10 DIY Ways to Beautify and Soften Men’s Lips

Updated: September 26, 2019
how to take care of lips for men
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Do you know women usually like slightly bright, clean, and soft lips of men?

If yes, read this article. It will help you how to get pin lips for men.

Men go outside more. They are exposed to more sun rays, snow, beach, cold weather, and so on. All those environmental elements first affect the lips. As the skin of the lips is more sensitive, they get dried, chapped, and dark. Again, men are not conscious enough about their lip care routine. Smoking is very common in men. They take more tea or coffee than women do.

All those make men’s lips less attractive & impressive.

How to take care of lips (men) for more kissable lips

And you know that no girls or women like pale, dark, dry or chapped lips. They want their boyfriend or hubby have brighter lips.

Well, let’s see the tips that can convert your lips as your girlfriend likes.

1. Hydrate Your Lips Naturally

The lack of hydration in your skin also affects your lips. The lips get dry, chapped, and dead rapidly. In winter, the dry air, cold weather, sun rays, and other environmental hazards can damage your lips by drying out them. And to drink less water just causes your lips drier.

So, to get smooth, and soft lips for men, you have to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Or you can easily calculate how much water you need to keep your health and skin hydrated. For example- if your weight is 120 pounds, and divide it by 2, then you will get 60 pounds. Then convert this to ounces. You will get 60 ounces. That means you have to drink 60 ounces of water a day to keep fit. Just like that everyone can find out his necessary amount of water to drink.How to take care of lips for men

Besides, you have to take other fluids, fresh vegetables, and fruits that are rich in watery contents.

You can also apply Rose Water on Your Lips before going to sleep at night. Rosewater hydrates the lips and tints your lips with a nice rosy color.

Don’t forget, the dehydration of your body first affects your lips, as lip skin is more sensitive and thinner.

2. Use A Humidifier If It Is Winter

The winter attacks the lips more, and they become easily dry, chapped, and cracked. To get warm air or atmosphere, you usually use a central heater or fireplace at your home, living room or offices. Normally, the air of winter is empty of moisture, and the central heater adds an extra dryness to the air. So, the indoor air gets drier to the skin.How to take care of lips for men

Switch on your humidifier when you stay at your home or office. Don’t forget to use the humidifier when you sleep. This small temperature machine keeps the air moist by adding extra moisture to the air. The lips and other skin of your body can take the moisture from the air and get hydrated. Thus, you can prevent your lips from chapping.

If you have not any humidifier, you can buy Avalon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It is a best-selling one, and the cost is also affordable. Keep the temperature of your humidifier between 30-50%. Don’t use more than 50% temperature ever. It can dampen the air that will be disgusting to your skin.

Clean up the humidifier time to time to get rid of it from the germs, dirt, and other impurities.

3. Exfoliate Your Lips Once or Twice A Week

Exfoliation removes the dead, chapped, dead or dull cells of your lips, and turns the lips softer, newer, and evener. Once or twice a week is enough to exfoliate dry lips. More scrubbing can worsen your lips, even can create redness, irritation or sore.How to take care of lips for men

There are many ways to exfoliate your lips.

Lip Scrubbing Products: You will get lots of higher quality exfoliators for your lips. But, I always recommend sara happ, and Diva Stuff for men’s lips. Take some scrub and massage your lips softly for 50 seconds with your fingers.

Soft Bristled Toothbrush: You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub your lips. Use some coconut oil or Vaseline on the brush, and then rub your lips with the brush for 60 seconds. Rub softly in the circular motion. More pressure can sore and raw your lips. Even redness is not uncommon for unartful scrubbing. Or you can apply some Vaseline on your lips for 10 minutes before using the toothbrush. It will lose dead skin cells. So, you can easily exfoliate them.

Vaseline to Scrub Your Lips: I put some Vaseline on my lips thickly before sleeping. The Vaseline enters into the lip skin deeply and gets lots of time to soften and hydrate the lips properly. After waking up in the morning, I simply rub my lips with my fingertips politely, and it gets rid of all dead or chapped skin smoothly. Then the fresher and pinker lips get out.

Honey and Brown Sugar: Of all-natural lip exfoliators, honey and brown sugar are mostly used. Honey is natural moisture for the skin. It increases the glow of the skin. While brown sugar is one of the best exfoliators. Mix one teaspoon of brown or caster sugar with 2 teaspoons of pure honey. Take the honey and sugar as you need. Apply the mixer on your dry lips, and massage softly with your fingers not more than one minute. Wash your lips off with warm or normal water. Then use a good natural lip balm. Just finish. Now enjoy smooth, soft, and bright lips.

4. Use A Lip Balm Throughout the Winter

The winter is the main woe for the lips and make them dry, cracked, and peeling. The best way to get healthy, and hydrated lips on the cold days is to keep a good lip balm with you always.How to take care of lips for men

Don’t use the flavored, scented, colored or other chemical formulated balms. If the lip balm is made with beeswax, Shea butter, vitamin E, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, honey, jojoba oil, aloe Vera, no fragrance, no color, no shine, or other natural ingredients, then you should buy it. Don’t buy the lip balm with more ingredients or you cannot identify whether the ingredient is natural or artificial. Some good lip balms for men are:

Coat your lips in the morning before stepping out. After washing your face, apply it. Between every two hours, you have to apply your favorite lip balm if it is winter. After sweating, swimming, taking exercise, reapply the balm. Actually, whenever your lips feel a slight tightness, you should dab a touch.

If you are an athlete, you should use a sport lip balm with SPF properties. Banana Boat and Natural Ice are more popular sport lip balms.

Before going to snow slopes, beach areas, sands or other light reflective regions, you must wear SPF lip balm.

