Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

Updated: September 25, 2019
Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

Oily skin and adult acne are embarrassing.

More than anything, it damages your self-esteem.

This can result in depression and social anxiety.Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

Many women attempt to cover up acne with excessive amounts of cosmetics like makeup, cleansers, and toners, but this leads to an ever worsening condition and a psychological dependency on cosmetics.

How sad that a woman with this dependency will avoid going anywhere in public with a naked face.

But a further tragedy can occur…studies show a close relationship between a woman’s dependency on cosmetics and stimulant abuse.

There is good news though. The solution to adult acne is actually simple. Once you know how and why your body is producing excessive oils, you can fix the root cause of it, all in the privacy of your own home.

What Is Adult Acne?

Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne
Image via Heal Yourself At Home

Adult acne is caused by overactive sebaceous glands in skin pores or hair follicles, producing excessive amounts of oils called sebum which clog the skin’s pores or follicles with fats or dead skin cells and hairs, resulting in a balloon of oils trapped in the skin, in other words, a pimple.

In extreme cases, this can lead to cystic acne followed by necrosis (dying and rot-blackening cells around the cysts.)

The production of sebum by the skin is due to a hormone called DihydroTestosterone (DHT).

DHT influences puberty, genitalia, skin and hair, prostate and other quadrants of a human being including the brain.

It is directly involved in the production of sebum in the skin, hence, too much DHT makes too much sebum.

Now when there’s too much oil production, and when skin pores become blocked by hair, dead skin and oils that have set on the skin glazing it like fat in a cold frying pan, this leaves you with a pimple problem.

The big thing to understand here is that something in your body triggers the overproduction of DHT, which over activates the sebum glands and when the skin pores get clogged, this creates a pimple.

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Root Causes of Adult Acne

Your acne doesn’t originate from your skin. Instead, acne is merely a symptom of something gone wrong in the body, which can be attributed to the following four reasons:

1. Immune System Disorder/Immunodeficiency Disorder

This is the most common, and most likely the root cause of most adult acne and skin problems. The severity of the condition may vary as well as the symptoms.Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

Whereas both immune system disorder and immunodeficiency disorder are closely paralleled and viewed in the same spectrum, they are very different conditions, and can both have separate causes as well as the same cause.

Adult acne is generally seen as a skin disorder due to hormonal triggers of the sebaceous glands by the steroidal hormone Dihydrotestosterone, which is widely linked with the immune system and directly involved in the growth and maintenance of many important organs and sections of the body, one of these being the skin.

Now immunodeficiency disorder means your engine has little gas, little oil, little water, little battery left, and it’s filled with dust. You have a deficiency or lack of, the vital proteins or alkaloids or nutrients or neurological and systemic amines, combined with an overload of chemical imbalance.

This can lead to, and be separate from full blown immune system disorder which fabricates, produces and mimics a multitude of various symptoms and diseases, affecting the entire body, or entire sections of the body.

The immune system is linked to hormones, receptors, reactors, chemical transmitters, blood cells, immunity, tolerance, and amines amongst many other significant chemical processes in the body and acts as the overall defense system,

Surprisingly, having a deflection in your immune system in one quadrant, for example, tiny thyroid glands, may seem irrelevant entirely to acne, but can actually aggravate acne production in the skin, whether through a hormonal imbalance or inflammatory processes in the body.

Food habits, medications, illicit drugs, sleep disorders, depression, trauma, and stress all directly affect the immune system.

The cure, in this case, is to boost your immune system, and naturally, realign hormones.

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2. Hormones

Dr. Bowe says, “When a woman’s androgen receptors are particularly sensitive, these hormones can trigger excess oil production and cause skin cells to become sticky, leading to clogged pores and breakouts.”Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

There are varying reasons, particularly involving the immune system and sensitivity in androgen receptors (picture the androgens or hormones as fuel, the skin cells as the engine (receptors), but the fuel burns too hot and damages the engine, either because too much fuel is pumped, or because the engine is sensitive to the fuel itself.

