5 Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush

Updated: September 25, 2019
Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush

Do you crave for straight of hair? Want to look like the diva right out of the fashion magazine?

The biggest challenge for this is you don’t have the time to spend hours in the salon. You may have tried a flat iron or two in the past and found them to be a little bit difficult to work with, especially as one-hand operation thingy.

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Lately, you may have heard about the pandemonium over the straightening brushes and even may want to make that transit, but are not sure. If we have addressed all your concerns in the right order, then this post is for you.Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush

Today, we will discuss everything about hair straightening brush and how you can choose the best one without burning a hole in your pocket.

How to Choose a Hair Straightening Brush

If taming your unruly mane looks like the most difficult task on earth, then you may find a solution in hair straightening brushes for sure.

Initially, it may look somewhat difficult to choose a straightening brush for your hair, but we guarantee you that after reading this post till the end, it will no longer be a predicament.

We have answered all that you may need to know about choosing perfect hair straightening brush in the section down below. Read it with care.

  1. Right shape

You must choose the shape of brush very carefully because the length of your hair decides on this. If you have long hair, then you must go for the roller or round brushes and if you have shorter hair, then you can choose the flat brushes. The fact is the flat brushes work better with shorter length of hair remains to be true.Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush

  1. Plates Are Important

The plates have to be given a thorough consideration as these will get into contact with your hair for straightening. To be honest, if you are investing in a high-quality brush, then you may be blessed with tourmaline or ceramic technology with your hair straightening brush.

Both these technologies will leave your hair shiny, sleek, frizz free and most importantly reduce static with their negative ions. This is advanced technology in hair care that means you can straighten your hair faster and without having it exposed too long to heat. That certainly is quite comforting, isn’t it?

  1. Don’t Forget The Bristles

Albeit, the bristles are another important part of any brush and a straightener is no exception to this rule. You must be very careful with the bristles and should select a brush that does not break your hair.

Yes, going for the wrong bristles can cause you more harm than good, that is why we advise being watchful of this aspect. If your hair gets tangled easily, then opting for the ball-tipped type would be of great help.

For people with the sensitive scalp, must get the nylon bristled brush that will make their smooth and silky.

  1. The Handle

This is another feature of a brush that should go unnoticed, especially if you are straightening your hair on your own. Your brush must have a comfortable grip to help you get the best results. In this case, you may be holding it for longer periods and you need a brush that does exert your hands. You may try the cushioned ones for extra comfort.

  1. Portable

If you are a working professional that is always on the move, then you may want to purchase a hair straightening brush with utmost care. You must look for a lightweight brush and one with the shorter cord as this will be a practical solution for your trips away from home.

Benefits of a Straightening Brush

Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush
AsaVea Portable Electric Hair Straightening Brush. It is a best-seller hair brush.

We have to agree that these straightening brushes are a revolutionary product in the world of hair care products. You can always invest in these brushes as they are reasonably priced. This most definitely scores for them because if you have been straightening you for long, you may already know that quality flat irons often cost you a fortune. There is more to this like:

  • A straightening brush is fairly easy to travel with.
  • Most of these brushes do not require two hands operation.
  • These heat up quickly that can save you a lot of time.
  • These can detangle your hair within minutes.
  • Can be actually done half the time of a flat iron
  • Teens can make the most out of these brushes.
  • In other words, these are safe to use.
  • Lesser risk of burning your hair.
  • A good number of these brushes offer you with better ionizing.
  • Do not need any preparations for your straightening session.

How to Prep Up

Straightening tools call for a lot of preparation, but as mentioned above, a straightening brush does not require you to do much. Yes, but make sure that your hair is clean and dry before you apply any kind of heat to it.

At the maximum, you can use a heat protector that is primarily formulated for hair straightening. You can section your hair into thin strands and then use your brush. Although, this is not required as the straightener has brushes to take care of it, yet it is recommended for thick hair.

What Makes A Hair Straightening Brush Safe

A hair straightening brush is equipped with all the safety that a flat iron lacks. These brushes have reduced risks because they have brushes for starters. Some brushes even have extra long bristles for added protection.

Yes, the bristles work as an intermediary in between the heat and your hair. Here are some more facts that you may need to know about these brushes on the whole:

  • We have already mentioned that the technology used makes it safe, be it ceramic or tourmaline.
  • The negative ions neutralize the positive ions of your hair, in simple words; this makes your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Almost all brushes come with auto shut off facility that can further protect your hair and is a boon for those who keep forgetting to switch off their gadgets after use.
  • Most brushes come with heat settings that can help you adjust heat as per your requirement.Tips for Choosing Perfect Hair Straightening Brush

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Whereas choosing perfect hair straightening brush is no child’s play, it is not that complicated as well. All you need is a little patience and understanding of the basics that we have talked about.

When it comes to selecting a straightening brush, it is totally up to you, but we can assure you that rest assured, you will be opting for something very easy. You will be surprised to see how fast you can finish off with your straightening routine.

Flat irons will always hold a special place in our hearts, but these brushes are no less. If you are pressed for time, yet want that well kempt look; then this is it. Well, you can at least give a try and see it for yourself. Need we say more?

Hope, we have covered everything that was required to know about how to buy a hair straightening brush for sure. If you have anything more to share, then do let us know through the comments section for more.

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