How to Remove Dark Lips

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
how to remove dark lips

Removing dark lips does not matter. The darkness of the lips can be reduced in different ways, including natural ingredients, products or treatment, especially cosmetic procedure or laser treatment. Home remedies are immensely good to look after your lips. If you think of the long run effective result, you must apply natural or home stuff.

Furthermore, natural components do not harm the lips in any way, rather they are highly devoted to the skin care. So, if you ask me how to remove dark lips, my straight answer is, use home remedies and get cured.

Smoking, taking more tea or coffee, sun exposure, hyperpigmentation, dryness, rough weather like the cold or dry wind, not taking care of the lips rightly and many other reasons are responsible for building darkness on your lips. To remove darkness will be easy if you can identify the reason.

How to Remove Dark Lips

I will introduce some efficient home remedies that will help you to get rid of the discoloration on your lips. Moreover, I will give you some usable tips to remove your black lips.

5 Best Home Remedies

You will find the real healings in the natural or home ingredients to lighten your lips. Home remedies are also full of natural nutrients that are completely healthy for the lip’s sensitive skin. Anyway, take a view of them:

1. Lemon JuiceHow to Remove Dark Lips

Some strong bleaching forms are found in lemon juice that is absolutely powerful to vanish away the spots or dirt from the skin. Rub your lips with lemon juice for a while (3 minutes) with the fingertips gently. Then use clean water to wash the lips. You will lighten lips if you continue this home remedy daily two times, one morning and another night.

2. Cucumber SliceHow to Remove Dark Lips

Cucumber is a soothing and cooling agent alongside bleaching feature for the skin. Especially, it is an ideal element for removing darkness under the eyes and from the lips. I have to work a long time in front of the computer. So, I apply cucumber slice on my eyes to make my eyes cool. Scrub your black lips with a cucumber slice for several minutes. If you put the cucumber slice in the refrigerator for 25 minutes, you will get bland lips also.

3. Rose Petals and Milk CreamHow to Remove Dark Lips

You may have heard, milk and rose petals work amazingly to polish the skin. The age-old women would use rose petals and milk while they were taking their bath. These components nourish, make the skin mildly and enhance the skin sensitivity. Blend in some rose petals and jumble a little amount of milk cream with it. Mix up these two ingredients properly to get a natural solution. Apply this paste onto your dark lips. With a piece of tissue, pat your lips just for 3-4 minutes. Use another tissue to wipe your lips off. Eventually, you will get pink colored lips within a few minutes. This home remedy is basically one of the most powerful natural ways to lighten lips fast. You can apply it on various occasions. You can read the following article:

Get pink lips within 5 minutes with rose, milk, mint leaves, and honey

4. BeetrootHow to Remove Dark Lips

Bright color, bleaching, and soothing agents reside in beetroot juice. Smash a beetroot by a blender. Apply this natural stuff on the lips and let it stay on the lips across the night. The lips suck the beetroot juice and get plump, nourished and bright. Removing dark lips is possible within 3-4 months if you polish your lips with beetroot.

5. Honey (buy honey from Amazon)
How to Remove Dark Lips

Honey is my recipe. I apply pure honey on my lips before heading for the bed. I massage my lips softly. Then I leave some honey onto the lips throughout the whole night. The next day, I will get super moisturized lips because honey is one of the most incredible natural moisturizers for the skin. See the following tips if you want more splendid and silky skin:

Honey enhances the beauty of your skin unbelievably

The above natural ways are most renowned for removing dark lips. There are also many other home remedies, like olive oil, almond oil, raspberries, etc.

