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How to Use Rose Water to Heal Dry Skin

How to Use Rose Water to Heal Dry Skin

From the great Cleopatra to the girl next door everyone knows rosewater as the queen in a beauty regime. It has been there since……… (Who knows, go to Google it) Whatever.

Rosewater is gentle and a hard worker. This transparent liquid knows its game. And it surely knows how to take care of dry skin. Dry skin is very irritating as it is flaky, it looks dull, it itches, it crakes, it looks like that of a dead man walking, it makes you shabby and it makes a hell of your look. In a severe case, you have to go through pain because of all the cracking and itching.

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Good for them a natural and safe thing like rosewater can save them from their suffering. Rosewater will not only soothe the pain but also maintain its elasticity and pH. You will never be this happy after applying rosewater on your skin.

Why Is Rosewater So Good For Skin?

Rosewater is a gift from the ancient time descended from our ancestors. Its versatility is beyond appreciation. Its goodness is spread throughout the sphere of life. It will take your whole night to know about all the good things it can give us. So, for now, let’s get a brief view on few good things it does to our skin.

It has the amazing ability to maintain body skin pH. It will control excess oil production if you have oily skin, hydrate your skin if you have drying problem; soothe the skin if it is sensitive. Even if you trouble with combination skin also then you will be helped and helped a lot!

Rosewater hydrates, revitalizes, moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin. It will make you refresh at its contact.

It has great anti-inflammatory activities. So, it can help with reducing redness, irritation, sunburns, acne, blemishes, pimples, dermatitis, and eczema.

By chance, if you get a sunburn while a day out at the beach or something rosewater will give you relief.

Rosewater can be a great cleanser. Oil, dirt, toxic substances and everything bad hovering over your face or clogged inside the pores will be gone with a swipe of rosewater.

It can be used as a first aid too. Any cut, wounds, the infection will be healed.

It has the power to regenerate; so it heals as well strengthens the skin and keeps you wrinkles free.

And let us not forget about the aroma. It is so soothing and relaxing and refreshing that your mood will be enhanced instantly, all the tiredness of the day will be gone and you can also start your day more cheerfully. A good night sleep is also provided, absolutely the best way to charge your skin and body.

Your dream of natural red lips will come true too as you continue applying rose water every night before bed.

11 Ways to Use Rosewater for Benefitting Dry Skin

Rosewater itself is enough to take care of your skin. You don’t need fancy preparation for it. So, for the busybodies those live the fast life and of course who loves to do things easy and quick; here are some really easy and time convenient ways to use rosewater on the go. The processes are so damn easy that you will love it and they will blend in your daily life like it has been there for years already.

1. Rose Water with Daily Moisturizer


How to Make and Use: An easy job. You do use moisturizer every day. And you have your preferred one up on your shelves. No need to do anything extra. Just keep a bottle of rosewater next to the moisturizer on the counter.

Take the amount of lotion or cream you use usually on your palm and add few drops of rose water in it. Lightly rub your hands together and then apply it to your skin. Do it whenever you want. With each application, you will see the massive difference in your skin health.

2. Make DIY Moisturizer with Rose Water


How to Make and Use: In a bowl mix them well. Slightly rub the mixture on your skin. After 10 minutes, take a bath.

3. Rose Water Toner

At night before going to bed after all the hassle of the day, it is best to get freshened up and clear of all dirt. The night is the best time for skin and brain to heal them. Rosewater can be a great help for your skin.

All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in the rosewater and apply over your face and neck. Better if the water is a bit chilled especially at the hot time. You will feel refreshed at once.

4. Rose Water Facial Pack


Benefits: Glycerin is always considered as a good friend for the dry skin. They moisturize and hold also moisture. It makes the skin supple and soft. Olive oil, on the other hand, is the best friend for you when you want to stay healthy from every aspect. Your skin will get glow and radiance.

How to Make and Use: Make a thin paste by mixing them. Apply it on your face and neck while massaging gently. Let it stay for about 15 minutes. Use cold water to rinse it off. Do it early in the morning or at night before bed.

5. Rose Water Sun Spray


Benefits: Sunburn is surely a pain intolerable but the soothing power of rosewater will take the pain away.

How to Make and Use: Crush the leaves and add it in the water. Make sure there is no solid left as it will be sprayed over the skin. It can be refrigerated.

6. Rose Water-Glycerin Toner


Benefits: Toning is very helpful at night. It helps to rejuvenate your skin as you sleep.

How to Make and Use: In a bottle pour the rose water then add the glycerin. Give it a shake so the ingredients mix well. One mixed you can store it in the refrigerator. For applying on your face, use a swipe to apply it. Focus on the t-zone. Do it early in the morning and never miss out on the night. You can carry it with you and apply to feel refreshed instant.

