Understanding of Lotus Tattoos

Written by John Crosby, A Guest Writer.

Updated: September 26, 2019
understanding of lotus tattoos

You certainly have seen people with tattoos in different parts of their bodies. Have you ever wondered why tattoos are widely preferred by various religions?

You need to know that different tattoos have different meanings depending on their colors and designs and that probably is the reason why you are reading this article.

While some people wear tattoos to enhance their beauty and attractiveness, others wear tattoos to symbolize something perhaps a spiritual meaning.

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Understanding of Lotus Tattoos

Lotus tattoos are among the popular tattoos in the world. You have always wanted to know what makes these tattoos so special to gain such popularity.

Well, after you have read this article you will have a clear understanding of what Lotus tattoos are, different parts of the body with these tattoos, what these tattoos symbolize, and what theses tattoos mean in the various countries.

However, I would advise you to think before you ink because there are some health implications associated with tattoos. These risks include:

Allergies: If you are allergic to ink, definitely tattoos will give you trouble. You, therefore, need to know whether your body reacts to ink before thinking of getting any tattoos on your body.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Complications: There have been cases where people have burnings and swelling on the tattoos when they have Magnetic Resonance Imaging. However, this is temporally and lasts only for a short period.

When dirty or infected needles are used infections are inevitable, for example, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis.

Scars: Tattoos could lead to the formation of unwanted scars when getting or removing them, therefore, making you look scaring and unattractive.

Now, that you have a comprehension of Lotus tattoos and the health complications associated with them, let us go through different parts of the body where these tattoos are found.

Where On The Body Tattoos Are Found?Understanding of Lotus Tattoos

Aging and losing weight leads to your skin stretching and sagging. You know what this means?

When a tattoo is made on the part of the easily stretches, the tattoo will change with time. It is also a precision unanimously known that making tattoos in extremely sensitive parts of your body like the eye could be a high level of insanity.

You will, therefore, agree with me when I say that there are specific areas where tattoos work pretty well. These areas stretch the least with age or in a case of weight loss.

Moreover, areas of your body that do not regularly come into direct contact with sunlight are preferable when making a tattoo. These areas are:

The inner part of your forearm; this part is also known as “the next place Marci wants a tattoo.” It shows little changes with age. Moreover, this part is rarely in direct contact with sunlight. It is, therefore, a perfect place to consider if you want to make a permanent tattoo.

The upper outer region of your chest. This part shows little changes with age. As well, the area mostly covered with clothes, therefore, keeping direct contact with sunlight off. Though painful, it is an ideal area to get a tattoo.

Back side of the neck. If you wear your hair down your neck, you can consider making a tattoo on the back side of your neck just below the hairline. This is because the area shows little changes with time.

The center of the lower part of your back is a perfect point to make a tattoo, especially for women. This part is least affected during pregnancy and age as well.

Now let us go through symbolism of these tattoos

What Different Tattoos Symbolize?

As I started by saying, tattoos have different meanings depending on their colors and designs. Let us now go through theses meanings one by one.

Lotus Tattoos and Buddhism: Lotus flower unfolds in the morning and mostly in muddy and stagnant waters.

To Buddhist lotus is a symbol of purity. Buddhism also associates the seeds of lotus with completeness because it leads to the development of a fully grown lotus plant.

According to Buddhist, Lotus shows that a person is perfect before he is born and will grow to perfection with time. They associate different colors with different meanings.

They include:

The Red Lotus: This lotus symbolizes human heart according to Buddhists. A red lotus tattoo can, therefore, be used to represent love, enthusiasm or loyalty.

The Blue Lotus: The blue lotus tattoo symbolizes mindfulness and wisdom.

The Pink Lotus: This lotus tattoo symbolizes love and devotion to God.

The Purple Lotus Tattoo: This lotus tattoo is associated with enlightenment

According to the Western perception of life, the lotus tattoos have three meanings. They are:

  1. The plant seems to originate from nowhere. The lotus tattoo can be used to represent divine conception. For example, the Buddha is believed to have been born from a lotus.
  1. Since it is hard to understand the lotus plant wholly, the lotus flower tattoo is used as a symbol of a person who is trying to find the meaning of something.
  1. Did you know that the lotus plant sheds it’s seeding the same time it sheds it flowers? Consequently, the lotus flower tattoo is used to signify divine guidance. The Buddhists associate the lotus with the soul that back to earth from heaven to guide people.

Let’s now see how different countries have interpreted lotus tattoos.


In China, the lotus was also important. Its beauty was associated with perfection. The lotus tattoo, according to Chinese culture, symbolized agreement in the matrimony.

Chinese also associate the beauty of the lotus with the beauty of a woman. The lotus tattoo, therefore, signifies the beauty and elegance of a woman.


The Lotus was also significant in Egypt since the Egyptians believed that the earth commenced when the lotus sprung from the sea and came into bud. The lotus tattoo, therefore, symbolizes revival or creation of life from nonexistence.

In the beginning, I said that lotus tattoos have different meaning depending on the colors and designs. To this point, I am sure that you can agree with me that it’s not only these two that lead to an interpretation of lotus tattoos but also religion and culture.

Besides, I can’t forget to mention countries as we have seen that the Lotus symbols have great significance to China and Egypt.

As well you have a clear understanding of the various risks Lotus tattoos have on your health as well the different parts of your body that you can consider if you want to make a tattoo.

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