Follow Some Tips

In addition, you should obey some tips if you want a fast and reliable procedure to remove your dark lips. See them below:

Stop SmokingHow to Remove Dark Lips

Smoking is a major problem to express your beauty, especially if you are a girl. It is also harmful to men’s lips. It leaves stains on your teeth and lips. Dark spots are very noticeable signs if you are a pure smoker. For lack of consciousness, the dark spots on the lips may pose bigger problems in the future. So, it is very urgent to treat your dark lips from smoking, whether you are men or women. See the following article:

Some reliable ways to lighten dark lips from smoking

Exfoliate Your LipsHow to Remove Dark Lips

Exfoliation erases the dirt, dead skin, dry/flaky skin, discoloration and other impurities from the lips. So, lips look pretty, bright and plain. Exfoliation also nourishes and keeps the lips moisturized if you scrub your lips with natural products. Don’t exfoliate your lips more than once a week. In the following article, I have given some fruitful, natural ingredients to scrub your lips. If any components raise discomfort, like itching or scaling on your lips, you should skip them.

Read Also: How to Exfoliate Your Lips Naturally

Use Good Quality LipsticksHow to Remove Dark Lips

Don’t use cheap, expired and so-called products onto your lips. Erase makeups from the lips before going to bed. The products made with dependable, safe and natural stuff are always good for skin care. Lipsticks may cause darkness on your lips if you apply it always. Better to use lipstick or any cosmetics if necessary. You can keep your face and lips naked during staying home. And, this time, is mainly for tidying up your lips with various home components.

See some quality lipsticks below:

Proper Care for Your LipsHow to Remove Dark Lips

Your lips expect the right attention to be fleshy. It does not take more time to look after your lips. Just need your tendency to look your lips. Besides, you don’t need costly elements for enhancing your lip’s health. Look for around your kitchen, you will get some home stuff that is very careful with skin care. I have written a piece of text to polish the lips. See it below:

How to take care of your lips easily, at home without costly cosmetics

Give up Your Bad HabitsHow to Remove Dark Lips

Some of your furious habits continuously hurt your lips, including taking lots of caffeine (tea/coffee, over 5 cups a day), smoking, licking lips, mouth breathing, drinking less water, etc. Please guys, as soon as possible pass up your bad habits. Drink 10 glasses of water a day, not more than 3 cups of coffee or tea. Eat a balanced diet and lots of natural vegetables and fruits because they help to give you fluid skin.

Laser for Dark Lips

If you have inherited your dark lips from birth, you can use permanent treatment, like laser solution. Because, home remedies, in this case, may not lighten your lips properly. You can get just healthy lips by using home remedies. But, we don’t recommend for laser treatment.

Hi, ladies all are finished. I suggest treating your lips with home remedies. Follow the tips I have described above. Don’t forget to scrub your lips once per week. Then, it is no time to remove dark lips.

Share your ideas about how to remove dark lips. Your tips may also help others and I appreciate your comment.


  1. Thank you so much for replying! Can I put 3 cucumber slices a week because I don’t have honey right now? The blackness is on my lips and there is a BLACK circle around my lips. And I have light brown nipples, how can I change the color by cucumber slices? And can I use coconut oil instead for the lips?

    • Hi Zainab,
      Hope, passing great.

      Cucumber is great but it can dry out the skin of your lips and nipples. Lemon juice also dries out the skin but it is mixed with honey and rose petals, so it will have less impact of dryness.

      Better if you collect honey. Honey is great for skin lightening and it also moisturizes the skin much. You can use the above recipes both on lips and nipples.


  2. Is it ok to apply Vaseline everyday because my lips are dry? And I lick my lips a lot, so a black circle formed around my lips. What should I do?

    • Hello Zainab,
      Thanks for your question.

      yea, licking is a bad habit to darken and damage the lips. If you can keep your lips always, you dont feel to lick your lips. Often you can use Vaseline but it will be better if you use a natural lip balm always. Or you can also use olive oil on the lips sometimes. Whenever your lips feel dryness, just apply the lip balm or olive oil.

      Your lips will back in its natural color if you stop those bad habits.

      You can also use some natural ingredients like rose petals, lemon juice, and honey. Mix one teaspoon of honey, few rose petals mashed, and 1-2 drops of lemon juice altogether. Apply it on the lips for 15 minutes. Do it 3 times a week. It will lighten the lips also.

      Best of luck


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