How to Lighten Dark Lips Using Home Remedies and Some DIY Tricks

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
how to lighten dark lips with home remedies

The people who have dark lips are eager to lighten their lips. Especially, the girls take pride in their pinkish and beautiful lips. On the other hand, they feel disappointed if they have dark lips. Nowadays, men also want bright lips. Anyway, I will discuss 8 simple tips to lighten dark lips in this article.

The tips include some tips, home remedies, and two lip lightening creams. Hope, you can now lighten your dark lips and make them healthy in the safe and natural ways.

8 tips to lighten your dark lips with natural ingredients

1. Use Sugar ScrubLighten Dark Lips

Sugar is a good home remedy to lighten dark lips. It exfoliates lips well and removes dead, dry or chapped skin cells from the lips. It mainly makes the lips look bright. Take one teaspoon sugar and two teaspoon honey. Mix them well. Scrub your lips with this mixer for one minute. You can do it either morning or night. Don’t follow this remedy more than twice a week.

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2. Use Lemon JuiceLighten Dark Lips

Lemon is rich with a very powerful bleaching agent. This agent helps to remove dark patches, shades or spots from the skin. Sprinkle some sugar on a lemon slice and pat your lips with it for 2 minutes. Do it daily for 4 weeks. Gradually, you will notice pinkish and reddish lips.

3. Use PomegranateLighten Dark Lips

Pomegranate works great to lighten discolored lips. It also moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates the lips. The main benefit is it leaves a red tint on your lips for a few hours. Take some pomegranate seeds and crush them. Mix some milk in it. Scrub your lips with this solution for 3 minutes. Then cleanse off your lips with a facial tissue. Do it regularly for 3 months.

4. Use Rose petalsLighten Dark Lips

Rose petals work amazingly to treat dark lips. Rose petals come with 3 features, like moisturizing, soothing, and cooling. You will get a natural rosy tone on your lips after applying this remedy. Smash some rose petals and mix some milk with water. Apply this mixer on the lips. Pat the lips with a piece of soft tissue for 3 minutes. You can do it regularly while going outside. This treatment keeps your brown lips pink for several hours.

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5. Use Beetroot Juicebeetroot lightens dark lips

Beetroot is another natural treatment for removing discoloration from the lips. It contains the bleaching feature. Besides, it makes the lips soft and gives red shades on the lips. Apply beetroot juice and leave it over the night. At the morning cleanse the lips off. The lip skin absorbs the beetroot juice, so your lips look pink and natural in morning. You can take it daily for a few months.

6. Use Olive OilOlive oil lightens dark lips

Olive oil (buy it from Amazon) contains two amazing healings including moisturizers and nutrients. So, it makes the lips soft, vibrant, and healthy. Before going to bed, apply a few drops of fresh olive oil and massage your lips gently. You can carry on this remedy regularly for 3 months.

7. Use Cucumber SlicesCucumber lightens black lips

It is a good skin lightening remedy, especially cucumber is very useful to remove dark circles under the eyes. Take a slice of cucumber and rub your lips with it for 5 minutes. It gets rid of blackness from your lips. Do it daily once for a few months.

8. Use HoneyHoney keeps lips soft

Honey (buy it from Amazon) is rich with moisturizers. It mainly keeps the lips moisturized, hydrated, and soft. Apply honey on the lips and leave it throughout the night. At morning, pat your lips softly with your toothbrush while cleaning your teeth. It removes chapped, dry or dead skin cells from the lips. So, lips look pink and gorgeous.

Some extra tips to keep your lips always soft and pink

Apart from the above natural treatments, you should follow some strict rules or you have to grow some good habits. This maintenance helps you to reduce the amount of darkness of your lips.Giving up smoking reduces dark lips

  1. Give up smoking. See how to remove darkness from smoking. Or you can read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking“.
  2. Don’t have more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day.
  3. Sleep 8 hours a day.
  4. Avoid expired and cheap lip products.
  5. Use the cosmetics made with natural healing.
  6. Drink 10 glasses of water each day. It hydrates your lips a lot.
  7. Don’t forget to remove makeups from lips before going to bed.
  8. Skip moving here and there in the UV rays. If move, use sun-protective lip balm or other products.
  9. Wear a scarf around the head during the cold or winter.
  10. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.
  11. Take care of your lips properly. Actually, how beautiful lips you want, it depends on your lip care. Take a look at “how to take care of your lips daily at home to get fuller lips“. I described here all lip care tips.

2 Best Creams To Lighten Your Dark Lips

There are a different number of creams for dark lips. But, we recommend only two because these are made with active properties of natural ingredients. These properties are basically more powerful to treat black lips.

Laetitia Dark Lips Cream (Full Review): It is one of the most effective lip lighteners in the world. It is a Philippine-based product. This cream contains 5 natural ingredients (Tretinoin, Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that are great to lighten dark skin within the use of 4 weeks.

Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream (Full Review): It is #1 lip lightening cream in India. Dr. Khurana formulated this cream. Lip lite is effective to get rid of the hyperpigmentation from melanin. Excessive sun exposure creates melanin on the lips.

In addition, you can also go under the laser treatment for dark lips if you have darkness on the lips from birth. Because no remedy can lighten dark lips if it comes from birth. Of course, laser treatment takes more costs. And take it by consulting with your doctor.

Lastly, the most important thing you have to follow the rules described above. Apply the home remedies daily because they have no side effects. If natural treatments could not lighten your dark lips, it is high time to buy any cream of the above.


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