7. Rose Water Bath

You need just 2 cups of rosewater

Benefits: Nothing can be as relaxing as a rosewater bath to start the day or to end it. Just chill!

How to Make and Use: Add them to your bath. It will be a heavenly feeling. The aroma, the freshness that will engulf you, will surely make you forget the worries of the world. Just close your eyes and rest.

8. Use Rose Water After Shaving

After shaving, skin feels irritated and it is worse for the dry skin owners. It is surely the most vexing moment of the day. To ease the pain and heal the skin, apply rose water on the skin. You can splash or wipe with a soaked cotton or cloth. It will surely soothe the skin.

9. Use Rose Water to Remove Makeup


Benefits: Both coconut oil and rose water are the best catch to remove makeup naturally. They know better than harsh chemical oriented products on the market and they nourish the skin at the same time.

How to Make and Use: All you have to do is soak a cotton pad or tissue in rose water and slowly remove the makeup as you usually do. Adding coconut oil will make the process easier and more beneficial.

10. Make Face Mask with Rose Water

Banana Mask


Benefits: Banana promotes clear glowing skin.

How to Make and Use: Mash the banana and take about 2Tbsp of it to mix with the rosewater. Apply it on face and neck. After 20 minutes rinse off.

Egg Mask


Benefits: Egg yolk helps to tighten the skin.

How to Make and Use: Whip the yolk and add other 2 while whipping. Apply the mixture for 20 minutes on skin before washing off.

11. Rose Water-Sandal Face Scrub


Benefits: Sandalwood will lighten the skin and papaya will take care of acne or any other blemishes.

How to Make and Use: Mash the papaya. Make sure to peel the skin before (many farmers use harmful pesticides and fertilizers in their farming routine which get stuck on the peel of fruits and vegetables and do not go wash away without following especial technic). Add the other one by one and mix them. Apply it on the face and scrub for about 10 minutes. Use cold water to wash off.

These methods are not that tough as you can see and surely do not consume a lot of your time or space or requires anything extra. So, do not slack off.

How Can You Be Assured of Your Rosewater Brand?

It is very important and indeed the most important thing to have the best quality of rosewater in your budget in your hand to get the result you are hoping for. The market allows you to choose from various brands and companies. And you have to know what to look for as you pick up your fighter.

When you buy to make sure it says the product is 100% pure. PURITY is what makes the product useful.

Check out for the INGREDIENTS. If there is any additives, preservatives or synthetics just ignore them. They are no good to you.

ROSE PETAL is the key ingredients in the process of making rose water so it is important to have the best of them. Check if they get them locally or from far away. If it is too far then there is doubt about the freshness of the product.

SMELL is a unique feature of everything. From it mere smell you can figure out the quality of the product. So, if possible check out the smell firsthand. What will the smell be like? Rose!

Ask for REVIEWS from trustworthy persons. If someone does rosewater treatment at home and has the desired result then the particular product can be a fine choice. Search through the internet. Today communication is not that hard task.

You can search for the purest of rosewater in HEALTH FOOD STORE or in an equivalent online store. Or check out if there is a trustworthy local manufacturer.

In case you want a slightly ASTRINGENT BLEND but also the perfect rosewater qualities then look into the ones that have glycerin in it. GLYCERIN can impart a little sticky and warm feeling on its application to the skin.

Market Rosewater That You Might Like to Purchase

It is never easy to find a gem. There are so many fakes. And most importantly it kills your precious time and money. It is really a hard job. To make things a bit of easy (sorry couldn’t do much) some short list of good rose water brand is provided. Check out, please.

  1. Alteya Organics organic Bulgarian Rose Water
  2. Teak Naturals ROSEWATER
  3. Artizen 100% Pure & Natural Rose Water
  4. Leven Rose Pure Organic Natural Rose Water
  5. Heritage Store Water-Rosewater


Take these few notes on mind when to get the best of the best

What Else Can Be Done to Treat Dry Skin?

When you have a condition it is wise to keep that in mind when you live your normal life. Unfortunately, many people do not have the luck of living a carefree life. Some are specials with conditions, like dry skin. To treat them well one has to keep in mind always that they have a skin that tends to get dry, flaky and irritating in certain conditions.

Who Else Can Be Benefited from Rosewater Therapy?

Rosewater is an age-old product used for cooking, beauty, rituals, and so on for hundreds of centuries before. Its freshness, smell and benefit have always made it a hot favorite (though it is very cooling). They are many other ways rosewater can help you with.


Rosewater is easily available. It is easy to use. No worry of side effect. And of course, it will not break your bank. So, why not use it and get a skin that will make the jaw drop? There is absolutely no logic in denying this magic. Turn your world around with a swipe.

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