You either have an influx of hormones that over activate your skin’s oil production, or your mechanism to produce oil is too sensitive for the hormones targeting it.

We come back to it yet again…the predominant influence is Dihydrotestosterone.

Hormone control products are effective against this issue, as well as topical creams that help the skin’s natural process under the condition of hormonal agitation.

This is noteworthy: There are some chemical agents in food and products that can act as androgen receptor agonists (leading to agonization and bombardment of the cells by DHT), so just as with the immune/autoimmune system disorder, watching what you eat plays a role.

3. Products, Cosmetics, and Allergies

Sodium lauryl sulphate and many other chemical ingredients in skin cleansers, leave a film over your skin all day; there are many other cosmetics with the same types of chemical ingredients that do this and which block your pores, hinder the skin to breathe and lead to irritation, possible histamine release (the chemical involved in producing allergy type symptoms) including rashes of acne. This often results in obsessive care for skin that only worsens the condition.Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne

Certain chemical agents in products and cosmetics from a glazing over the skin, some merely block the skin and deprive its ability to breathe, such as base or foundations and other makeup, and others directly agitate the skin and all lead to the same consequence.

Many women are unaffected by makeup, but if you are more prone to agitation because of hormonal or immune system reasons, makeup can throw you into an uphill battle with little progress.

Acne sensitive products should be used.

Tip! Check the ingredients of products and research whether they are fit for acne sensitivity.

Food allergies can also cause acne breakouts.

These foods include high glycemic products. Products that most commonly aggravate acne include:

  • Bread
  • Milk products
  • Chocolate
  • Crisps
  • Soda (carbonated cold drinks)

People with adult acne conditions are advised to choose low glycemic-index containing foods.

4. Other Triggers of Acne Production

Other triggers less common are:

  • Infections in the skin
  • Chemicals in the blood that result in irregular metabolization and production of Dihydrotestosterone
  • Ingrown hair follicles
  • Irregular sweat processes
  • High Stress

Is Your Acne Chronic?

Adult acne is largely caused by overproduction of sebum in skin cells which can become clogged in skin pores and hair follicles. In worst cases, infections can crawl deep into the skin as a result of bacteria, and in turn may become cysts.

Symptoms of Cystic Acne

Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne
Image via AcneTreatmentsHQ

An example of the beginning of cystic acne.

  • A large red and tender lump type pimple often accompanied by a rash of other acne formations.
  • Lesions or rashes of acne.
  • Pussing acne which can be misconstrued as “just yellow (pus) acne”, however, is, in fact, an ever more developing infection.
  • Black acne and dents or mini visible holes in the skin possibly as a result of necrosis (dying and rotting skin cells).
Root Causes and Prevention of Adult Acne
Image via Laser Away

An example of scars left from adult acne.

Cystic acne can effectively be controlled at home with various methods, however, if none of these remedies are effective for you, it is advisable to make an appointment with a dermatologist as it can lead to sepsis and blood infection.

How to Prevent Adult Acne?

  • Ointments and topical creams targeting acne in the skin are highly effective if used in addition with a sanitary and healthy life style.
  • Salicylate in the dermatological ointment, usually Methyl-Salicylate is highly effective in uprooting infections, bacteria, and acne on the skin. It also works wonders in cleaning and aiding in the healing of wounds. This can also fix cystic formations and sores.
  • Exfoliate frequently. Your skin often produces acne simply because the skin pores are getting blocked by substances, oils, sweat or dead skin cells and hairs. Exfoliation removes the propensity for pores to become blocked.
  • Keep a low glycemic-index diet.
  • Be aware of the effects cosmetics have on your skin, and which products are healthier for sensitivity.
  • Be aware of possible allergies or irritations on the skin or histamine release (involved in producing symptoms of allergic reaction.)
  • Practice living a healthy lifestyle, with a special focus on the foods you eat.


Adult acne is a symptom of a deeper underlying problem.

Use the aforementioned reasons to find out what it is, and within weeks, this embarrassing problem may simply be a thing of the past.

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