Laser Treatment for Dark Lips (Should You Do It)

Updated: February 24, 2020
laser treatment for dark lips
Image: Iman Cosmetics

Millions of people have dark lips in the world. They get dark lips in two ways either from their birth or bad habits like smoking.

Many people in South Asia and Africa experience dark lips from birth. You may also acquire dark lips for smoking, sun exposure, and some other reasons. The women who have used lipsticks for a long time can also face dark lips.

To lighten dark lips, you may use many things. Among them, home remedies are the most effective and natural. Nowadays, laser treatment is also being used to lighten lip pigmentation. It is the latest dermatic treatment for lip care. Today, many celebrities take laster treatment to enhance their beauty. Anyway, in this article, I will discuss some important points about laser treatment for dark lips that will help you to decide whether you should take laser treatment or not.

What Is Laser Treatment for Dark Lips?

Laser treatment is one kind of cosmetic procedure. It can be done for different treatments from teeth whitening to vision correction to liposuction to skin resurfacing. All laser treatments are two types such as- ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative Lasers are usually used for the treatment of the top layer of the skin, like face, lips, chin, etc. The ablative laser needs some time to recover.

Non-Ablative Laser: Mayo Clinic says, “A non-wounding (non-ablative) laser, which stimulates the collagen growth and tightens the underlying skin.”

When natural or home remedies cannot lighten your lips, you can go under laser treatment. It is a painless and safe method. It is a light therapy that targets and attracts the darkness of the lips. You need 2-4 sessions of treatment based on how much your lip’s pigmentations are.

Through advanced scientific research, scientists developed this innovative technique in cosmetic laser treatments. At the right parameters, the laser specialists treat your dark lips with a special type of laser. You may need 2-4 treatments to lighten your dark lips through a laser. Each treatment is done every six weeks or more.

After numbing your lips with the topical anesthetic cream, your lips will be treated with a special nanosecond laser. Every session of treatment takes only 3-5 minutes. You may notice a swelling up on your treated lips. Don’t worry about this. Your lips will start to be pink within one week. To get discoloration-free lips, you may have to wait for a few weeks.

“Patients, mostly smokers, develop dark lips which they look unsightly for. That’s why; there is a huge demand for lip lightening through laser treatment,” says a dermatologist, Dr. Apratim Goel.

What the Specialists Say About Laser treatment for Lips

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon, Stephen Weber, MD, FACS says, “As far as I am aware there are no laser treatments to lighten the lips. The color of the lips results from the density of blood vessels and other pigments in the tissue. One option to refine the color is permanent makeup or medical grade tattooing. An experienced permanent makeup artist can accomplish a lot with regard to pigmentation of the lips and other tissue. I hope this information is helpful.”

Bay Area Dermatologist, Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD says, “You can use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and zinc oxide to prevent your lips from becoming darker. You should consult with a board-certified dermatologist who may recommend bleaching creams, such as Hydroquinone that could help to lighten up the discoloration.  Be certain to be under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist for the most effective and safe treatment options for you. I hope this helps.”

The Best Alternatives to Laser Treatment

Hardly any people are treating their dark lips with laser light. Because the laser is not a permanent solution. It may have side effects too.

Laser treatment may burn scars or cause uneven tones. That’s why; many people look for alternatives to lighten their lip discoloration. Below, I discussed some ways to brighten black lips.

I always suggest applying natural remedies to lighten lips because natural ingredients are free from side effects. Moreover, natural remedies provide necessary nutrients that make the lips healthy and protect them from various damages.

See Also: Whitening & Lightening Cream fortified by Peptides, Stem Cell & Arbutin to Lighten, Even Skin Tone, Visibly Diminish Age Spots, Erase Melasma on Ethnic Skin and Reduce Acne Lesions for men and women.

Though the laser treatment for dark lips is the latest procedure, you should think carefully before taking it. If you find that the natural remedies can lighten your lips, you do not need the laser treatment.

When natural remedies cannot work, you may use the above products to make your lips pink or bright. Yet, if you might decide to take the laser treatment for dark lips, you should find out the patients who took this treatment and follow their advice.

What I will suggest you

Actually, you can lighten your dark lips if you have acquired them by smoking, sun rays, injuries, etc. And you cannot pinkish up your dark lips if you have dark lips naturally or from birth; in this case, you should be proud of what you have with. Don’t worry, God gave you the perfect tone. Smile:).

