Remedy for Dark Lips- Best Natural Stuffs

Remedy for Dark Lips- Best Natural Stuffs

Home remedies are truly better items to treat the discoloration of the lips. For an example- honey, beet-root juice, rose petals, berries, sugar, and many more natural ingredients not only reduce the darkness of the lips, but also moisturize, soften and beautify the lips.

Last Updated: December 28, 2017

What is the best remedy for dark lips? I think, the common choices for the people having dark lips are natural or home ingredients that lighten their lips from the deep. Home remedies also make the lips fuller, suppler and healthier. You will have more moisturized, pinker and smoother lips if you use a home remedy for dark lips daily.

Best Remedy for Dark Lips

Today I will describe some effective natural ingredients that you can use as the remedies for dark lips. Now get natural pinkish or reddish lips by using the below home remedies regularly for your black lips.

Well, let’s enjoy the top remedy for dark lips.

#BerriesBest natural Remedies for Dark Lips

Berries are effective enough to lighten dark lips. Especially, strawberry and raspberry are used for the treatment of black lips. These berries are rich in some essential vitamins and minerals that make the lips healthy and balanced. By regular use, in a few weeks, you will have pinkish bright lips. Mix two tablespoon petroleum jelly with one tablespoon strawberry. Apply these remedies as lip balm on your dark lips. Use it twice a day. You can use “Nivea Lip Butter Loose Tin Raspberry Rose Kiss”. It nourishes and soothes your lips.

#Olive OilRemedy for Dark Lips

It is another nice natural ingredient to treat the discoloration of the lips. Olive oil is rich in some nutrients and moisturizers. So, it keeps the lips healthy, soft and beautiful. Massage your lips with some natural olive oil for several minutes before going to bed. Follow this remedy once a day and get bright pretty lips. You can use “100% Pure Olive Body Oil”. It sheds dead skin and releases sebum. So, lips look fresh.

# HoneyRemedies for Dark Lips

Honey is a highly moisturizing element for skin. It moisturizes the lips and increases the brightness of the lips. Just apply some natural honey on the lips throughout the night. The lip skin absorbs the honey during the night. After getting up, wash your face and see your lips are greatly moisturized and bright.

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# PomegranateBest Natural Remedy for Dark Lips

This remedy for dark lips is rich with a nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing agent. It also restores the natural glow of the lips. That’s why; pomegranate is hugely used for lip treatment to remove darkness. Mix the same amount of carrot, beetroot and pomegranate juice. Apply these remedies on the lips. If you follow it daily just once, you will get pinkish lips in a few days.

#Almond OilRemedy for Dark Lips

Almond oil is a natural ingredient that is mostly used to soften and moisturize the dry skin. It is also usable for black lips. Mix 5 drops of almond oil with one tablespoon of honey. Apply these remedies on the lips for 10 minutes at morning. If you do it regularly, you will get smooth and natural reddish lips in just a week. You can see the following two almond oils. These are excellent for lip skin care.

#SugarSugar for Dark Lips

Sugar is another nice treatment for dark lips. It is basically a lip exfoliator. It removes the dark, dry or dead cells or skin of the lips. So, lips look clean, even and bright. Mix some pure honey with sugar. Then rub your lips with this solution. Don’t exfoliate your lips more than twice a week. You can also use “Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub-Vanilla Bean”. I have used it. It works simply good.

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#CucumberRemedies for Dark Lips

Cucumber is a soothing and lightening natural home stuff. It is used mostly to remove the dark circles under the eyes, lips or other parts of the face. Rub a cucumber slice on your dark lips for 6 minutes. Do it daily. Gradually, you will get a pinkish glow on your lips.

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#LemonRemedy for Dark Lips

Lemon is a skin bleaching agent. It removes the darkness, dark spots, and patches on the lips. Mix half teaspoon of lemon juice, honey and glycerin. Apply this mixer on your lips at night. Follow this remedy for dark lips unless you will get bright pinkish lips.

#BeetrootRemedy for Dark Lips

Beetroot contains the bleaching agents that get rid of the darkness of the lips. So, you will get natural pinkish lips. Mix the same amount of beetroot and carrot juice. Massage your lips with these remedies and keep them on the lips for 11 minutes. You can use it once a day for a few weeks.

# RoseRemedies for Dark Lips

Rose is a great natural remedy for dark lips. Rose is rich with a soothing, moisturizing and cooling agent. It also gives a natural pink or rosy tint on your lips if you apply rose daily. Read how to use rose petals to get pink lips. In this article, I described a few steps to get pink lips in a few minutes with rose petals and milk.

Some Extra Tips for Dark Lips

In addition to the above remedy for dark lips, you should do some extra caring to get beautiful lips. See the extra tips below:

  • Maintain a daily lip care routine
  • Stop smoking. If you do not quit smoking, you can read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking“. It is a best-selling book having sold 13 million copies across the world. Here the writer described the complete guide to stop smoking permanently and easily.
  • Take less amount of caffeine (tea or coffee)
  • Don’t lick your lips
  • Protect your lips from the sun rays
  • Use sunscreen for lips
  • Be aware of the lip dryness
  • Take minimum 8 glasses of water a day
  • Don’t use the date expired, old and cheap lip products
  • Remove the makeups of the lips at night

Hope, if you use the above remedy for dark lips, you must have beautiful and reddish lips soon. Try to maintain the additional tips to get pinkish lips too. Don’t use lipsticks randomly or always. It darkens the lips more.

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