15 Natural Treatments to Remove Dark Lips Fast and Easily (Regain Pink Lips)

Using home remedies, SPF lip balm, lip lightening creams and maintaining some lip care tips will give you bright lips within few days.

Updated: September 26, 2019
How to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Nobody wants dark lips because it decreases the core beauty of the appearance. Lips can be dark for two reasons- from birth or you can achieve dark lips from smoking or sunburned. Natural dark lips that you got from your birth you cannot lighten those lips, just polish them.

But, the lips that you acquired dark you can brighten those lips if you can know what actually caused your lips dark. The following reasons may darken your lips:

Smoking, sunburns, windburns, dry or chapped lips, dead skin cells, aging, hormonal imbalance, cosmetics reactions, huge lipstick use habit, not removing lipstick before sleeping, taking excess caffeine like tea or coffee, not taking care of your lips properly, etc. Read all reasons for dark lips.

You have already spent lots of money for products to remove your dark lips, but you could not lighten your them.

Sometimes products are not able to give you pinkish lips. So, you need to take care of your lips properly.  There are many home remedies or natural ingredients that you can use to remove your dark lips fast. Home remedies are effective, natural, and do not harm the sensitive skin like lips. Besides, I suggested some lip care tips, SPF lip balms, and creams that will be helpful for you.

15 best home remedies to remove dark lips fast and naturally. These DIY ways have no side effects. Trust on…

1. Avoid UV Sun RaysHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

If you move more in the sun rays, you must notice melanin growth on your skin, especially lips, hands and face as these parts are almost bare. Melanin gradually creates pigments, so your lips become dark or brown. Try to go less in the sun.

If need, apply sunscreen or sun safety like a lip balm with minimum SPF 15. Wearing a cap can also protect your face from the sun. For lack of care, even you may notice dark spots on your lips. It becomes more severe for a beautiful appearance. Some popular SPF lip balms are:

2. Use Lemon JuiceHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Lemon is a good way to remove dark lips fast. It comes with amazing bleaching properties that gradually fades darkness from the skin. The vitamin C in lemon juice mainly whitens the dark lips. You can apply lemon juice once a day. After applying, massage your lips with the fingertips. It eliminates impurities from the lips too. So, lips look bright and plain.

3. Stop SmokingHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

If you are a man, you might have discoloration on your lips from smoking. Nowadays, women are also smoking. Smoking leaves stains on your lips and teeth. It also creates black spots on the lips. The only way to remove dark lips from smoking is to stop smoking as soon as possible.

You can see a complete guide about how to remove dark lips fast from smoking or you can read ‘Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking‘. This book will help you to quit smoking naturally.

4. HoneyHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Honey (Buy honey on Amazonis one of the greatest natural moisturizers for skin. It nourishes, softens, and soothes the skin. Honey also gives a hint of brightness on your lips. Apply pure honey on your lips. Soak a small soft cotton ball in honey. Then rub your lips with it for 3 or 4 minutes. Leave some honey on the lips across the night. Wash off your face in the morning and enjoy moisturized pinkish lips

[ Read Also: Some effective DIY ways to treat dry lips with honey ]

5. Use Rose Petals and MilkHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Rose is a sophisticated treatment for skin care. From the time immemorial, it has been used for different healing and beauty care. It works surprisingly to get rid of black lips. Rose consists of moisturizing, soothing, cooling and brightening properties. It makes your lips mild and gives a rosy tint to your lips so that lips will be looked moisturized and rosy.

Mash up some rose petals and mix some milk with it. Massage this mixer with a tissue onto your lips for 4 minutes. Then wipe your lips off with another tissue. You can do it daily before going out because it retains the pinkish color for a longer period of time. You can also read how to lighten dark lips rapidly with rose and milk.

6. Exfoliate Your LipsHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Exfoliation is a nice way to remove darkness, dry or chapped skin, dead cells and other dirt or impurities from the lip skin. So, lips normally become pink and beautiful. You should not exfoliate your lips, not more than 2 times a week. You can exfoliate your lips in several ways. Such as:

Take some honey and granulated sugar. Mix them properly. Apply these ingredients on the lips and pat your lips gently for one minute. Then rinse off your face. Read in detail- how to exfoliate lips with home remedies

You can coat your lips with honey or petroleum jelly before sleeping. At morning rub your lips with your toothbrush while cleaning your teeth. It will also get rid of the dead skin cells from the lips.

Or you can use readymade scrubs to exfoliate your lips. There are lots of quality exfoliators for lips. It is easy to use those scrubs and you won’t need to invest a single minute in preparing that. Some good lip scrubs are:

7. BeetrootHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Beetroot is an amazing home remedy to remove dark lips. It is rich with natural bleaching agents and also has great reddish color. It doesn’t only break down the hyper-pigmentation from the lips, but also offer reddish tone on the lips. Blend some beetroot slices and apply them on the lips throughout the night. Your lips absorb the juice. In the morning, wash off your lips and see your moisturized reddish lips.

8. Don’t Let Your Lips DryHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Dryness causes darkness on the lips. Apply some glycerin on the lips before sleeping at night. Rub your lips softly and notice the dry or chapped skin are being removed from your lips. You can also use any good lip balm made with dry protective ingredients. Be aware of the cold weather. Drink lots of water, eat fresh fruits and green vegetables. You can also read- how to treat dry cracked lips.

9. Lip Lightening CreamHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

There are many kinds of lip lightening creams in the shop or online market. You can use them to remove your dark lips. We saw Laetitia and Lip Lite work well to get rid of black lips. Laetitia is a Philippine-based lip lightening cream. It may be one of the most popular lip creams. You can try it. Lip Lite Lip Lightening Cream is Indian No-01 cream. It is also a better one.

