Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm (Review)

Actually Tony Moly Mini Berry comes with 3 different impressive lip balms- Cherry, Blueberry and Peach. Makes your lips nourishing, looking natural and protective from sunrays.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm (Review)

Why is Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm best? One customer said that she likes its peach scent more. The balms glides into the skin quickly and makes the lips more moisturized. She feels her lips really wonderful after using this lip balm.

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Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm is a Korean product. The brand has been much popular among the people who prefer differently blended cosmetics with different packaging. It is mainly combined with 3 different balms, Cherry, Peach, and Blueberry. They make your lips hydrated, protected with SPF 15 and moisturized. Your lips get coated with pure berry extract flavors.

You will get 3 distinguished benefits from a single lip balm, such as- moisturizing effects, sweet tinted fruity pigments, and protection from the UV rays. Very few lip balms can give these 3 benefits at a time. That’s why; lots of women like Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm for their dry lips in winter or other seasons.

TonyMoly Mini PEACH (Full Review)Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm (Review)

PEACE is a citrus, peach scented lip balm. It hydrates and plumps your lips. Coats your lips with a fruity water tinted color that is not sticky. Massage your lips with it for 1-2 minutes with the fingers. Then cleanse your lips off with a tissue or water. Finally, wear the lip essence lip balm and enjoy silky soft adorable lips.

Tony Moly Mini BLUEBERRY (Full Review)Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm (Review)

It provides a natural BLUEBERRY scent, smoothness, and a clean finish. Blueberry balm is enriched with some yummy nutrients that are very effective for getting healthy lips.

Tony Moly Mini CHERRY (Full Review)Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm (Review)

CHERRY is full of moisturizers with SPF 15/PA UV protection and fruity extracts. Makes your lips plumping, soft, protected and hydrated. Comes with a sweet Cherry shaped container that you must love.

About Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm

(Peach, Cherry, and Blueberry)

  • Adds A Hint of Shine
  • Adds Slightly Sheer Pink Pigment
  • Looks Thick and Waxy
  • BEST Peach Scent
  • The SPF 15 Protects the Lips from UV Rays
  • Best Usable for Thinner and Most Sensitive Lips
  • Creates Barrier against Dehydration
  • Wonderful Moisturizing Effects
  • Makes the Lips Deeply Soft
  • Lips Smell Sweet
  • Looking Natural Tinted Color
  • Cutest Container and Reusable

How to Use

Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm is daily usable for dry lips. Apply the balm on your lips before heading to bed at night to get the most beautiful lips. Put the balm with your fingers and spread it evenly on your lips. You can wear Tony Moly Mini Berry Balm alone or over your lipstick (if the lipsticks are matte finish).


If you lick your lips, you will feel that the taste is not amazing. Of course, you won’t mind until you eat up the balm or lick your lips. Another bad side is, you have to put the balm at your fingertips. If you are not used to doing it, you may feel boredom. Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm adds a slightly sheer glossy shine to your lips that you may not love. The price is a little bit high.

Score and Customer Reviews

If you want yummy and more kissable lips, Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm is the best choice. Its cute containers look as the real Cherry, Peach, and Blueberry that your family members and friends will love.

The customers gave it a high rating (out of 5) that proves that most of the customers have liked it. Such as- one customer said that the tube is very sweet. The smell is amazing. And it makes her lips softer and smoother.

Another customer said that she dislikes it because it takes a lot of balm to moisturize her lips. And the price is more than the balm. She also does not like its scent.

Except for one or two negative reviews, most of the women are very satisfied with Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm. The customers are using it because Tony Moly is very different from other lip balms. Besides, it gives your lips simultaneously smoothness, sun protection and natural tinted color that you have never gotten from others. So, if you are looking for a balm like these properties, you can Buy Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm at Amazon.

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