8 Lovely DIY Nail Arts (Try Them Anytime)

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

I admit it is not my forte. I can’t draw on nails (but I’m pretty good on paper so hopefully hope I’ll get better in this too). But, I love the patterns and colors on nails. It is a piece of art, a masterpiece. Heads off to those who have the craftsmanship.

For the nuts like me. I have collected eight nail arts for various day to day occasion. Work, after party, bitchy heart and all the stuff we girls go through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Basically our whole life.

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Let’s check out if I can give you something too. Ready for it?

Nail Arts Depending on Our Forever Changing Mood

Collection of 8 different moods for your fingers, ladies. Bring out your inner self to the world display it on the platform of your nails. Be fashionable and expressive.

1. Enchantress of Night

Nothing will beat the enchantress tonight. She will surely snatch the attention away with the magic of her fingers.8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • CND Shellac Berry Boudoir
  • CND Shellac Viridian Veil
  • Shellac Top Coat
  • Holographic Mylar
  • Tweezer
  • Brush

The way it is done

First, apply a layer of Shellac Berry Boudoir and let it cure for a minute. Again, apply another one and cure it for a minute. Then take strips and draw a triangle on the nails in the bottom middle. Apply Shellac Viridian Veil inside the triangle. Put the Holographic Mylar in the pattern with the help of tweezers and brush. Finish it off with Top Coat and cure.

2. The Stain Glass Show

Let’s get nostalgic and totally stylish!!!8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Dior Nuit 1947 970
  • ncLA Catwalk Queen
  • Zoya Normani
  • Cirque Stella
  • Long and Thin Brush Liner
  • Black Varnish Color
  • (Square Tip Stiff Brush)
  • (Acetone)

The way it is done

Start by preparing your nails. Lay a base coat. Now time to put the boundaries. Use your thin, very thin and long brush liner and draw the boundaries as you wish or can choose to opt for the pictures idea. But opt for define geometrical figures like a square, triangle, rhombus none the less. You can start by putting the intersecting points first then add in. it will give you more grip and balance on the final draw.

Fill up time. Do it with a small brush. To make things easy, get yourself a nice and clean non-absorbent surface drop a bit of paint and soak in the brush to ensure how much you are getting. Fill in the block with different colors.

Once everything is done wait for it to dry. Then you can redefine your lines with the old black polish. Here is a great tip: get a thin layer of the paint and put the length on the nail and pull it. Thus, you will get a perfectly straight line.

If things go south and you have messed up by exceeding the line then get the small brush with the square end and with bristles that are bit stiff. Soak it in acetone and clean up the extra and also your cuticles. Finish off with top coat. Voila!

I know it is a bit tough but the end product is worth it. The whole thing reminds of the old England or French Church stain glasses. Classy and Vintage but super sexy.

3. Rose Gold Nails

The color of the time dancing on your nails.8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Sephora Liquid Palisade
  • Gelish pH Bond Base
  • Orange Gel Base Nail Color
  • Sparkle & Co. Chrome Powder (Check Price)
  • Transparent Gel Base
  • Top Coat
  • Tweezers
  • Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil (Check Price)

The way it is done

First, cover your workplace. It is going to be messy. Then cover your fingers with Sephora Liquid Palisade all around the nails. All around from all the four side and all. As close to the nails as possible. After it dries apply Gelish pH Bond Base, one coat. It is very thick so when you are drying it keep the nails far from each other so that they do not get in touch either the coat will come peeling off. Dry it well.

Now one coat of gel base coat. Cure it for 60 seconds at least. Now apply the orange color first. It will decide the end product actually. You can try any orange shade and take it to your liking. Cure again for 60 seconds. Apply top coat again.

Now time for the glitters, the messy part. Take your chrome powder and apply it on each nail in a generous amount. If you do not have a proper applicator then, try using the eyeshadow applicator. It is just as great. Do not miss a spot. The cuticle, nails, everything as you have it covered already, so do not worry and go all the way, remove the excess with a brush as much possible.

Finish with top coat and take off the side from around. May use fingers or tweezers. Apply Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil. As said before, the base color decides the end product so try out other colors too.

4. The Metallic Elegance

Smart, mean business but totally awesome. Lady of the time.8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Sheer Nude Color
  • Metallic Nail Polish
  • Dark Nail Polish
  • Base Coat
  • Matte Topcoat (Check Price)
  • Striping Tape
  • Tweezers (Check Price)

The way it is done

Start by applying sheer nude but if your nails are not stained then just go for a base coat. Then apply a single layer of matte top coat. Let it dry out completely.

Now start attaching strips according to your design. Attach them properly making sure there is no gap. When you are done, apply your preferred metallic hue. Remove the strips using tweezers. Repeat on all nails and let them dry too.

Now for the second color. It is better to take a darker and alternative color so it comes out brightly and neat. Again use strips to draw smaller shapes on the existing shapes. Fill in them with the other shade. Remove the strips and wait for it to dry. The top coat is not needed. Just dry them nice and clean.

This one is easier but looks fab. Suits work and fun both and so elegant at the same time. The Boss Lady.