Read their reviews below:

10. Treatment for Dark Lips

Nowadays, plastic surgery has been much popular for beauty care. Especially, laser treatment or intensive light therapy is mostly used by people to repair their appearance. Now many people are opting for laser treatment for dark lips. You can see its details – Laser treatment for dark lips

11. Take Less CaffeineHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Tea and coffee are most popular caffeine. Do you know these also cause darkness on your lips if you take more than 5 cups per day? Try to take 2 or 3 cups of tea or coffee a day. If not necessary, don’t have them. I personally take only two cups of coffee or tea a day.

12. Check Out Your CosmeticsHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

If you have used lipsticks for a longer period of time, you can be affected by discolored lips. If you don’t wipe off your makeup from the lips before sleeping, it may also cause darkness on your lips.

Common, old or cheap cosmetics are also liable to create blackness. Don’t coat your lips with lipstick if not urgent. Remove cosmetics from lips at night. Only use the high branded and costly cosmetics made with safe and natural ingredients.

13. Use Coconut OilHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Using coconut oil (buy it on Amazon) will also help to lighten and soften your dark lips. Coconut oil contains some essential fatty contents that hydrate, smoothe out and moisturize the dry chapped lips. And smooth lips always look glowing and pink.

Take some pure coconut oil. Apply onto the lips. Rub the lips with your fingertips for one minute and let the coconut oil stay. Do it several times a day. Or you can put some coconut oil on the dry lips before going to the bed at night. It will replenish the lips.

14. Use Aloe VeraHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Use aloe Vera gel to remove dark lips fast. Aloe Vera gel is rich in some polyphenolic compounds that inhibit the production of darkness. Thus, aloe Vera helps to brighten the lips. Put some aloe Vera gel on the lips and give some minutes to dry it. Then rinse off your lips and use a lip balm. You can do it daily just once. Aloe Vera also makes the lips rejuvenated and healthy with its potent nutrients.

15. Use Apple Cider VinegarHow to Remove Dark Lips Fast

Apple cider vinegar (buy it on Amazon) is an amazing home remedy that you can use to reduce the hyperpigmentation of your lips. Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids, so it works like a mild acid that mainly helps to break down the darkening process on the lips. Take one teaspoon of water and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix them well. Rub it onto the lips with a cotton ball. After 10 minutes, just rinse off the lips and apply a lip balm. Follow it once a day.

More Tips and Warnings for Removing Dark Lips

  • Avoid using apple cider vinegar for a longer period of time as its acidic substances can damage, burn or dry out the skin. Same goes for the lemon juice.
  • You can also use baking soda, beetroot juice, carrot juice, pomegranate juice, olive oil, cucumber, rose water, potatoes slices, tomatoes etc. as home remedies.
  • Keep your lips always moisturized to get soft pink lips forever.
  • Use the humidifier in your spaces in the winter to keep the air moist that also will keep your skin moistened.

Don’t worry, ladies! These are the best tips and home remedies on how to remove dark lips fast. Use the home remedies regularly. And hope, you will have soft pinkish lips soon. But, remember if your lips are dark from birth or naturally,  you might not remove those dark lips.

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  1. Recently I put a lemon on my lip to make my lips pinker but it actually made my lips very dark purple/black & I don’t know what to do to get them back pink. I’ve tried turmeric & milk, cucumbers, potatoes & even fading cream. Please help me I’m in desperate need of help.

    • Hi,
      Rose petals and milk cream work better. Milk softens the lips and rose lightens up them. Or you can also use lemon juice and honey. This combination also works better.


  2. hii
    Yes i Do smoke but but not that much,

    As hv tried each and everything to get Pigmentation off my lips for so many time and with as per different suggestion but i failed in output. please suggest me what to do as in DEC m having my photo shoot.. due to my lips darkness i postponed it for after 3 month so that i can recover it very fast.

    Also please note : Its quite funny but whatever i did that cost me around 3k to 4k only for lip balms an all

    Please help and advise for the positive remedies


    • Hi Sufi,
      As you have tried many things already, and you did not get pretty pink lips; now I think you should consult with a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. May be you can get a better advice.


  3. I followed doctors prescription. but problem produced like itching, darkness around the lip. so I avoided that medicines. right now I just taking Vitamin containing fruits like Orange and Pineapple. I am applying lemon and honey mixture around the lip.

  4. I dont know, few month ago, slowly slowly the lower lip line became dark and below lower lip area also dark.
    i dont know the reason, doctor pescribed me and said that due to vitamin deficiency, it was happened. I applied all Ointments. but no relief.
    give some suggestions

    • Hi Poonam,
      It is real that lack of vitamin deficiency can cause dark skin like dark lips. Hope, if your follow your doctor prescription, then it will be okay.


  5. hello everyone
    My lower lip area became Black and one dark lip line appeared. I took the treatment, but no relief.
    Please give me some suggestions.

    • Hi,
      Can you tell me please why your lips became dark?

      Then I can give you some suggestions and hope, it will help you to lighten your dark patches from the lips.


      • Yea, Biotique Whitening Lip Balm is a good quality product to moisturize and brighten the lips. It can be used in all seasons of the year.


  6. I’ve been having dark lips for a week now and have tried lemon and honey but it doesn’t work what shoild I do?

    • Hi,

      Can your tell me why your lips have been dark for one week?

      Then I give you the suggestion.

  7. Hi paoli,
    Thank you so much for your valuable tips…. Its made me change and confodence in personal care.


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