How to Treat Eczema

How to Treat Eczema

Last Updated: February 25, 2017

Eczema may be seen with the symptoms of rashes, irritation, itching, redness, inflammation, redness, allergens, etc. As soon as you doubt that it is eczema, you should go to your doctor or dermatologist. He/she will give you the perfect treatment and solution.

If your eczema is mild, you can treat it at your home by changing you’re some habits and skin care regimen. And if your eczema is severe, you must talk with a dermatologist or a doctor.

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Below, I will show you some tips that will help to treat the mild type of eczema. But, your right skin care procedure will fasten up the whole treatment.How to Treat Eczema

  1. Use Right Soap and Moisturizer

Be careful in using the cleanser or soap if you have mild eczema. The soap must be mild and it does not dry out the skin. Then you should use a moisturizer on the skin. The moisturizer should condition the skin perfectly. The better moisturizers forms are cream, lotion, ointment and oily base. Some good quality mild soaps are:

Apply the moisturizer after taking your bath and reapply once another time. If your eczema is severe, you can add some bleach to the bath water and then take your bath. It will kill eczema causing bacteria. Don’t take a long shower or with hot water. It may dry out your skin.

  1. Manage Your Stress

When your skin is affected by eczema, you need to minimize your stress level because anxiety can increase the effects of eczema. Play outdoor, meet your friends and relative, pass your hobbies, do gardening, paly with your dogs, go to nature or sea beach. Thus, you can manage your anxiety. But, be careful about the sweating. Because sweating may irritate the skin.

  1. Medicines

Your doctors may include the following medications to treat your eczema.

Hydrocortisone: It’s over the counter ointment or cream will help to reduce the mild type eczema. If the disease is severe, your doctor may prescribe the variable doses. You can buy this ointment from

Antihistamines: It’s over the counter taking by mouth may help you from the symptoms of eczema. This medicine may create a drowsy condition. But, it does not matter bigger.

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) Pill: Your doctor may prescribe this pill to reduce the itching of the skin. But, this medicine may create sleepy attitude. So, don’t drive or operate a machine if you take this medicine.

Anti-Itching Lotion: Your doctor may also prescribe some anti-itching lotions, like camphor/menthol/calamine. You have to apply this lotion daily and it will remove the rashes. Some good quality lotions are:

Corticosteroids: When the above medicines did not work, your doctor may prescribe these ones. Follow the directions of your doctor strictly when you are taking steroids by your mouth.

UL Therapy: If your eczema is severe, you can take an ultra-light therapy. It is a modern skin care treatment. But, before taking this, search for the right, professional, and experienced experts who have the good reputation for this treatment.

Some Other Drugs: These drugs will work on the immune system. When the other medicines were not being effective, your dermatologist may consider these medicines, like cyclosporine, methotrexate, or azathioprine.

Medicated Creams: If other treatments did not work, your doctor may also prescribe some medicated creams or ointments that reduce the inflammation and work on the immune system. The creams may be tacrolimus (Protopic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel). And these creams you have to use for short time. As per FDA, “Don’t use these creams for the younger lower than 2 years.”

Medicated Moisturizer: Your doctor may also suggest some prescription-strength moisturizers. These moisturizers mainly do the help of the skin barriers.

  1. These Tips Will Also Help To Cure Eczema Fast

Here you may get some effective ways of treatment to minimize the affection of your eczema. These are some preventions and natural ways. For an example- you may need to control the impact of your allergies.

Stop Allergens: Stop the input of the things that are causing an allergic reaction in your body and on the skin. It is an effective way of triggering the treatment of eczema.

Prevent the Skin from Drying Out: Take the bath with lukewarm water and it will not be more than 10 minutes. Pat the skin dry and use a moisturizer over your whole body. Don’t take the fragrance or scent type of skin care products.

Don’t Do These Things: Stop using the wool or another itching type of clothes. Don’t scratch the rash. If you don’t do that, cover up the rashes with some dressing. Wear gloves at night so that you can minimize the scratching. Avoid sweating because it may irritate the rash. Don’t do the hard exercise that may sweat you.

Do These Things: Eating healthy foods, doing light activities, sleeping 8-9 hours per day, and avoiding mental and physical stress will help to fasten up the treatment procedure of eczema.

Cleanse the Spots: Wash the affected skin with a hypoallergenic soap daily and use a creamy base moisturizer or lotion on the areas. It will reduce the allergic reaction to the skin.

These are all probable ways you can treat your eczema. Don’t expect that it will be okay within one or two days. Take patient, be hygienic and follow your doctor’s prescription.


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