How to Make Bath Bombs at Home: Easy DIY Hacks

Updated: September 25, 2019
how to make bath bombs at home

If you keep an eye on beauty world and luxurious items for the living then you may have come across the word bath bombs (yeah those weird round things). Those colorful things are now slowly but gradually turning into a thing of the time (they do look great maybe weird but great and the smell…..)

They make a great companion on a relaxing bath day. After a tiring worrisome tough life, a bath bomb in your bath can be really helpful. They will surely make your day with its colors, fragrances, and the fizzes, bubbles! Yay! Fairy tale!

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Bath bombs are really fancy and somewhat beautiful but that does not stop my girl (or boy) from having a bomb bath. Here is how to make cheap and easy bath bombs filling up to make bath bombs at home

What Is A Bath Bomb?

Come down! Do not panic. The situation is under control. These bombs are not the bombs that explode with a bang and knocks out everything in the way.

Bath bomb bursts out bubbles and knocks you out with a beautiful color combo and fantastic fragrance. Bath bombs are a hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients that effervesces in contact with water. Bath bombs are infused with essential oils, color, and scent. They give you an exotic bath experience. Surely, you will feel heavenly.

Why Purchase A Bomb For A Bath?

Very smart question actually. Why the hell do we need a bath bomb? We have body wash, moisturizers, soaps and loads of other cosmetic products for keeping ourselves beautiful and healthy. And some of you may also do special rose petal milk bath or essential oil bath once in a while. So why? The answer is simple and very simple of logic too. Actually, it is quite innocent. You can buy it just for the sake of the fun and pamper yourself. And nothing else.

I mean imagine frizzy bubbly water with enchanting color and fragrance in your bath while bathing……….. is not it just wow? Who will not love a boost of colors and food smell on a day off or at night after a busy bath or at night before…… you know? It is just so amazing!

Why You Make Them At Home?

The answer is simple here too. No. 1: Cheap, homemade-feeling! A ball can cause you up to 20 dollars or something and you don’t have much choice in it. But, if you are making home then you can make a whole week supply for you and family with adding a few more bucks and can do anything, any color any smell. Anything!

No. 2: They make great gifts for everyone. Be it male or female, someone younger than you or older than you. Someone close or you have just met, your junior-senior everyone will like it and appreciate it.

No. 3: You can start your own small business in the house by providing the society with a beautiful bath! Simple as that.

How Is A Bath Bomb Created?

A bath bomb is no rocket science, just a combination of few chemicals. Most chemicals will be found at your nearest drug store or maybe even at your own place. The primary ingredients of a bath bomb are a weak acid and a bicarbonate base. Together when dry they stay idly doing nothing in harmony but in water they are fierce. They react vigorously and dissolve in water producing frizz on its way for a quite a good time.

Let’s skip the reaction as most of the people are not interested but if you want that go for Wikipedia or ask Google, they know everything.

Bath bombs are generally found spherical but manufacturers have brought various shapes, size, color, and fragrance in stores. They will satisfy your senses in every way possible, your bath time will surely be a fun time, a time that you will await every day.

Things to Know Very Well before Starting Making Bath Bombs at Homehow to make bath bombs at home

This is a complete chemical process so you have to be very careful and have to keep many factors in check. As slightest things can turn out the whole thing into a bubbly mass right on the top of your counter.

If you want to make your own batch of DIY bath bombs then pick up a day that is sunny and not raining or has not got a lot of moist in the air. As the moisture in the air will get absorbed in your mixture and will ruin your work. It is very important to take care of the weather first.

The ingredients are very effective and react with water to contact. So, be careful when you work with it. Don’t spray the water in it. It will intrigue reaction in different places at same time. It is better to slowly pour in the water and give it a whisk quick.

When you add the liquid part in the dry ingredients, you have to be real careful there. Add a little amount at a time and stir continuously as you add in. Stir fast and at a stretch (think of zombies, that they will attack you if you stop) so that the liquid does not stay at one place and blends in together. Stir until the whole mixture in blended well.

You also have to store them in a dry place so that the balls don’t start reacting. Use them up soon. Keeping them will build up moisture in them and it will not work as good. A week is the best time of using them.

A little bit of color is enough as no matter how much you add in the dry ingredients the color will not deepen but will only have a fade effect. So, it is a waste to add in more colors in hopes of brightening it. It is a matter of lightness. On the other hand, if you use too much color then your tub and as well as you can get colored. So, be careful.

If the bath bombs do not come out, intact as a whole and keep on breaking it means the mixture lacks water. So, add a few more drops and try again. Don’t worry it can be made again after crumbling the remaining half broken half stuck bath bomb balls.

If you want, you may wear gloves in hands. And when you pick up colors, make sure they are non-toxic, non-staining and water soluble. You can also use food colorings.

DIY Bath Bombs

While making bath bombs you will need two sets of different ingredients well and pre-pared on you working table for the bombs to turn out nice and effective.

Tools You Need

The gadgets needed for making a bath bomb is almost the same. The list is very short too.