In addition, you should use an all-time usable lip balm, like Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm in all seasons to keep your lips moisturized, and mild.

5. Men’s Lip Care At Night Before Bedtime

It is a crucial time to take care of your lips properly. Rub your lips with a cotton ball soaking in fresh honey for one minute before washing your face. It removes the darkness and dry cells of your lips. Then apply a night care ointment on your lips before going to bed. It soothes and moisturizes the lips more than the daytime. You will get lots of good lip ointments on your local shops, drugstores or online stores.How to take care of lips for men

I recommend generally the following:

As usual, you have to buy the ointment that is made with only natural or safe ingredients for lip care.

Or simply you can apply some olive oil, sunflower oil, baby oil or other skincare oils on your lips.

6. Protect Your Lips from the Harmful Sun Rays

The sun rays are more complicated to damage your lips. Men usually have to expose more to the sun. They stay outside most of the times. There are two types of sun rays, such as UVA and UVB. The UVA creates aging signs, like fine lines, wrinkles, creases, and other premature shades on the lips. And the UVB burns and creates tanning on your lips. The lips get tanning pigments from burning and get dark gradually by the regular sun exposure. The sunburn can also create dark spots, sun spots, and even may cause skin cancer, but it is not common. Dryness is also very common from sun exposure.How to take care of lips for men

To protect and treat sunburned lips, you need to use a lip balm rich in SPF quality. Use minimum SPF 15 or more. If you stay more than one hour, you should use a lip balm enriched with SPF 30-50. Apply the sunscreen before 15 minutes of going outside.

You can put on a hat in the heavy sun exposure to protect your whole face.

7. Treat Severely Dry Cracked Lips

If you don’t care your lips in winter, your lips may be severely dry, cracked, raw, sore or chapped. Even you may notice bleeding from severely cracked lips that are very painful. The usual lip balm or ointment cannot cure the cracked lips.How to take care of lips for men

For that, you have to use medicated lip balm. You can use Aquaphor Lip Repair and Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm. Just read the “how to use” on the product label and apply like that. Your lips will be cured.

8. Do You Smoke? Then Take an Especial Care

If you want bright and pinkish lips, I think it is better to not smoke. Smoking dries and burns the lip skin. The cigarette leaves a dark stain on your lips. So, your lips look darker. If you are a chain-smoker, your lips will be eventually black.How to take care of lips for men

If you cannot quit smoking, you never get smarter lips. Try to stop it, or you can read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. You will learn from this book how to quit smoking easily forever. This book is a best-seller book sold around 13 million copies worldwide.

If you don’t want to avoid this habit, you must use some home remedies. Such as- lemon juice is a higher quality natural bleaching agent. Rub some lemon juice on your lips with your fingers for 2 minutes. It will reduce the dark hue from smoking gradually if you continue it daily.

9. Give Up Some Habits

How to take care of lips for men
Spicy foods may dry and darken your lips

You must get rid of some of your practices to get appealing lips. These are:

  • Don’t drink more than 3 cups of coffee or tea a day.
  • Avoid eating spicy, hot or pungent taste foods that force your tongue to the lips.
  • Use the toothpaste is free from allergic or other reaction to the lips. Best to use medicated toothpaste.
  • Don’t lick/peel/bite the dry skin of your lips.
  • Avoid taking breathing from your mouth. It dries the lip skin. If it is your disease, talk to your doctor.
  • Don’t take any metal with your lips if your lips are reacted badly by metals.
  • Limit the intake of your alcohol.
  • Before sleeping, rub your lips with lemon juice softly for a minute, and apply a lip balm.

10. Use Some Home Remedies If Your Lips Are Dark

Men’s lips are naturally darker than women. Besides, smoking, sun rays, not proper lip care, dryness, etc. also cause your lips dark. The nicotine takes out the iron from your body that may cause the skin discoloration. The sun rays burn the lips first and make them tanning. The dry skin also makes your lips looking dark.How to take care of lips for men

Anyway, you can use the following natural ingredients to lighten black lips and turn them pink or rosy as well as moisturizing.

Honey: Rub honey on your lips with a small soft cotton ball before going to sleep. Do it daily and notice your lips are turning softer and brighter.

Beet Root: Rub your lips with a slice of beetroot. Do it once or twice a day to get rosy or reddish lips. Red beetroot not only adds a tinted color but also hydrates the lip skin.

Lemon and Salt: Lemon is the best home remedy to remove dark lips. Mix some salt with some lemon juice, and rub your lips with this solution for 2 minutes. It reduces the dead cells and breaks down the melanin pigments from your lips. So, lips get out of the blackish shade.

Strawberry Lip Balm: Mash up a strawberry and mix it with some petroleum jelly to make a natural lip balm. Apply it on your lips every night before bedtime. Do it daily and you will get naturally clean lips.

Essential Oils: You can also use essential oils for lip care, such as- castor oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, etc. Massage your lips with any oil and leave it for several minutes. In the case of allergens or irritation from any essential oil, just stop it using.

Ice Cubes: Ice cubes increase the blood circulation and remove the dead cells of your lips. So, lips naturally go to reddish. After sun rays or windburn, you can massage your lips with an ice cube. It will give your lips a soothing sensation in seconds.

Almond Oil: Use almond oil on your dark lips 2-3 times a day. And your lips will be brighter day by day.

Or you can use Lip Lightening Creams to reduce the melanin pigments of your lips. A good number of dark lips creams you will get online stores. Here I gave you just two out of them that are very effective to lighten men’s lips from smoking, birth or other reasons.


You are a man, and it does not mean that you don’t need to take care of your lips. Remember, everyone likes brighter, pinker, and smoother lips. Follow the above tips, and you can enjoy softer, and smarter lips always.

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