You can also read these webpages to know more: 


How We Pick The Product

We recommend products by researching Amazon best-selling items, user’s reviews, YouTube reviews, talk show interviews, higher rated products, most reviewed items, celebrity gossip, daily publications, and magazine interviews with celebrity, dermatologist or doctor.

We research the product’s literature from the trusted sources. We frequently refer many leading publications – Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Best Reviews, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Vouge, Buzzfeed, etc.

We also often analysis the product’s information from the reliable sources (who make the deep testing) like Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, Consumer Reports, Consumer Testing Laboratories, etc.

It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. The result may be varied for different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


  1. Hi i have been smokeing since very long and my lips colour have been balck so is there any surgery to lighten my lips colour from black to pink

    • Hi Ali,
      It is better not to use surgery or laser treatment.

      If you can, then quit smoking. Then gradually, your lips will come back into pinkish. Besides, keep your lips always moisturized. You can also use a combination of honey and lemon juice daily once. It will fade the pigments of the lips.

      Hope, you will get back soft pink lips again.

  2. Hi
    I am kumar my lip only small black so i need rose colour i am not smoker but my lip black colour .any tips or treatment plz told me

    • Hi,
      Have you got dark lips naturally? If it is natural, then you cannot lighten them.

      If they are black for sun rays or anything else, then rub your lips with some honey and lemon mixture. Repeat this for a few weeks just once a day. It will get rid of the dark spots of your lips.

  3. Hello Sir ! my lips became darker after using a very pigmented lip color for a long time I had very good pink lips but from last 2years suffering from hyper pigmentation probably due to the usage of that lip colour what should I do used a number of creams and visited a number of dermatologist as well !

    • Hi Sara,
      Sorry to know that.

      Anyway, there is also recovery. You have to stop using all types of lip color. Remember, it takes long time (2 years) to darken your lips. So, it also takes a long time to get back your pink lips.

      It works gradually to lighten the lip skin.

      Steps are:
      1. Stop using all types of lip colors, like lipstick, lip gloss, tinted lip balm, lip liner, etc.
      2. Use vaseline petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips.
      3. Mix some lemon juice with some honey. Rub this mixture onto the lips for one minute. Do it once a day regularly. It removes the darkness of the lips.
      4. You can massage your lips with some rose petals (mash some rose petals) for 2 minutes before going out. Then remove excess rose color with a tissue. It adds a nice rosy natural color to the lips.
      5. Don’t give up. Repeat all these procedures.

      Thanks and hope, you can lighten your dark lips gradually.

  4. Hello
    Sir,I have a problem with my upper lip it became very dark and my corner of lips also dark but my lower lip was lip , it is not from birth ,I had tried many lip balms and I had consulted a dermatologist he said it was lip melonasis but the cream he gave didnt work ( lip sense lip lighting cream) pls recommend me better than tht

    • Hi Sai,
      As it is lip melanosis, it is a disease of skin darkening. You will get the best solution from a dermatologist. If one dermatologist cannot give you solution, then talk to another one. It is a medical issue.


  5. Hay!
    Sir,i have some problem about my lips.about one year my lower lips is little bit pink and upper lips is black… Before one year my lips i black but now lower lips colour changed. What can i do.

  6. Hello!

    I have dark lips since my birth and my complexion is fair which makes it even worse. I’m a very health conscious person but still nothing seems to improve my lip color. Although I tried almost of all the home remedies and lasers but they’re all temporary with least results.
    After speaking to various dermatologist the last solution that I found was the Medical grade permanent lip tattooing. But do you think even that is permanent and safe as well?? Please suggest
    Thank you…I appreciate

    • Hi David,
      You said your lips are dark from your birth. So, you cannot lighten them at anyway.

      Don’t be hurt please because God has given you dark lips as a blessing.

      Tattooing is not always safe and permanent.

      I think you should be contented with what you have.


    • Hi Hisham,
      You have to stop smoking and use some home remedies, like lemon juice and honey. Mix them and rub your lips with this mixture for one minute. Do it daily once and you will have bright lips gradually, but if you don’t quit your smoking, you cannot lighten your lips.


    • Hi Umang,
      Quit smoking. It will help to get back your previous lip condition. Besides, you can use rose petals with milk. Blend some rose petals with milk and massage your lips with this mixture for two minutes. You can repeat this process two times a day.


