Laetitia Dark Lips Cream Review

See what the users say and then decide to use Laetitia Lip Lightening Cream.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Laetitia dark lips cream review

Laetitia Dark Lips Cream ReviewWhy will you buy Laetitia Dark Lips Cream?

I think, you should buy Laetitia cream considering the user reviews, what they said, what their experiences were or how they felt after using it.

Although Laetitia is a Philippine-based product, it became much popular worldwide for its quality. You can buy it online from anywhere in the world. Before buying, read this article to know the pros and cons of Laetitia cream.

Anyway, today I will show you some reviews on Laetitia Dark Lips Cream (customer’s experiences).

Laetitia lip cream is popular for its powerful ingredients. This cream is also known as Laetitia Lip Lightener/Latisha Dark Lips cream/dr. Joson Dark Lips Cream. No more anything. Let’s read what the customers said about Laetitia Dark Lips Cream.

1. Missbrowning’s Review

I have been using this cream (Laetitia Lip Lightener) for the past three weeks, and let me tell you it works!!! My lips were looking really bad (dark) because of the contrast between my skin tone and my lips, I tried those natural remedies but it didn’t work, so I came across this cream. It took nearly a month for me to receive it (the company is based in the Philippines) however, I would say that it’s worth the wait, it really does work. I ordered three! Haven’t even finished half of the first tube and I’m my lips are already blending with my new complexion, I will continue using so I can achieve those sexy pink lips every girl loves lol anyway here’s the website I purchased it from

2. LeoChris’s Review

So I wanted to do a quick personal review, on my experience with Laetitia lip lightening cream. It comes in a small container, such as the one below.

Pro’s:   Noticeable and visible peeling immediately

Small enough to carry in your pocket for reapplication

             Great over all results with long term use

Con’s:   Makes your lips ashy and dry after several minutes of application

Is pretty expensive

Will need to apply lip balm to moisturize and protect lips

More affective with peels

Have to store in the cool place such as the fridge or it turns bad and really nasty looking.

Becomes really runny, watery and gooey when exposed to hot temperature

INGREDIENTS: Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Tretinoin

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3. Gus1993’s Review

This cream (Laetitia Dark Lips Cream) oxides really fast so you need to store it in an airless pump dispenser. Also results aren’t permanent even though on their website it states it is, really it’s not. This lip cream does deliver results and gives you red or pink lips. It gave me super red lips. Once I stop using cream because of the price being so high, dark lips will return so you have to maintain your results. Yes this lip cream will dry your lips to the max

4. ng9289’s Review

Okay thank you:) I am gonna order it (Laetitia Lip Cream)…but do you know anything else that would give permanent results?

I hate wearing lipstick or any other lip stain products…I am also doing 40% lactic acid peel on them but didn’t see any result.

5. MissBrowning’s 2nd Review

It (Laetitia Lip Lightener) should work for you, I’m black and my top lip was dark brown. It’s not permanent but u can maintain, when I feel like they’re not as light I’ll wear for 2-3days and also do the natural method, Kojie San soap also works well, it does work. My friend used it and she got a really bad reaction the corners of her mouth were very sore and turn black as a result, this latest for a few weeks! Call her crazy but she still continued to use during all of this, and it started to work she puts Vaseline in the corners prior to use, everybody’s different I guess but it worked for me just fine.

6. TiffanyXYZ’s Review

I’ve heard about this for years but never looked into it and had no idea it cost that much. But thanks for the review, Chris.

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7. Zarina888’s Review

Latisha dark lips cream (Laetitia Lip Lightener) is the only solution that I know of. Don’t use lemon/toothpaste/castor oil. Truth is that you won’t always find a solution from your kitchen.

8. biancztolen’s Review

Zabnab, I know how you feel. There’s lip tattoo treatment. Basically, they tattoo your lips with the red/pink tone that you want but it doesn’t look natural. You’ll look like you’re wearing lipsticks 24/7. For a more natural remedy, try Latisha dark lips cream (Laetitia Lip Lightener). It literally lightens your lips.

9. ABBBS’s Review

I just got my product (Laetitia Lip Lightener) yesterday. Put it on last night and in the morning, my mouth was like a sore and there was some kind of sick taste in my mouth. And right now, there is a huge rash near my left lower gums too!

