What Causes Dark Nipples and How to Lighten Them

Darkening of nipples/areolas is simple during menstruation, aging, breastfeeding, puberty and after birth. So, nothing to be worried. Lightening nipples is also possible. You can either use some remedies or products.

what causes dark nipples

We can see a similar relation between the skin color and the nipple color. If your skin is fair, your nipples are pink/red. If your skin is dark, your nipples are also dark/brown. The outer areas of the nipples looking like a circle are areolas.

Today, I will mainly show you what causes dark nipples. Before going that,

Let’s Know Some Facts About Nipples

The areolas may be pink for some women while someone has darker ones. Again, areolas may look red to pink. The nipples or areolas often turn into darker with sexual excitement. That’s why; in some countries, the women darken their nipples by artificial painting to attract their male partners.

The nipples are basically combined with lots of pleasing tiny nubs. Nipples are the secondary sexual part of women, that erects sex to the vaginal areas finally.

You may be surprised that the two nipples are not equal. One may be darker or bigger than another.

Anyway, most of the men and women like bright nipples. But, it is not always possible to maintain pink nipples. Their nipples get dark often or from birth they have black nipples.

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What Causes Dark Nipples or Areolas?

Nipple darkening is not unusual. It is simple after some conditions, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation etc. Of course, if your skin is naturally dark, your nipples must be dark or brown.

Anyway, let’s see in detail what causes dark nipples or areolas.

1. Hairs around the Nipples

Generally, women have not hairs on the outer parts of the areola. But, a few of the females can have sometimes a little hair around their nipples that look like the eyelashes. So, your nipples look dark or black for those hairs. Use “Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator” to remove these hairs.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a dreamy time for women. But, she accepts this sweet blessing with some changes that may not look nice. The darkness of the skin is a common symptom of a pregnancy. You can notice the darker skin on your face, like around the eyes and dark lines snake away under the belly (abdomen).

The dark nipples are also very common symptoms of pregnancy. After one or two weeks of conception, the areolas start turning dark. The nipples also become bigger with the pregnancy growth. This is caused because of the pregnancy hormones.

And the dark nipples are not concerned at all at this stage; rather it indicates that the pregnancy is going well. The darkness of the areolas remains until the delivery. After delivery, the nipples get back its previous color. Sometimes, the nipples still remain dark. Use the following creams to lighten nipples.

3. Menstruation/Period

Before/during the menstruation, there are many changes noticed. Such as- women get weak or sick; their skin becomes dark, especially around the eyes and the areolas, body dehydration, etc. The nipple size and color also change during this time. After the menstruation, your nipples return its previous state.

4. Puberty

During 11 or over, a girl starts with puberty. During this time, she faces the period and the breast puffing. For that, she notices the darkening of her areolas. The nipples get normal after the completion of adolescence.

5. After Birth and Breastfeeding

After birth, your nipples may remain dark. If you feed your baby powder milk, then your nipples might get the previous pink color. If you breastfeed your baby, your nipples or areolas will remain brown until you stop breastfeeding.

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6. Aging, Medications, Illness and Other Reasons

Aging is another reason for darkening nipples. In normal ways, when the women grow older, their skin faces a different number of changes, including darkness around the eyes/nipples, age spots, wrinkles or fine lines, etc.

Don’t worry. Nipple darkening is simple. After birth, period or puberty, the nipples get back their previous color. If you have breastfeeding baby, your nipples remain dark for the days until you end up the breastfeeding.

How to Lighten Nipples

You can remove the darkness of your nipples by using some home remedies or natural ingredients and products. Both are effective enough. Read both the articles below:

If you get an unusual darkening of your areolas, you should consult with your doctor. And, if you like “what causes dark nipples”, share it with others.

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  1. my girlfriend has hairs around her nipple. if she remove it from hair remover it grows again. how to remove it permanently. and if I kissed and suck her nipple will it change the color… please help me


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