13 Best Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Having dark lips, it does not mean that you cannot wear varieties of lip colors. There are lots of lipstick shades that fit really excellent on dark lips. Now discover your sexier pout.

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
lip colors for dark lips women

A right color can turn your lips flamboyant without makeup, while the wrong choice of a lip color can put your lips in a dump despite having pompous dressing.

And, if your lips are dark, it is more important to choose a reasonable lip color, as all shades will not be your good friends.

In buying the lip colors for dark lips, you have to avoid the shades that won’t erase out in a few while. Choose the colors that will stay longer, and neutralize your lip pigmentation.

The Best Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Do you DARE to attend your friend birthday party WITHOUT LIPSTICK? Why not!!!

But, most of the women or girls having dark lips feel hesitate to go with bare lips. Again, it is difficult to pick up a right lipstick color or shade for dark lips. But, I made it easy.

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Well, let’s see the best lip colors for dark lips.

  1. Mauve Lip ColorBest Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Mauve is a safe lipstick shade for dark lips or who have dark skin type. It is nearly Violet or Purple. You can use – Maybelline New York Color Sensational Mauve Lipcolor.

  1. Burgundy or Deep Wine Lip Color

Burgundy or Deep Wine looks amazing with dark complexion on any charming occasion or for a night out. Besides, it hides the lip pigmentation immediately. So, you can go carefree with Wine or Burgundy if your lips are dark. You can use – CoverGirl Outlast All Day Two Step Burgundy Lipcolor.

  1. Plum Lip ColorBest Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Plum is a stylish and cute color. You will get pretty and fuller lips with the majesty of Plum. This lip color can be a good choice for your black lips. You can use – L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Plum Lipcolor.

  1. Red Lip Color

If I am not wrong, Red lipstick is the most used color for women regardless of lip skin. All women are craving enough to wear Read lip color. Of course, all time you can apply red lipstick because it instantly increases the fascination of your lips in all situations. But, if your lips are dark, Cold Red looks nice on them.

If you are dressing up bold color clothing, Dark Red lip color will be your best pick. It is close to Coral and not all women can look nice with it. Dark Red depends on the whole makeup and dress code. You can use – L’oreal Colour Riche British Red Lipcolour.

  1. Pink Lip Color

Pink is another lip color that is very popular with all age’s women with any lip tone. It takes a nice matching on fair skin, dark skin, medium skin or olive skin. And pink is a versatile shade to be used for all walkouts at any time.

Shimmery pink, light pink, peach or any lighter colors can be faded away and your lips pigmentation will be noticed soon. Even, sometimes, the pink makes your dark lips gray on different lighting or times. Yet, you love pink?

First, color your lips with an orange tone corrector, and then neutralize the pigmentation by dabbing some concealer. Lastly, shape your lips with a favorite liner and fill them with your loving pink or peach color. You can use – NYX Matte Pale Pink Lipstick.

  1. Brown Lip ColorBest Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Brown is a perfect matching lipstick shade for dark lips women. It goes and looks great on black lips in all parties, and walks. You can use – Bobbi Brown Bobbi Brown LipColor.

  1. Coral Lip Color

If you are choosy and like to wear loud or bright lip color on your dark skin tone, Coral can be a much careful for you. You can use – Revlon Colorstay Overtime Constantly Coral Lipcolor.

  1. Cocoa Lip Color

Cocoa is another safe, gentle and mild lip color for dark lips caring. You can easily paint your lips with this shade for any going out. It leaves a gorgeous flavor if you dress up matching. You can use – Matte Liquid Lipstick Long Lasting Lip Gloss by Mynena.

  1. Nude Lip Color

Nude is an excellent color for all women, regardless of lip complexion. If you don’t like to hold your lips with bold, deep or gorgeous color, but like just simple, plain and original skin matching shade, then Nude is the best option for you. With Nude, dark lips look nice and a little bit fuller. You can use –e.l.f. Matte Nearly Nude Lip Color.

  1. Cherry Lip ColorBest Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

Not all women can carry on Cherry. So, if you are dark skin women, be careful a little. It is near to plum and makes the lips slightly bold. You can use – Wet n Wild Mega Last Cherry Picking Lip Color.

  1. Bronze Lip Color

If you love to leave an appealing attitude on your dark lips, Bronze or Chocolate brown will be the best lip color for you. It is a daring lip dye for flammable parties. You can use – Maybelline New York Colorsensational Broadway Bronze Lipcolor.

  1. Light or Sobre Lip Color

Light or sobre colors you can also use if your lips are dark. These shades are the nice picks, a good grab for your lips in an intending meeting.

  1. Orange Lip ColorBest Lip Colors for Dark Lips Women

You can be prepared with orange, it raises to the makeup trends in the recent past. May you feel shame put it? But, Payal says that Orange neutralizes the dark pigmentations well. So, you can try it. You can use – NICKA K Vibrant Orange LIPSTICK WITH VITAMIN E.

Don’t Use the Following Lip Colors for Dark Lips

You are not, like the fair skin girls who can go across all lipstick shades or colors. Dark lips are unique in choosing makeup, lipstick, or even dressing. Try to avoid the below lip colors for dark lips:

  • Bright, bold colors
  • Glossy lipstick may fade away soon
  • Semi-opaque lipsticks
  • Minimalist, sheer makeup lipstick

The above lip colors for dark lips are not strict fundamentals. You can wear any lip color if it looks beautiful on your lips. Do experiments on various lip shades, or lipsticks and recognize the one that would be the best suited for your black lips. The combination of your makeup, dress, and lipstick are also important. Take it also carefully.


  1. I don’t really need something when I stay at home but whenever I travel outside or for any special occasion I have a question what suits me better because of my lips color. Due to the dark lips color whatever I prefer I don’t feel that is something matching my lips. I found your article when I was searching for it and found so many suggestions that will really help me to carry myself in a comfortable way. I normally buy the lipsticks in Nykaa as it provides some offers on collections. I will buy some shades you mentioned from Nykaa and thank you so much for tips.


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