The Positive Effects Of Natural Skin Care Treatment

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
The Positive Effects Of Natural Skin Care Treatment

The irony of modern medicine is that more and more people are veering away from it. A substantial number of the world’s population no longer see synthetic pharmaceutical products as a solution to their health concerns.

This isn’t particularly surprising. For one, synthetic medicines and health care products are focused on providing relief from symptoms instead of actually providing a direct solution to the source of the problem.

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When it comes to skin care, people are starting to notice that commercial skin care products have adverse effects on them in the long run. With a generous usage of said commercial products, the negative effects may become apparent in a shorter span of time.The Positive Effects Of Natural Skin Care Treatment

As with other medical treatments, going natural on skin care seems to be the most sensible way to go. The effects may not be as immediate as commercial skin care products, but that’s just how proper skin care works.

You wouldn’t want to lose so much weight in an extremely short span of time, for example. It might sound great because of fast results. But fast results sometimes have compromises. Not to mention that there is less sense of pride with cutting corners.

Skincare is an extremely large market. It’s a mere fraction of the entire scope of pharmaceutical industry but has a market that large drug companies believe is worth lobbying for.

Going natural may not be the cheapest option given that synthetic skin care treatments have the advantage of being cheaply produced thanks to factories that are already in place. Natural skin care products find it hard to pierce the market because of the price ranges of the products. It also doesn’t help that plenty of naturally-sourced ingredients are shipped from different, far-off countries.

In addition to this hurdle, it’s also difficult to convince people to let go of the feedback provided by useless ingredients. The bubbles in shampoo courtesy of sulfates, the sting of mouthwash from added alcohol. These ingredients have nothing practical to offer and are merely tricking consumers with their false sense of effectiveness.

Without a doubt, the most sensible choice for skin care treatment is natural products that don’t contain ingredients created from a laboratory.

But, what are significant advantages of using natural skin care treatments, really? Is it worth spending more for products that only contain plant-based ingredients? Are they more effective? These questions are really easy to answer if people are willing to listen and open their eyes. Here are some of the biggest benefits of switching to natural skin treatment.

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  1. Reduce Skin Irritation

The Positive Effects Of Natural Skin Care TreatmentReduce the likelihood of getting skin irritated. Most people use a small amount of a new skin care product to test whether their skin reacts negatively to it or not. In numerous cases, consumers have had to throw away practically full bottles of synthetic skin care products because their skin immediately shows signs of irritation. Such a waste of money. But not really a waste of an item. Synthetic skin care products are better off in the trash bin than on a person’s skin.

  1. No Potential Side Effects

The absence of strange and potentially fatal side effects. Naturally-extracted ingredients are bio-available ingredients. The body knows what to do with them once they come into contact with skin.

Synthetically produced ingredients are notorious when it comes to giving the body, the consumers and even the pharmaceutical industry with plenty of guesswork. There are still plenty of synthetic ingredients in skin care products that scientists have literally no idea whether they are safe for the human body or not.

This is a non-issue with natural skin treatments because the compounds used aren’t too complex for the body to understand and break down.

An example of a controversial additive in commercial skin care products is Paraben. This compound is generally used as a preservative. Preservatives shouldn’t be added to products that are used often, since extending their expiration date is irrelevant. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Paraben has the tendency to mimic hormones in the body. It sounds harmless. But take the analogy of injecting too many steroids (testosterone) wherein the side-effect is that the testicles shrink due to the body believing that it doesn’t have to produce any of the said hormones anymore. Parabens have the tendency to mess up the human endocrine system.

  1. Gentle To The Nose

A person’s sense of smell is neglected most of the time. But it’s difficult to appreciate its value until their sense of smell fails. Such as when a person gets colds, making the food they eat taste bland.

The nose is resilient. But constant exposure to the harsh smell of synthetic ingredients can gradually deaden the nerves that line the inside of the nose. The problem is that people don’t realize the sting of chemical smells because it is masked with other chemicals that produce fake fruity scents.

Needless to say that these fragrant additives add another layer of risk to using commercial skin care products.

  1. Beneficial To The Environment

Some people who are against using natural skin care products come up with ridiculous arguments like how sourcing ingredients from nature use up the earth’s limited resources. But these types of arguments are nothing but them grasping at straws.The Positive Effects Of Natural Skin Care Treatment

Without a doubt, use of natural skin care products is the logical option for healing our already dying planet.

Renewable source of ingredients, which are in the form of plants, are not finite. They can be renewed by replanting, or simply letting plants reproduce the way nature intended them to. Plant-based ingredients don’t contaminate water, unlike how Triclosan, a strong chemical compound, does.

There is a long way to go for the majority of the population to start shifting to natural skin care treatments and natural medications in general.

However, the more people abandon synthetic products, the sooner that the cost of production of natural medications and treatments start to go down. Production will be more streamlined. Possibly highly commercialized, yes. But at least people will have the safer and earth-friendly option for their skin care and health products.


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