14 Useful Lip Care Tips for Dark Lips and Get Bright Lips

Get set, ready and sexy with your appearance. What if your lips are dark and you are frustrated with them. Some tips can help you to shine, soften and redden your dark lips.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Lip Care for Dark Lips

It is not easy to reduce the darkness of your lips. But, I tell you it is easy to get pinkish lips if you know the perfect lip care tips. To get reddish or bright lips, the best way is to identify the reasons for your black lips. Actually, the solution lies in the reasons.

You will get many ways to take care of your dark lips, such as home remedies, to remove the causes (if smoke, give up it), some daily tips, lip care products and lastly you can take treatment for dark lips (laser treatment).

Some Easy Tips on Lip Care for Dark Lips

I mainly put importance more on applying the home remedies because the natural stuff is more efficient, safer and healthier for skin care. They have no side effects or risks too. If the natural remedies could not lighten your dark lips, you should try using products. There are also many effective creams to lighten dark lips.

Anyway, let’s see the lip care tips for dark lips.

lip care for dark lips 1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Use sara happ Lip Scrub. It reduces the dry skin, dirt or impurities from the lips. So, lips look clean, even and bright. Basically, the chapped skin and other dirt make the lips discolored. You can rub your lips softly with your toothbrush. It gets out the dead skin too. Apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly first on the lips and then rub the lisp with a soft toothbrush.

Or you can prepare an exfoliating lip scrub. Take some sugar and some honey to make a paste. Leave it on the lips throughout the night. At morning just massage your lips gently with your hands, it cleanses off the lips well. Don’t exfoliate your lips more than twice a week. Read how to exfoliate lips with home remedies.

2. Use Quality Lipsticks

The most important part is to buy the products good for lips. All the cosmetics in the shop are not well tolerated for sensitive skin. You must pick up the lip products that consist of natural or safe ingredients.

Also, consider the price of products. Cheap price products are not so good. Buy the costly and branded ones.

In winter, lips become more chapped. This time as usual lipstick can harm your lips more. The better choice is to use moisturizing lipstick. This will keep your lips soft and also colorful.

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3. Massage Your Lips

You can massage your discolored lips with ice cubes once a day at night. Ice cubes remove the dirt from the lips. The big benefit of massaging is it increases the blood flow inside the lip skin that makes the lips look reddish. It keeps the lips juicy by hydrating them.

4. Protect Sun Rays

Protecting sun rays is essential because sunlight creates tanning on the lips, from that you gradually face pigmentation, even hyperpigmentation if you don’t take care of your lips in right time. You can use Sun Bum SPF lip balm while going outside under the sun. Read how to treat sunburned lips

5. Give up Smokinglip care for dark lips

Smoking creates black shades on the lips even if you had bright lips. Smoking also dries up the lips. And in severe cases, you may have experienced dark spots on the lips that are very ugly. So, give up smoking. If you do not quit smoking, read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.”

6. Reduce Caffeine Intake

Different type of caffeine, like hot coffee, food or tea also causes black lips. If you take more than 5 cups of tea or coffee, you must receive brown lip skin within a short time. Don’t take more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day.

7. Drink Lots of Water

For lack of water, you may have got chapped and dry lips. The dryness finally gives you black shades on the lips. Taking lots of water, especially minimum 8 glasses of water daily saves your lips from dehydration.

8. Remove Lipstick

Often you feel very tired after doing all day works. And forget to remove your makeups from the face. But, getting rid of makeup is urgent. The longtime staying of lipsticks darkens the lips more. So, never let your makeups stay on the lips at night. Use Neutrogena Remover to wipe off your lipsticks or other lip stuff.

9. Use Lemon Juice

Lemon has a great property of skin bleaching. Apply lemon juice to the lips and rub your lips gently for 5 minutes twice a day when you have time. It breaks down the black patches or spots and thus fades them gradually.

10. Protect Rough Weather

Cold weather and warm wind cause dark skin that finally leaves dark hues on the lips. Protect your lips from this type of harmful climate. You can wear a scarf to prevent the wind or direct rough weather. Don’t go without wearing SPF sunscreen on the lips on the sunny days. See some quality lip balms with SPF protection.

11. Don’t Lick Your Lips

Many have a bad habit of licking lips especially when they feel dryness on lips. It makes the lips more dry and dark. Keep a Coconut Lip Balm with you always. Whenever you feel dryness, just apply it.

12. Don’t Breathe from Mouth

Many people have a bad habit of breathing from their mouth. It takes and outs air from the mouth that affects the skin around the mouth and lips. If it is winter, this habit causes more vulnerable dry lips. Try to give up this habit. Or coat your lips deeply with a lip balm or Vaseline petroleum jelly so that the air from your mouth cannot dry out the lip skin.

13. Use Laetitia Creamlip care for dark lips

Laetitia Dark Lips Cream is one of the most popular and used lighteners for the black lips. You can apply it to take care of your dark lips. Laetitia is made with some natural amazing ingredients that basically lightens up the lips within the use of 4 weeks.

14. Use Rose Petals

Rose petals are amazing in lip care for dark lips. Mash some rose petals and mix some honey with it. Rub your lips softly with this mixture for 3 minutes and then leave it for 30 minutes. Then enjoy surprising reddish lips. Read in detail how to get pink lips with rose petals.

15. Use Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice is rich in red pigmented color. This juice is also soothing and moisturizing. Beetroot juice helps to smooth out the uneven spots, dark spots, dead skin cells, sun spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. It makes your lips tender and smooth.

Mix one tablespoon of beetroot juice with another one teaspoon of carrot juice. Apply it to the lips and wait for 8 minutes. Then wash your lips off and apply a moisturizer. If you are a man, then don’t go out before wiping off the red color from lips. In girls, boyfriends will love your these pink lips.

16. Use Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is another home remedy for dark lips. Pomegranate is not only craving to eat but also it has a sweet red color. That’s why; many women use this color to tint their lips for years. Pomegranate juice is also hydrating for dry lips.

Apply some juice to the lips and massage the lips with your fingertips for one minute and then cleanse off the lips. Use a lip balm to moisturize the lips. Or you can simply put some juice over the lips at night before heading to bed. It gets absorbed in the skin and gives your sexy pinkish lips in the morning.

17. Use A Lip Balm

The softer lips, the sexier and redder lips. And nothing is as handy as a lip balm. You can keep a lip balm always in your pocket, purse, on the table or even in your car. Just dab some when your lips get drying or you feel tight lips.

Tinted lip balms are also good options for the girls who have dark lips. There are lots of shades of tinted lip balms from dark to mauve. Just choose your favorite tint and get sexy. The benefits of using a tinted lip balm are it can set your lips both with moisture and a color. In winter, tinted lip balm is my first choice instead of lipstick.

That’s enough about lip care for dark lips. Most important tips are: avoid smoking, take less caffeine, use natural remedies and use costly products, don’t let lipstick stay on the lips throughout the whole night and keep staying with the rose petals until you get rosy lips.

More Useful Tips & Products for Dark Lips: 

How We Pick The Product

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