The Ultimate Facial Skin Care Tips for 30s (Women)

Updated: September 25, 2019
the ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

It is said that a man life is started from 30’s and when you are 31 it is actually 1 year old. So, why not our skin? Keep your skin as a 1-year-old too in your 30’s with the ultimate facial skin care tips for the 30s.

At the 30s, you may be young at heart and has just started to see the world in a new light, your body has started to show the signs of time. No longer your skin is as stretchy and flexible as before, it has started to get saggy, display dark spots, splotches, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and many things. These are all due to your gradually decreasing collagen production, body functions, and unstable hormones.

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At this time what you have used in your 20s will no longer work and you need a completely new set of things to take care of your skin. Only then you can maintain the health and beauty of your facial skin.

The Ultimate Facial Skin Care Tips For 30s (What You Can Do or Not)

Follow these rules they are hundred percent proven to be effective. They will keep you looking like a diva as you grow older and get wiser.

1. Keep Your Face Always Cleanthe ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Be it teen or 30 cleansing is the must, a basic for health and skincare. Cleansing is the first step in fighting germs, darkening, age signs, diseases and other problems.

You have to keep skin clean always. It goes for both face and body. For face as it is thinner than the body and gets irritated easily. Choose a mild cleanser and wash at least thrice a day if you are not going out.

First, when you wake up in the morning. Second, at afternoon. And third, before going to bed. These 3 times is a must. Also, when you come back home after staying outside, wash your face as soon as possible nicely. Dirt, germs, oil manifest your skin, especially on the face.

One good way to wash face is first, damp your face with lukewarm water so that the pores are opened nicely. Then lather a cleanser and finish off by splashing cold water. It will close the cleaned pores back.

Do not wash your face as you bath. Do it coming out of the shower. Many people use hot water to take a shower which is not suitable for face. It irritates. But the process goes same for the bath too. Quick hot bath and an ending with the cold encounter. It is the best way to keep skin clean and prevent from over-drying thus pre-mature aging.

Use a good body soap or cleanser. Make sure it does not irritate your skin nor has alcohol. And keep it away from the face. Product usable on the face is different than those for the body.

2. Don’t Forget to Tone Your Skin

Many people do not appreciate toning. But, toning can be your life-changing practice. Toning gets rid of everything bad on your face that cleanser cannot. Provides your skin with moisture and hydration and prepares a base for serums, moisturizer, and other creams to work on.

Toning maintains skin pH level. So, it keeps dryness, oiliness or irritation away. It maintains your skin health and keeps it at its optimum point. Get yourself a hydrating toner.

3. Use Mask (Better Is Homemade Mask)the ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Mask is used as a beauty enhancer for a long time now. In many South Asian countries, brides and grooms are applied turmeric mask to look beautiful on their big day.

Not only this, in ancient Egypt and Rome there has been numerous mention of the mask. Masks are a mixture of many things that are beneficial for skin health. There are clay masks, egg masks, fruit masks, grain masks and so on. Salon and spa use mask a lot to treat their clients.

For various part of the body, there are various types of masks. And you can apply them all together. First, steam your skin a bit then apply the mask evenly so it dries completely together and then rinses off. Do not massage hard. Just spread it using your finger in a circular motion. Same goes for when you are washing it off.

Do not let the mask go dry rock hard on your face. It will absorb your moisture. As you feel it getting a bit tight and have change the color take it off. Once or twice a week is more than enough.

4. Exfoliate to Slough off Dead Skin Cells

Our body shed cells. Every cell has a lifespan and it dies after that. When we are young our body functions nicely and the dying and shedding process goes on smoothly but once you have hit the 30’s then the body gets weak and the process of shedding slows down resulting into the accumulation of cells on the surface. It clogs the pores and makes you look darker than your original shade.

Exfoliation helps us with that. It gets rid of the dead skin and reveals the new fresh one that is healthy, has a natural pink glow and is soft and smooth. Exfoliate your face and body regularly. At 30’s once a week for face and body can do. Find out what suits you. But, do not over scrub. It will take out all the moisture and also makes the new skin scratch off. Painful, right?

