limit to take iron-rich foods or consult with your dietitian how you can proportionate your iron.

9. Tea or Coffee

Many women drink more than 5 cups of hot coffee or tea per day. The hotness of these drinks burns the skin of the lips. When you build up this habit, you will notice dark spots on the lips. Taking less caffeine can solve this problem.

10. Lip Licking

Many people have a bad habit of licking lips when they feel dryness on the lips. They think it moisturizes their lips. Actually, not. Rather, it harms the lips in two ways such as- it dries up the lip skin and causes dark lips.

11. Some Medications

You may notice dark spots on the lips for some medications or medicines. These medications are amiodarone, estrogens, sulfonamide, tetracyclines, phenothiazines, and phenytoin.

Solution: It is better to stop these medications if you are confirmed, they are causing black spots on your lips. Of course, you should talk to your doctor before taking a decision.

12. Inexpensive or Expired Lip Cosmetics

The skin of the lips is more sensitive than any other parts of the body. It is affected very easily if you are not conscious. Especially, you have to be choosy when you buy lip care products.

Solution: Try to buy always expensive or branded products. Remember also, your lips cosmetics have to be made with natural or organic substances. See the date expiration also.

13. Not Removing Makeup from the Lips

Many ladies get accustomed not to remove lipstick from the lips at night before sleeping. The long-staying of the cosmetics harms the skin badly.

Solution: Use a cool makeup remover to wipe away the cosmetics. Check out “Aveeno Active Naturals Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes“. After removing makeup, it helps to re-balance your skin.

14. Dental Fixtures

The dental fixtures may also create dark spots on lips. Consult with your dentist how to remove this difficulty. You can also treat this problem with laser treatment, of course, if your dentist thinks so.

15. Hot and Spicy Foods

Some foods very taste when they are hot and spicy, like pizza. But, you should remember those hot foods also burn the skin of the lips. The continuous burning causes dark lips.

16. Allergy

Occasionally, you may experience dark spots on the lips by the allergic reaction. You may get an allergy from toothpaste or other materials. The products create allergy on your facial skin, just avoid it.

Just be careful about the causes and treat them. The above reasons are mostly liable for building up dark spots on lips.

17. Angiokeratoma of Fordyce

Angiokeratoma of Fordyce is a small dark or black spot on lips. They vary in color, size, and shape, but usually dark red to black and wart-like. They are harmless though they resemble some cancerous growth.

They grow anywhere on the mucus-producing skin and not just on lips. Older people are most affected. They can be left untreated.

18. Dental Treatments

You can also get bruised and have spots on your lips if your braces, mouth guard, or dentures don’t fit well. They create pressure on your flesh thus creating the marks.

They can be painful sore and leave dark spots behind. This usually occurs in darker shade skin and with sun exposure they get worse to look at.

Solution: Talking to your doctor can help you.

Treatment Options

If you have a cancerous growth then it can be removed from your lips by surgery. Or your doctor may freeze it or use radiation to get it away from you giving the circumstances and options. There are radiation therapy, and chemotherapy as well.

Some home remedies can get rid of those ugly spots on your lips naturally and safely

You can either use home remedies or products to remove dark spots. Read this article, here I described some effective home remedies that will naturally treat the dark spots of the lips.

We found out some creams that will lighten your pigmented lips

If you don’t feel comfortable to use home remedies, you can These Creams.

When To See A Doctor?

When you will see those above-mentioned points, do visit doctor without wasting any time and also if your spots do not go away for months better have a check out by experts.

Lips are often overlooked while searching for cancer in a body. But, they are vital points and most people get affected by skin cancer, the fairer ones are much at risk.


Hope, the above points will help you to find out what thing actually is causing dark spots on your lips and how to treat them. Let us know how you removed those pesky spots.

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