I wonder if this is some sort of allergic reaction!?

Has anyone else had the same problem?

Anyway, this cream is pretty powerful. I can tell, even though I’ve only used it for one day so far…

10. Tej2487’s Review

Thk you for your reply.. how long did you try latisa cream (Laetitia Dark Lips Cream)?? what were your lips color when you started using the cream?? I have been using the cream for two weeks now, I saw the difference but initially, the progress was very good but doesn’t seem to be working anymore.. 🙁

Sorry too many questions… just being curious.

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11. flower90’s Review

Latisa dark lips cream (Laetitia Lip Lightener) is extremely wort buying it has made my lips so beautiful and pink I would highly recommend this good luck

12. Jennifer’s Review

Hi, Aryana! How is Laetitia working for you? My lips have lightened around 2 shades.

13. fida Aryana’s Review

hi, jennifer! I just bought that Latisha cream (Laetitia dark lips cream) and have been using it for 2 days now. I wanna know your experience using this cream.

14. jerrysusu’s Review

I ordered for Laetitia cream also, but I haven’t received my order and it’s almost one month now… I wonder if they are for real…

Can anyone let me know where else to order the Laetitia cream?


15. Elena101’s Review

I had ordered Laetitia cream last year and it took about a month to ship it to my address (may be yours too is on the way), but haven’t tried it yet, was wondering if there are any side effects of applying the cream?

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16. Narendra’s Review


If you tried everything and nothing worked till date. so here is the best solution for you.

Apply Laetitia Dark lips cream, you can not buy it from any cosmetic store. You have to order it online. It cost 50-97 US dollars.

You need to create a PayPal ID and you have added your debt/credit card with PayPal then you can order it.

This is the only cream which helps to get rid of your dark lips. I have also order it and I am from India. Shipping charges are only $6.

After seeing the Laetitia Dark Lips Cream review, you will feel easy to buy it . And no more black lips, guys. Just enjoy beautiful, pretty and pinkish lips.

If you have any question about Laetitia dark lips cream, feel free to mention it in the comment.

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  1. Is this really work. I have tried all creams but after seeing the reviews I can trust this cream. I can’t understand that prize language plzz tell me. And does this cream really work fast?

  2. From what I’ve read, this cream isn’t a permanent fix which kind of sucks. If you pay $50 it should be permanent.

    Also, for the person that hasn’t gotten it, if it’s pay pal, contact pay pal and tell them you still haven’t received the item. They will get your money back if you never receive it.

    Also, ppl esp on this site keep saying this has all harmless ingredients, but that’s not true! It has tretenoin which is retin a! Don’t use if pregnant or planning to get pregnant! Studies have been linked with birth abnormalities. It does have results for lightening brown spots in most cases so this def has potential to work esp with the Kojic acid in it, but your lips will get very, very dry.

    Also, use sunscreen on your lips the whole time you use this and after or you could do more harm then good. Look up retina a and the sun. Also, prob better to just use twice once the sun goes down in the evening and at night.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Comment: should this cream use permenantly.
    If we stop this bam then what happened to our lip.
    Would it be changed the clr into how it was.

  4. I happened to buy this cream 9 days ago and ordered it via expedite shipping, which cost me $17 or so. And I received it just today. So, it’s definitely not scam. And the packet has been shipped from Fibonacci Skincare, Philippines. I haven’t tried it yet, so I still don’t know if it works or not.
    I found this product through your site, so thanks for the information Paoli.

  5. This is the worst, I paid for this product more than 6 weeks ago and no product or answer to my emails. Very unprofessional and scam!!!!!

  6. hi i am from india 4 days ago i got my product and i am using it in 3 times morning,noon,nyt but i am not getting any result m wonder how much time it will take?my lip colour is black..n my lips are so dry can anyone tell me how many times i can use it and how to remove this cream simply with water or with toothbrush n paste and when i will get the results ? pls pls answer my all question.
    Thank u

    • How long did it take to get the product? I ordered it more than 6 weeks and still no product even though I paid!!!!

    • Hey Garima, I am also from India!
      I am worried if this all is scam.. can u please tell if this cream really works?
      How long did it take to reach you?



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