5. Use Moisturizer Always

Moisturizer! Is there any need of telling how important a moisturizer is? Skin will get dry, dark, rough, lifeless, dull, irritating and everything bad without proper moisturization. It is your protective barrier.

Find out what suits you the best. After 30 it is better to use something light so that the pores do not get clogged. Apply it often though. Never leave your skin unprotected.

6. Eye Cream for Aging (Remove Wrinkles & Dark Circles)the ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Eyes are one of the thinnest skin parts of the body. Signs of aging and bad skin health is visible there the most and faster. It needs more care.

Provide the skin around your eyes with nice hydrating and moisturizing creams or serums. Never miss a night to protect your eyes.

7. Serum Boosts the Facial Skin Inside and Out

You may have heard of many serums. Vitamin C, E serums, retinol serums, anti-aging, antioxidant, collagen and so many things. Do you know why have you heard about them? Because they are important. Very important.

Find one or two serum according to your need and make a routine of applying it. You can apply one or 2 serum at once. It is not a bad idea.

8. Do Some Facials to Revive the Skin

Get facials. Either in the home or go to professional. The choice is yours. Go and do a facial at least once a month.

It will not only keep your skin healthy but a little pampering lifts up your mood and as you wait it relaxes your nerves. Your hard earned age of 30 deserves a bit TLC.

9. Use Anti-Aging Productsthe ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Anti-aging is the must. When you are at 30’s your skin starts showing the signs of aging. That is why you need to fight it with strong hands.

Though according to me the sooner the better. Start anti-aging therapy as early as in teen years. You will not regret.

Be diligent in maintaining the application. A miss can make you look old with wrinkles, sagginess, dark spots, fine lines and so on. Wanna you look old?

10. Don’t Forget to Use Sunglasses

Sunglasses do not only make you look good but will also make you look good naturally. It keeps your eyes shaded from the harmful UV rays and protects them.

11. Night Skin Care Is Also Important

Build up a night routine. The night is the time when your body and skin heals. That is why it is a great idea to provide your skin with nutrients at night. Design a routine and follow it.

Follow this sequence if you may. Cleansing, toning, serums, moisturizer, eyes cream. Improvise it like the way you want. Your skin, you know better.

12. Use Home Remedies Also

Nature has an answer to all our problems. Skin problems of middle age, aging, dryness, or excess oily skin, darkening and everything can be solved with natural ingredients. It is a good idea actually to turn to green. Chemicals are harmful but greens and nature are not.

Avocado, lemon, honey, banana, apple, papaya, eggs, oats, strawberry, spices, neem, basil, etc, there are more than one thing. Oils and butter are great for moisturization and cleansing. Aloe is a great anti-aging agent.

A study has shown that only 1 teaspoon of aloe every day for 90 days will keep your age 10 years younger. Same goes for apple cider vinegar. It is called the fountain of youth. And then there are essential oils. It can be the solution to everything and anything depending on its use.

13. Use Sunscreen to Protect the Skinthe ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Once a long time ago I read an article that a doctor said that all you need to stay healthy was to apply sunscreen. I found that to be true even now. Sun, we love it! It is lovely indeed. It provides us with warmth and light but also emit harmful UV A and B rays.

That is very harmful to our skin and can cause cancer too. It promotes photo-aging, a form of mature aging. It helps to form melanin under the skin and gives your skin spots and skin darkening.

That is why wear a sunblock. Always before going under the sun. Apply it 30 minutes prior to going out. And wash off immediately as you enter a shade and intend to stay in for a long time. Apply lip balms with SPF as well.

14. Protect Your Whole Face

As you give it nutrients to stay healthy you should also protect it from getting hurt. If you keep it safe then you will be able to keep the problem at bay.

