vaseline petroleum jelly for face

8 Ways to Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for Face

Last Updated: February 10, 2017

Vaseline petroleum jelly is a familiar element in every family. And it is a multi-purpose ingredient that can be used from greasing up any tool to care for your skin.

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Vaseline is a humectant, anti-aging element, anti-bacterial stuff and creates a barrier between your skin and environment. So, skin gets infected less when you are habituated to use Vaseline. You can use this super hack for your beauty and skin care. You can use it to remove your nail polish to moisten your feet.

Anyway, today I will show you some ways how you can use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your face. It will keep your facial skin smooth, young, healthy and protect the elements to cause any drawbacks on the facial areas.

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  1. For Smooth Face Skin

The skin loses its protective barrier when the upper layer of the skin gets itchy, chapped or dry. The skin of the face is very thin. It becomes infected, sensitive and cracked easily by the rough elements.

In this case, you can use petroleum jelly. It is noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-sensational, and not added any fragrance or colors. Everyone from babies to adults can use Vaseline to heal the dry skin. It also protects the skin from the future damage. The best time to use it after taking shower when your skin is damp.

  1. For Face Moisturizingvaseline petroleum jelly for face

When people become aged, the skin also gets thinner and drier prone. Today, most of the people use commercial products that are costly and made with sometimes chemicals. So, those products may trigger the dryness more. The face skin gets flaky, dry, peeling and sore. It needs a reliable soothing.

Besides, in winter the face skin becomes dry, chapped, chilly and cracked. It needs an intensive care of moisture to protect the dry air of the winter.

In this case, you can use Vaseline petroleum jelly as a daily moisturizer for your face. It not only moistens your face but also makes the fine lines, wrinkles or other aging signs less noticeable. You can massage your face with Vaseline before going to sleep at night.

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  1. For Minor Wounds on Face

The studies show that antibacterial ointment can speed up the healing of the minor cuts, scarring or wounds. But, when the cuts or wounds are open to the air, they become dry and it takes much time to cure those cuts.

Vaseline petroleum jelly can work like an antibacterial element. So, you can use it on the minor wounds of your face or other skin of the body. Vaseline moistens the cuts and heals them from inside of the skin. Vaseline also minimizes the infections and reduces the inflammation from the wounds. Just simply cover up the scarring or cuts with the Vaseline.

  1. For Leaving Pores Clean

Many think that Vaseline petroleum jelly helps to clog pores. But, it is not true. The pores are generally clogged when you do not cleanse your makeup before taking rest at night. The pores are also clogged if you do not wash your face timely and perfectly.

Vaseline jelly is thick and feels very soft. It enters into the skin and makes it smooth. Besides, if you have the habit of using Vaseline after washing your face, you have less probability of facing clogged pores. It keeps the pores clean. After every wash off your face, massage your face with Vaseline.

  1. For Preventing Acne on Face

Though Vaseline jelly does not treat acne or pimples directly, but it helps to prevent the breakout of the acne. Vaseline creates a barrier on the skin and thus the pores do not get infected by dirt, impurities or other pollutants. It helps to regenerate the newer cells by sloughing off the dead skin cells. Thus, you can feel the tender skin always. Vaseline protects the bacteria and makes the overall skin healthy and supple. After shower, massage your skin with Vaseline if your skin is dry prone or it is winter.

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  1. For Healing Chapped Lips

I personally use Vaseline to soften my dry lips in winter. The dry air of winter takes out the moisture from the lip skin and thus the lips become cracked or dry. Sometimes, dryness can cause bleeding from the lips. Even, you may face sore lips if you do not treat dry lips.

Vaseline can be a heavy bang to speed up the healing process of your chapped lips. Simply, apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly on the lips thickly. In the morning, rub the lips with the fingers. It will remit off the dead dull cells and unlocks the newer cells. In the daytime, apply Vaseline on the lips several times. It will keep the lips moisturized.

You can exfoliate your dry lips with Vaseline and sea salt. Mix some Vaseline jelly with some sea salt and scrub your lips with it for one minute. It will remove the dry skin cells and hydrates the lips.

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  1. For Makeup Removing

It is a nice hack to remove your face makeup, eye makeup or lipstick color with Vaseline petroleum jelly. Sometimes, using baby oil, shampoo or makeup cleansers are irritating, boring or allergic to the delicate skin of the face, eye, and lips. Coat your lips with some Vaseline for a few minutes. Then use your finger or a soft toothbrush to rub the lips. And see the lipstick stain get erased easily. Similarly, apply Vaseline on the checks thickly and wait for a minute. Then use a tissue paper to sweep off the skin. Thus, you can also remove the eye makeup with Vaseline jelly. Then cleanse your skin with water and finally moisturize your skin with your favorite cream.

  1. For Minimizing Wrinkles On Face

Do you know that Vaseline jelly helps to reduce the wrinkles and also protect the fine lines earlier? It is simple to build up aging signs when people get older. Vaseline is an anti-aging and anti-bacterial ointment. It prohibits the growth of bacteria and aging lines on the skin. Wash your face before sleeping, and dab some Vaseline on the damp face. It will moisturize the skin deeply and plump up the skin. In the morning, you will see the lines are minimized.

These are the common ways to use Vaseline petroleum jelly on face. My grandmother says, “I just use it to pamper up my skin and get younger”. So, don’t neglect the power of Vaseline for skin care.

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