Top 10 Makeup Brands for Best Look

Last Updated: December 29, 2017
Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

You always like to be flared up with your favorite makeup. Without makeup, you hardly dare to step out for a dating or any occasion.

Do you always wear the cosmetics from the best brands?

The brands matter much to fix up your appealing in silky shine. But, the misuse of the unfamiliar branded beauty care can reduce your radiance.

That’s why; I will show you the top 10 makeup brands in the world to ease your picks.

Of course, you might have known to them.

If not, just match what you are using.

Well, let’s see the best cosmetic or beauty care product brands.

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#1: Olay – Skin Care Tips and Products. American Beauty and Makeup Brand.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

They have taken the leadership in skin care tips and products. Olay says, “Challenge what’s possible”. It was converted from “Love the skin you’re in”. This skin care brand is a market leader in many countries, like US, UK, and China. In 2012, they estimated their brand value $11.8 billion.

Some of their best seller and popular products are – Olay CC Cream, Olay Simply Ageless Makeup Foundation, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum, Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream, and much more skin care lines.

#2: Avon – Cosmetic, Skin Care, Fragrance, Makeup & Jewelry. USA Brand.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Avon is a beauty care product company who has lots of international manufacturers and direct selling subsidiaries. It is #5 beauty care brand in the world. Avon says. “Beauty is the journey, empowerment is the destination.” They won lots of awards, such as- Best Global Brands in 2013. Their total brand value is about $7.9 billion.

# 3: L’Oreal – Makeup, Hair Care, Hairstyling, Skincare & Anti-aging.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

L’Oréal is a beauty and cosmetic brand in Paris. Many say that it is the biggest cosmetic company in the world. They have a proliferation of hair color, skin care, sun protection, makeup, hair care, perfumes and many more beauty products. L’Oréal Paris has active involvement in tissue engineering, dermatology, biopharmaceutical, and toxicology. And they are the top in nanotechnology.

This brand earned net income 4.91 billion EUR in 2014.

# 4: Neutrogena – For Healthier Skin. American Beauty & MakeupTop 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Neutrogena is the No-1 dermatologist recommended skin care brand in the world. They have a wide range of products, like hair care, skin care, acne, sun protection formula, anti-aging, men beauty products, cleansers, and all types of cosmetics. Neutrogena cosmetics are available in more than 70 countries.

In 2012, they have achieved $6.2 billion for their brand value in the market.

#5: Nivea – A Home of Skin Care. Germany Makeup and Beauty Brand.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Nivea is a personal care brand that is specialized in body care, skin care, beauty care, and makeup. It is one of the largest skin care brand who provides always innovative, compelling and skin-friendly products. They have been able to reach their products to each and every home of the world.

Nivea has been serving beauty and skin care products successfully for 125 years. They have the world’s most modern research center that produces always high-quality cosmetics.

#6: Lancome – Cosmetic, Skin Care, and Makeup Company.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Lancôme is famous for its luxurious cosmetics and perfumes. It is a French cosmetic brand who distributes their cosmetics all over the world. Lancôme provides higher-end price makeup, fragrance, skincare and other cosmetics. It is a popular brand with the celebrities.

#7: Dove – Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Cleansers, Lotions & Beauty TipsTop 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Dove is a Britain personal care brand owned by Unilever. Dove cosmetics and beauty products are sold over 80 countries of the world. They produce products both for men and women. Dove manufacturing locations are situated in German, Brazil, Pakistan, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, China, Netherland, United States and many more countries.

Dove is one of the most familiar skin care brands in the world.

#8: Estee Lauder – Makeup, Beauty Products, and Skin Care.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

The Estée Lauder is a prestigious personal care brand. It is an America based cosmetic producing company. Their cosmetics are for hair care, skin care, fragrance, makeup, and many more luxurious items. Their most familiar products are- Clinique, M∙A∙C, Aramis, Aveda, etc.

They have achieved net profit US$1,204.1 in 2014. The Estée Lauder is also a common beauty brand to the celebrities.

#9: Biore – Gives Healthy and Radiant SkinTop 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Biore is a Japanese Beauty Care and Makeup brand. Their main purpose is to adorn your skin from the root. Biore’s products are more famous to treat the pores and acne. Their locations are available in USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, etc. They estimated their brand value in 2012 is Biore.

#10: Shiseido – Skincare, Makeup & Fragrance.Top 10 Makeup Brands Beauty Skin Care Products

Shiseido is a Japan-based multination personal care company who provides cosmetics in skin care, hair care, fragrance products, foundations, and makeups. It is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world.

If you do not use the above top 10 makeup brands, let me know which cosmetic, skin or beauty care brand you use.


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