As you go under the sun, wear hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and so on. The pool has chlorine in it. Wear a protectant. Do not expose your face to harsh weather much. Do not let it get irritated. Do not rub harshly, touch with dirty hands, tug or pull, etc. No scratching or itching. Never miss the routine.

15. Hydration Keeps Cells Alive

Hydration is a must. Our body can work properly when it is well hydrated. So provide it hydration from both inside and outside and make sure it does stay hydrated. Drink water plenty.

7-8 glass is recommended for someone of the age of 30. In the middle age, body function begins to slow down. Providing it with water makes it easier to work.

You have to protect its hydration as well. Alcohol, caffeine, dry weather makes you go dehydrated. Keep an eye. Prolong time under the sun also dries out the cell. Cold wind and less humidity are also culprits.

Water is life. 70% of the body is water. Cells live in water, function on water stays inside water. That is why water is needed. Water is a must.

16. Remove Makeup to Save the Skinthe ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Make-up can be a girl favorite form of art but you cannot keep it on the face for a long time. The less the better. That is why when you are not planning to go outside, no makeup when you enter the room after whole day removes all of it instantly.

The first thing after coming home is the removing of makeup. Remeber. Wash it all off completely. Use a drugstore cleanser or make your own makeup remover. Suit yourself.

Coconut oil is a great removing agent and it moisturizes as well. It is anti-bacterial as well. Use cotton pads and rub off makeup gently on the face. Not removing makeup can cause acne, pimples, blackheads, blemishes, etc.

17. Eat Well for Good Skin

Eating is a great factor. What goes inside shows outside. That is why be careful of what you eat. Make a good healthy chart according to your need.

Take greens and fruits on your plate. Snack on them as well. It will not only keep your skin healthy but will also help in weight loss. So you will be prettier from every aspect.

The body also needs good bacteria, especially for preventing aging. Yogurt is the storehouse of bacteria. Food rich in Omega 3, good fatty acid, protein is important too. Eat cold water fish, white meat, etc.

19. Can Be Used Supplements

Take supplements. According to experts not when you are young but when you reach the middle age you should start taking supplements. Consume it or apply topically. Consult your doctor and find out what you need.

20. No Stress, No Worry for A Better Facial Skinthe ultimate facial skin care tips for 30s

Do not take the stress. Never. Stress makes you lose health first. It disturbs your digestion too. And when you have bad indigestion your skin shows it. So to keep your facial skin healthy do not stress

Stress hampers your body functions like the renal system, cardio system, nervous system, etc. It makes you tired and irritated both from inside and outside.

21. Facial Expression for Firm Facial Skin

Control your facial expression. Continuous folding and stretching of skin will leave marks on your face. Have you ever noticed the lines around your lips, eyes, and forehead? Well, they are because of your facial expression.

Change your expressions. Annoy, anger, smile, tension, these are the feeling which expression makes you develops lines. Bring versatility, keep them under control honey.

22. Exercise Keeps Skin Young

Both facial and body exercise is important. Exercise helps to keep your body function work properly, detoxifies the blood, produce sweat that cleans pores and improves blood circulation. All of that results in healthier looking facial and body skin.

That is why exercise regularly. Walking, jump rope, swimming is a moderate form of most effective exercise.

As for face stretching is very important so that those facial expressions do not leave any crease. Flying kiss, blowing air out of the mouth, closing mouth and circulating eyes 360 degrees and much more will help to get a smooth healthy face.

23. Bad Habits Kill Good Things

Say goodbye to bad habit if you want a good face. Is not it a logic? I mean how can you hope for something good when you are doing everything bad?

If you want flawless skin then buckle up and say goodbye to smoking, drinking, late nights, laziness, unhygienic lifestyle, bad products, drinking less water, junk food, rough behavior with skin, etc.

Everyone Will Have A Beautiful Face for Years

True. No one is ugly or beautiful it all depends on how you make it look. Even in your great 30’s, you can rock with your flawless look. All it needs is a bit of the TLC.

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