10 Tips to Take Care of Your Lips (Like A Pro) to Keep Them Always Sexy

Updated: September 26, 2019
how to take care of your lips

Who does not want beautiful, pink and juicy lips? I think it is the dream of having plump lips for every girl. How much money do you spend to keep your lips luscious?

But, some simple tips can give you splendid lips and save your money.

Taking care of your lips properly is not hard. You have to just follow a few easy steps. You do not need also expensive products or cosmetics. The natural ingredients at your home can simply be able to take care of your lips. Okay, girls, no more talking. Let’s start:

1. Start Taking Care of Your Lips from MorningHow to take care of your lips

When you brush your teeth at morning, rub your lips also softly with your brush. It will remove the dry skin. So, your lips will look fresh and impurities free. Massaging the lips with the brush increases the blood flow and lips will be red.

Or you can completely exfoliate your lips if you have not exfoliated your lips this week. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells. Thus, lipstick glides evenly and look more beautiful. You can mix one teaspoon of brown sugar with two teaspoons of honey. Rub your lips softly with this mixture for one minute. The sugar reduces dull cells and honey plumps and nourishes the lips.

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Or you can buy lip scrub if you have not much time in the morning. Exfoliate the lips once or twice a week.

2. Now Time to Take VaselineHow to take care of your lips

Apply a light amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your lips. Rub your lips with fingertips politely. Then press your lips with each other for 25 seconds. It ensures that the Vaseline goes over the lips same. Basically, this process gives you soft and moisturized lips. In winter, moisturizing the lips is more important. (Vaseline on Amazon)

Or you can also apply a lip balm. In buying lip balms, consider the natural or organic ones. The ingredients should be shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, coconut oil, etc. Don’t use the balms that are rich in artificial fragrance, flavors, and tints. Also, put a lip balm in your vanity bag to use it whenever you feel dry lips.

3. Apply Lipstick after Moistening Your LipsHow to take care of your lips

The pink, red or nude color lipstick goes well with all types of skin. Apply your favorite color. Now kiss on the back of your hand to reduce the excessive lipstick shades. If you want gorgeous lips, read how to apply lipstick perfectly.

Some best-selling lipsticks (we always recommend):

4. A Good Lip Gloss May Be Now A Good GlowHow to take care of your lips

Apply a thick lip gloss. It makes your lips shining. Press two lips for 25 seconds to ensure the absorption of lip gloss equally. Lip gloss also keeps the lips soft and smooth. Nowadays, many women don’t like wearing lip gloss (because lipsticks are now moisturizing). Match the gloss with the color of your lipstick.

5. What Can Be Done Now?How to take care of your lips

Well. Now look at the mirror and smile, and observe how you are looking with this lip look. These tips are simple but will give you a sound pout (BF will like it).

And if any extra color is out of the lips, remove this carefully with a tissue or you can use a concealer to match this extra color to your skin.

6. Time to Step Out

Okay girls, now you are ready to go outside. Smile freely and startle your friends. I am sure, now your friends want to know how you made your lips so attractive.

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Not finished right now. Several important tips are left yet. While staying outside if you feel to take care of your lips, be ready always to do the following things:

7. Keep Tissue, Vaseline, Lip Gloss, Lipstick……….How to take care of your lips

When you ready to step out, keep the above cosmetics close to you. It helps you in emergent movement. Go to fresh room and soak a folding tissue into the water. Then squeeze the tissue and rub it onto the lips to cleanse off them. It also moistens them. Now repeat the above tips 2 to 4. Again your lips will be alive with freshness.

After coming back home, you have to again take care of your lips. See the steps below:

8. Wash Your FaceHow to take care of your lips

Wash your face by splashing. You feel much comfort and relax if the water is a little bit cool. It gives you a freshness. During washing your face, just rub your lips with your fingertips softly. It will get rid of dry skin cells of the lips if have some.

9. Now Take Vaseline Slightly

It is your time to relax at home with family members. So, no need to take any lip products. Just apply some Vaseline like the above way. Enjoy your time watching TV, gossiping with family members and enjoy dinner. And, leave a slight amount of moisturizer on your lips before sleeping. Actually, it is the main product to take care of your lips.

As a moisturizer, I always suggest Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. It is more than natural.

10. Then What?

Just before going to sleep, take some moisturizer on the lips. It gives your lips all necessary nutrients over the night that actually keep your lips peppy across the whole day. I don’t suggest to take any artificial moisturizer because it does not affectionate as like as natural moisturizer.

Buy honey from Amazon

So, what you can do. Just simple, look for around your kitchen. Oh my God! Here is honey in your kitchen. Nothing is as ideal as honey to moisturize your lips. Take a few drops of honey and apply to the lips. Now pat your lips gently with your fingertips. And leave some fresh honey on the lips over the night. Your lips absorb the moisturizer from the honey over the night. At morning repeat from the tip #1.

Honey is also my favorite item with oats, milk, and pomegranate. This mixture is just delicious and also has lots of health benefits. You can taste it.

More Tips to Get Smooth, Supple, and Bigger Lips

  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if you plan to move in the sun. You can use SPF rich lip balm. It will protect your lips from the sun rays and also keep the lips moisturized at the same time.
  • In winter, try to not use lipstick. If lipstick, use moisturizing ones. It will smoothe the lips and also makes them colored.
  • Take lots of water to hydrate the skin from inside.
  • Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods. Good foods mean you have good skin.
  • If you have dark lips, mix some honey and lemon juice and rub your lips for one minute. It will reduce the dark patches of the lips.
  • Before sleeping, remove the lipstick.
  • Frequently (every 2 hours) use lip balm if your lips are dry prone or it is winter.
  • Switch on your humidifier to keep the air moisturized that will soften your lips.
  • Sometimes you can mash some rose petals and apply it on the lips. Rose petals will add a pink color to the lips.
  • Apply coconut oil to moisturize the lips. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidant that removes wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Don’t cover your lips always with lipstick. When you stay at home, keep your lips bare so that they can breathe.

Make Your Lips Real Pout & Be Confident

yes, ladies, those are all. Hope, if you follow the above tips, you can easily enjoy nourished and plump lips all the day. Don’t forget to share these ideas with others.

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  1. Awesome post. Your tips are very helpful to me as my lips look dry after putting the lipstick. After reading your post I got to know the mistake which I was doing that is I was not applying vaseline to my lips. Keep sharing such useful beauty tips.


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