7 Effective Manscaping Tips to Be Groomed Properly

Updated: September 25, 2019
Manscaping Tips to Be Groomed Properly

Figuring out how to manscape your whole body when there is hair literally growing everywhere can be quite a difficult task. The modern man is far too busy with everyday life to know everything about grooming, so this is something that we will cover for you in an easy to remember manner.

These 7 tips can be utilized to ensure that your hair, from your head to your toe, will be kempt and looking clean for public appearance.

Tip 1: Owning All the Right EquipmentManscaping Tips to Be Groomed Properly

First thing first, you will need equipment to manscape. You most likely already have a razor and shaving cream, which is great, but what else do you require?

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Well, that depends on what you are trying to do. If you are shaving everything clean, you pretty much only need a razor, a non-abrasive shaving cream, and perhaps a pair of tweezers or nose hair trimmer.

Growing a beard? Fully immerse yourself with a beard trimmer and you will save so much time daily when needing to trim. Some of these also come with extra attachments that allow you to maintain other parts of your body as well, so if you are extra hairy, you know what to look for.

There are other products you can splurge on if you would like, but the below are more than sufficient to cover all of your body. Here is a full list for a complete manscaping arsenal to trim and shave your whole body:

1. Full Body Groomer
2. Beard Trimmer (buy a best-seller one from Amazon)
3. Safety Razor or Electric Shaver (buy it from Amazon)
4. Shaving Cream (Non-Chemical Based) (buy it from Amazon)
5. After-shaving Lotion (buy it from Amazon)
6. Tweezers and Scissors

Tip 2: Avoid Depilatories (Hair Removal Spray)

Hair removal spray is not healthy for your skin and should be avoided at all costs. Active ingredients like calcium thioglycolate lead to skin irritation, and as Livestrong puts it: “The combination of the two main active ingredients, potassium thiogycolate and calcium hydroxide, creates a potent chemical mixture that can burn if left too long on the skin”.

The last thing you need is a chemical burn on your skin just because you were too lazy to shave yourself. Furthermore, these types of products are not even that effective. Some people will notice that it will not take out most of the hair, and you will have to use a razor to remove the rest anyway.

Which begs the question; why even bother using it in the first place?

Tip 3: Know Your LengthsManscaping Tips to Be Groomed Properly

A primary detail that you should be aware of is to what lengths are you manscaping on each part of your body. For example, your beard could be long while your chest hair is extremely close. Here is a default length list to be aware of:

Facial Hair: Whatever length you like.
Chest Hair: Either completely off or untouched. A full beard and chest hair compliments each other well.
Underarms: Short, but not too close or the itch will kill you.
Pubic Area: Based on personal preference, however completely off is what’s hot right now.
Behind: Best to shave it as close as you can, but be careful in the process.
Leg Hair: Untouched is usually okay unless you are a swimmer.

As men, we have so much hair everywhere that manscaping can literally be a hassle. Just refer to the areas above and see that you really do not need to go completely bald everywhere. In fact, some people find chest and leg hair to be attractive.

You should still at the very least maintain your hair with a light trim so that it is not completely unkempt.

Tip 4: Dedicate 15 Minutes Every Day for Manscaping

15 minutes is all you will need to get everything done. If you dedicate this amount of time daily, it will become a habit for you and almost like it is second-nature.

The 3-week rule says if you do something for 3 weeks straight, it becomes an easy habit to keep. So, just simply power through those first 21 days and you will be manscaping yourself without even noticing.

Tip 5: Never Rush

Rushing causing many, many mistakes. They mainly come in the form of scratches, bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Think about it this way. If you rush, you may spend more time cleaning up the mess than slowly pacing yourself and doing a quality job.

While using a razor, you should also make slow and small strokes instead of long ones. You increase your risk of cutting your face or body if you make long strokes.

Tip 6: A Hot Shower or Warm Towel Helps with ShavingManscaping Tips to Be Groomed Properly

You may or may not have heard of this before, but regardless of where you are shaving on your body, warm water will help you in terms of potency and comfort.

The “pores open up” under hot water is actually a myth, however, it does not mean that hot water and steam don’t help while shaving.

It softens your skin and hair, which allows for much easier passes while shaving. If you shave without predisposing your skin, you will notice that you get ingrown hairs much more frequently.

The ideal time to manscape is usually after a hot shower, which is no more than 20 minutes long as that can dry your skin out which is a whole different story.

Tip 7: Trim First, Then Shave down There

If you are confused about the intricacies of shaving down there, just know that you are not alone and it is not that difficult to do. You should begin first with a nice trim, either using your beard trimmer or body groomer and then move onto shaving cream and razor when the hair is shorter than 2mm.

Go very slow, make small strokes, and be sure to keep a steady hand to the best of your ability.

These 7 tips will go a long way for you if you are an amateur at manscaping and ready to start taking care of your body more. As stated above, it really does not take much time out of your day and the results you get are magnificent enough that other people will both notice and compliment you on it.

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