Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm (Review)

Get a unique, fruity designed container filled in original berry lip balm with natural blueberry shades, tints and flavors. Enjoy more pleasing and smooth lips on all occasions.

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm Reviews

I am sure that you will be attracted to the Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm for its fruity, appealing appearance, which most of the people do. You cannot imagine how acceptable, it’s little fruity shape container. Not only a container, the core balm is also very adorable to the thousands of people for its unique fusion and versatile usability.

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Tony Moly Blueberry is an emollient lip balm with natural berry flavor and SPF 15. It is a product of Korea, but very popular in USA and Canada. It is an outstanding product for lips. Its packaging looks very cute with a giant blueberry shape.

The balm is made with nutritious and yummy ingredients. Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm makes your lips smooth by leaving a clean cushioned tint for your delightful day out.

Blueberry Lip Balm from Tony Moly is a delicious piece of lip product to turn the lips more kissable and sexy. Its main task is to soften, crinkle and moisturize your lips in all seasons.

Though Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm is a Korean product, it has been very well-known worldwide for its unique innovation, lip accomplishment, a blend of ingredients and adorable packaging.

Why Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm Is So PopularTony Moly Blueberry Lip BalmIt makes your lips amazingly beautiful that will, of course, attract your friends.

  • SPF 15 gives a sun protection from drying or darkening your lips.
  • Smells a real berry flavor, not added any artificial scents.
  • Smacks with berry delicious when the tongue touches the lip corners.
  • Very moisturizing and creamy formula.
  • Glides easily on lips.
  • Leaves a natural tinted color with a pretty, slightly glossy finish.
  • Lips feel more comfortable and last the balm longer hours.
  • Hydrates the dry, chapped lips.
  • Makes the lips smooth, and a little bit shiny.
  • The color looks a sheer blood red (natural berry tone). The tints look so intimate that it doesn’t seem you are wearing a balm. It seems that you have healthy lips.
  • Lightweight, no waxy feel.
  • Reusable container

Uncommon PackagingTony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm Looks a Real Berry

From kids to my office colleagues like its small, blueberry-shaped container. When my friend, Nishitha saw it first, she only said, Wow!! How sweet the container. It seems to be a real blueberry.

My family’s all members like it much. They are very crazy for using it, but usually, they are not so interested in cosmetics. When you uncover its cap, you will see an emollient rich, berry lip balm that spreads a lovely scent.

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What Is It Made With?

Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm is flushed with varieties of berries and the dominant tart of cherries.

Bad Sides

If your lips are sensitive to scented lip balms, it won’t be much effective for you. You have to apply the balm with fingers dipping into the container.

How to Use

Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm is safe for daily use and applicable for all seasons. Apply it when you go outside. You can wear it over the lipstick if you have a matte finish lip color, or want to moisturize your lips.

Don’t use randomly. Just apply when you feel dryness on your lips, or you may need a stepping out.

Customer Reviews

Not only the Korean people are using it, but also it is being used all over the world. And most of the customers are saying, it is really a natural tinted and real berry lip balm, that all promised to give, but actually not.

For an example, one customer said that She likes it because it adds a nice tinted color to her lips. It tastes also good and she feels it has a nice smell.

Another customer said that the packaging looks fantastic. The container looks like a nipple. She likes more its scent. It also makes her lips super soft.

Personally, I like its adorable packaging more. Besides, Tony Moly Blueberry Lip Balm is a versatile product, such as- it moisturizes the lips, protects them from UV rays, gives beautiful natural color, hydrates the lips, and provides a longer lasting nourishment. It also smells great. So, I think, you should buy its one.

How did you feel, inform us please?

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