5. The Halloween Pumpkin Splatter

Trick or Treat time, gals!8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Drinking Straw
  • Tape
  • Wax Paper
  • OPI Y’all Come Back Ya Hear?
  • OPI Black Onyx (Check Price)
  • Thin Brush/Cotton Swab
  • Acetone (Check Price)

The way it is done

The art piece looks great, right? But, it is a tough nut to crack and you are in for challenges too. So, take out the colors and let’s start! Once, twice, thrice you will achieve your goal for sure.

Cut the straw into the half. Cover up your whole working place with wax paper. The whole and more. This work tends to get messy a lot, so you better be safe than sorry. You better.

Apply a base coat and dry it. Then apply the base color I mean the orange one. Then tape your fingers. Taping is not that hard either. Take a piece of scotch tape or any tape and place it as close as possible to your cuticles on the bottom. Now take a longer piece and place it on the side as close as possible again. Wrap it around and seal the other side too. Surround your whole nail as close as possible to the tape.

Now take that half-cut straw and dip it in the other one, the black one. Wipe off the side of the straw by rubbing in on the painted mouth but do not touch what is inside it.

Comes the tricky part here. Hold the straw about 6 inches away from your nails and shoot. Blow on the pipe as strong as you can pointing on the already painted nail. It is fun, isn’t it? Messy, tricky but funny.

Remove the tapes when you are all done and start cleaning up. Get a thin brush or cotton swab dip it in acetone and clear up your cuticles and fingers. When the splatter gets set on the nails put a topcoat and you are ready for welcoming Halloween with your nails too.

6. Fall Ombre

Look deadly and witchy like the sky in the fall. Sexy naughty bitchy me!!!!8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Natural Base Coat
  • Amore at the Grand Canal
  • O Suzi Mio
  • My Gondola or Yours? (Check Price)
  • Top Coat (OPI)
  • Lacquer Remover
  • Thin Brush (Check Price)

The way it is done

Start by preparing and protecting your nail with the base coat. Take Amore at the Grand Canal and apply two coats of it. Do not forget to cap nail edges. It will make them long-lasting. Now time for O Suzi Mio. Apply it on a clean makeup sponge and dab on the nails from the cuticles line. Make two passes for better color results. Go halfway only or less.

Repeat it with My Gondola or Yours? But this time goes lesser. Clean the mess with Lacquer Remover from the sidelines with the help of a thin brush. Finish with top coat. It will smooth the sponge texture and will give out a nice shine. Like it?

7. Black Marble

Let’s opt for something more deadly and hard now.8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Black Polish
  • Dark Grey Polish
  • White Polish
  • Rose Gold Polish
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Thin and Long Design Brush
  • Acetone
  • Top Coat

The way it is done

Start with putting a black coat on nails. If needed use two code to make the back “too black” (you know, there is nothing like too much black). Now make a ball of plastic wrap. On a non-absorbent surface put one drop of black polish and one drop of grey polish. Dab the plastic ball on it for a few times. Do not mix, just dab. Use it to blot on the nails.

Using the brush draw tiny messy white lines over it. Nothing accurate, just go with the flow. Follow up with rose gold over the same white lines. Again nothing accurate just follow the trails in some places. Clear up the edges using acetone and one last top coat. Your nails are ready to make others lose their marbles.

8. The Autumn Leave

Autumn my favorite season for fashion. It is so inspiring. The colors, the combo. The Feel!!!!! Here is another one inspired by the season of bereaved.8 lovely DIY nail arts (try them anytime)

The tools and colors you need

  • Essie Hip-Enema Geranium (Check Price)
  • Striper Brush
  • Yves Saint Laurent Beaute La Laque No. 39 Beige Gallery
  • China Glaze Happy Go Lucky (Check Price)

The way it is done

It may seem a bit tough but it is really easy to draw and the end product is great. Apply a base coat. Then Essie Hip-Enema Geranium or anything bright red-orange. It is the base. Now take your paint brush.

Put a drop of Yves Saint Laurent Beaute La Laque No. 39 Beige Gallery or anything that is beige on a non-absorbent surface. Using the brush draw a straight line on each nail. Draw anywhere in the center or at sides. Just left some space on both sides of the straight line. It is for the leaves.

Two draw the leaves, use the same brush and color and according to your nail size, add leaves on both sides. Try to be same on both sides. It looks good that way. But, your nails you can do whatever you want.

Now for some dimension. Either clean your striper brush off the beige color or get a new one. Grab something opaque yellow in color. We have chosen China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. The color is so sweet. Using your brush draw a ‘V’ on the tips of each leaf. And nothing more. Just touch the tips.

Your work is done when you apply the last top coat. Your fingers are autumn-ready. Stylish, trendy and so colorful. Great thing it is elegant and can go with any work routine. Don’t you think so?

What are your thoughts? Wanna try them? Let us know which one you are gonna try. Let your girls know what will be your look of the day today.

P.S.: None the work belongs to us. They are a masterpiece of their respective creators. And all of them are drop dead gorgeous!!!!!

Magic on My Fingers

I’m really nervous if you have liked any. I love them all. Maybe because I’m an easy person. But, hope you will like them. Lemme know if there is a one that you will like to try. I will be waiting right here to hear the story.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


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