Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream Review

Dryness is common for lips. You may also acquire dark lips for smoking, sun rays, etc. Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip & Nipple Treatment Cream is a care for dark and dry lips to lighten and hydrate them.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream Review

One customer said about Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream that it is a great lip balm. She always keeps one in her purse. It moisturizes her lips greatly. The color is also wonderful.

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream

This is a nice lip and nipple care cream from the Juicy Skin Care brand. This cream is more effective for dark and dry lips. It helps to keep soft and smooth lips and pinkish nipples.

The key ingredients of this lightening cream are Shea butter extract, panthenol, alpha-arbutin, and vitamin E. Its natural extracts help to lighten dull and discolored lips. Continuous use will give you pinkish colored lips. You should use it on your nipples if you own dark ones. Like the lips, your nipples will bright within a few days.

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You will get a natural baby like the pink color after use of 1-4 weeks. This cream satisfies you with visibly lighten lips for a fairer skin tone. Apply this cream on your lips and nipples as required.Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream Review

It Lightens Lips

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream lightens your lips with its effective natural ingredients. You can apply it on the dark, dry, and flaky skin. It can be used before applying lipstick if you have uneven lip skin. It brings the soft lips instantly to apply lipstick with an ease. This also helps to lighten dark lips caused by smoking.

It Lightens Nipples

It is a matter of concern to women having dark nipples. They are ashamed with their dark nipples. If you one of them, Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream helps you to get rid of this problem. It lightens your nipples within 1-4 weeks. Continuous use helps get a pinkish and fairy looking nipples.

It Protects Lips and Nipples

This cream not only lightens but also ensures protection to the skin of your lips and nipples. You can use this cream on dry and chapped lips. It reduces the dullness of your lips and nipples and brings back the natural look.

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About This Cream

  • Brightens dark lips and nipples
  • Infused with quality natural ingredients
  • Applicable for dry, dull, and flaky lips
  • Protects lips and nipples
  • Lightens dark spots, stain, etc. caused by smoking
  • Lightens dark lips caused by excessive use of deep colored lipstick
  • Easy to apply
  • Brings optimal result within 1-4 weeks

Key Ingredients

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream is infused with shea butter extract, alpha arbutin, vitamin E, panthenol, hydrogenated palm oil, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, and many other ingredients. All these ingredients make this cream a nice cream to lighten your lips and nipples. With Shea butter extract, it hydrates your lips and nipples and keeps them soft and supple.

How to Use

Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream comes with attractive small tube. And it lets this cream apply easily. You can carry it in your handbag and apply on your lips whenever and wherever you want.

For lips, just press the tube to pour a small amount on your fingertips. Message gently this cream on your lips. Repeat it when necessary. For nipples, you should apply this cream at night before going bed. You also can do this at daytime. Apply liberally on your nipples & areolas and leave it for a whole night. Within 1-4 weeks, you will get the satisfactory result.

This cream is only for external use. Stop using if it causes irritation and rash. Don’t swallow and avoid eye contact.


Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream is effective to lighten your dark lips and nipples. It works well on dry chapped lips. Besides lightening, it protects your skin from damages. You will love its smell.

If you are a smoker and get darker lips, then it can help you. It effectively removes smoke stains from your lips.

You can carry and apply this cream wherever you want. You can use this cream under your lipstick. It keeps your lips soft and protects from lipstick stain.


First of all, this cream is bitter to taste. If you habituate to lick your lips, don’t wear this. Some customers dislike its small tube, comparing the cost. And, no money back guarantee policy covers this product.

Some customers mentioned it as a complete waste of money. And they suggest not buying this. This cream may cause rashes in some case. If so, stop using it.

User Rating

The rating of this cream is above average. Some have found it as nice and effective and some have not. The users rated it a little bit more than the average (out of 5).

Our Rating

I deeply researched the user reviews some bigger e-commerce sites. I found that many users complained it. So, from my point of view, I rated it also more than the average.

Finally, Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Lip and Nipple Treatment Cream claims that it works a lot to lighten dark lips and nipples. Some of its previous customers found that it is true and some found completely wrong. So, you should consider rating and reviews before placing an order or buying from a store.

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