    • Hi Ayush,
      Laster treatment and laser therapy is the same thing. We always suggest to not take this type of treatment. And if your lips are dark from birth, it is not possible to brighten them at anyway. Like, you cannot whiten your dark skin.


    • Hi Raj,
      Are you smoking? If so, stop smoking and your lips will turn back into the natural color of your skin.

      If your lips are black from your birth, then you cannot lighten them into pink or reddish.

      Thanks and Best Regards,

  7. Hello sir,
    I was licking my lips since couple of years and now it become dark very badly so should i do for it.

    • Hi Pande,

      Stop licking your lips and use a good lip balm daily and you can apply some lip lightening home remedies, like honey, rose petals, olive oil, lemon juice, etc.


  8. Hello sir
    I have problem with my lips my lips is looking very black my all friends told me that u r a big smoker but i am not using smoke
    Please i want to make my lips red or pink

    • Hi Vaibhav,
      Are your lips are dark from your birth or you have acquired by sunrays, dryness, etc.

      If your lips are dark from birth or naturally, you cannot remove the darkness, but you can lighten a little.

      You can use brown sugar and honey to rub the lips. Or you can use honey and lemon juice. Honey and lemon juice mixture is more effective to lighten dark lips. Rub your lips once a day with this mixture. You can notice a change on the lip color.


  9. My upper lip is darker than lower lip and i have black lining around my lower lips.although my skin colour is fair but due to dark lips I dont look fair.I never smoke and don’t even have applied lipstick.pls suggest any cream or home made remedies.or should i go for cosmatic surgery.what can be the approx cost…

    • Hi Neelam,
      if your upper lips or the lining around your lower lips are darker from your birth or naturally, then you cannot lighten them.

      If you have acquired those dark lines, then you can remove them with home remedies. Mix some honey and lemon juice, and then rub it on the dark lines of your lips for 2 minutes. Do it daily once before sleeping. It will gradually lighten those dark lines around your lips.


  10. My upper lip is black but lower lip is pink,, and this is since my childhood,, most probably its genetical.. whenever i tried any home remedy or balm my lower lip becomes more pink but the upper lip remains the same.. without surgery is it possible for me to get an even colour lip? Plz reply..

  11. My lip has turned black due to medicine reaction ,
    Symptoms was swelling and itching
    After that it turned black
    Any solution for this

  12. hi
    I have brownish black spots on my lower lip and I believe it’s since birth it’seems not too dark but noticeable
    Is there a balm or solution for this or any surgery


    • Hi YK,
      You can not lighten your lips with any products as your lips got the color from your birth. It’s your lip natural color. You can use tinted lip balm made with natural ingredients. Tinted lip balm looks more natural than others. You can go for laser treatment or cosmetic surgery. But, we don’t recommend it. Many women are nowadays are taking cosmetic surgery to enhance their beauty organs, like nose, lips etc. Find out the professional and experienced doctors for that.

      If you acquired your dark lips, you can surely lighten them.

      Thanks a lot.

      • hii…I my upper lip is dark nd the corners of my lower lip is become dark …this was not from is a allergy according to me because they were not so dark before.i have tried home-remedies as well but they didnt work.can u plaese help and are there any lip whitening treatments in mumbai n what is the cost?

        • Hi,
          It will be better if you talk to a dermatologist as it is such because of allergy. A dermatologist or a doctor can help you better.


  13. Hi Naseeb,
    maybe your lips are dark from your birth. In this case, it is less possible to get pink lips. But you can try lemon juice and honey/ Rub your lips with these ingredients daily once or twice. Gradually, it will help you to lighten your lip color.

    Best of luck

  14. Hy sir
    I have problem with my lips my lips is looking very black my all friends told me that u r a big smoker but i am not using smoke
    Please i want to make my lips red or pink

    • I used to have a dark upper lip and a lighter lower lip, not even pink which made my face look really dull and i basically grew to hate myself but then i started rubbing aloe vera over my lips for 5 minutes every night before bed and would go to sleep like that (you can even apply aloe vera on your face, it’s made me beautiful) and now my lips look very pink and luscious, so i want to share this with everybody. I bookmarked this page almost 2 months back because i was reall desperate to get rid of my dark and dull lips and never ever believed in any natural remedies but aloe vera truly worked for me. Try it!

      • Hi Rabina,
        thanks a lot for sharing your ideas. And it is really some home remedies work better to lighten lip color.

      • Is it the natural plant source aloe vera or the aloe vera gel available in the market that u used? For how many days should it b applied


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