  • Bowls
  • Whisk
  • Bath bomb moldshow to make bath bombs at home
  • Jar

Make sure the bowls and jars are dry. The jar has a place to breathe air, very ventilated. As for molds, there are more than a few options. You can buy them in stores, can use two same size bowls found at home and make a sphere, can use silicon trays, Christmas spherical snapping together type ornaments, can use plastic wrap means anything is an okay as long as it can hold the mixture tightly and form a definite shape. The point here to make perfect non-breaking bath bombs are they are closely packed and have bold edges. Anything defined or sharp or too much (like a star) will break the bombs. Blunt is good (like a heart).

Chemicals and Fun Staff

The bombs follow a very simple rule. They just need to do a simple reaction. And you only need to provide the fuel. Everything else is optional.

The difference or the fun is in the color and smell. It is up to us what we want and that is when the difference is made. You can make thousands of varieties the way you want. As for here, we are trying just to give a brief insight into the world of exquisite bath bombs.

1. The Most Easy and Common One


How to Make: In a bowl take all the dry ingredients and with the help of the whisk mix them well. Make sure they are evenly spread. Then in another separate container take all the liquid items. It is up to you what kind of essential oil and color you want to use (we will discuss it later). You can also lessen the water and add oil. You can make a combo of various essential oils and even replace olive oil or add another one.

It is completely up to your choice and preference. These ingredients will not hamper the process. They are mainly for the flavor and the fun. When the liquids are mixed well slowly, add them in the dry ingredients. A little at a time. Mix fast as you add. When the whole mixture is mixed and colored, take the mold and pack it with the mixture. Fill it up a lot to the brim and pack tightly.

You have to be quicker on the hand so that you finish packing all the mixtures before it dries out completely. If not they will not stick and come out intact. Keep the molds in a dry place overnight or refrigerate it for 6 hours or so. Once done hit on the mold softly and the bomb will come out. Store them in a dry jar.

You can also alter and add new things. Following the above style, you can alter it a bit.

For example, if you do not have Epsom salt, sea salt will do too. Adding cornstarch or arrowroot will do too. Adding cornstarch gives off a silky texture. Arrowroot does not but it is good for skin. The proportion could be:

  • 1 cup baking soda (Buy it from Amazon)
  • ½ cup citric acid
  • ½ cup sea salt
  • ¾ cup cornstarch
  • 2Tbsp oil
  • 2Tsp water/witch hazel/rosewater (Buy it from Amazon)
  • 30-40 drops essential oils
  • 1Tsp vanilla extract or more water/witch hazel/rosewater

The procedure is the same as before.

2. Bath Bombs Without The Citric Acid

You may not want to use it or found any citric acid near you, in that case, it is replaceable. Cream of tartar can be same as fun.

  • 2 cups cream of tartar (Buy it from Amazon)
  • 1-2Tbsp of oil
  • 1-2Tbsp food coloring
  • Few drops essential oil
  • 1Tbsp water

It also goes the same way. First, mix all the dry ingredients. Cream of Tartar may sound liquid or cream (!) but it is not. It is completely a dried powder. Then slowly and constantly add the liquid mix. Easy-peasy (?!).

Make Them Funhow to make bath bombs at home

Bath bombs are not only to nourish your skin while bathing but is also for fun and relaxing. Colors and fragrance of your bath bombs will lift your mood and make you forget all the sorrows of the world. For nourishing your skin, you can add various types of skin nourishing oils and water.

Baking soda and citric acid are not skin irritant because it gets diffused in a whole lot of water. So, rest assured there.

When it comes to oil, any natural oil is acceptable. The oil will get in your bath and will nourish your skin with its quality. Any oil coconut, olive, vitamin E, grape seed or literally any oil for skin will do. You can even try out butter like cocoa, Shea, mango. The choice is yours.

If plain water is not fun enough try mixing witch hazel or rose water. They are good too and really helpful to the skin.

When it comes to essential oil, there is only one thing you have to take care of that is its amount. As you know they typically not harmful but at a limited amount. And also people with any conditions, sensitive skin and pregnancy must consult with a doctor or skin specialist.

Colors as said before be careful with its grade. You can try mixing various colored mixture for making it more fun. Add colors matching your essential oil so that gives off the distinct feeling or make people go confused by totally alternating them. For example, for lemon essential oil instead of using green or yellow color try using blue or purple. Is not it fun?!

You know you can also add toys or ornament in it to make it fancy. They make beautiful gift item too. Pick a small toy or ornament like a plastic flower keep it inside or poking out on the surface and make balls with it.

Hey boys! A suggestion for you. If you want to surprise your girl or propose her why not trying bath bombs for her with the ring or any gift in it. Just make sure it does not get washed away in the drain. That’s up to you to think.

You can also add dried herbs and petals. Like lavender, rosemary, thyme or rose petal to make it look fancier. Do not get carried away here and add too much as it will break the balls.

So explore, mix and blend make your own signature bath bombs and wow yourself or the world!

How To Use A Bath Bomb?

Again it is not a rocket science or you need any other things to tag along with it. It is that when you are about to bath in your bathtub fill it with water, watch the temperature. Make it suitable to your tolerance and when you are about to hop in it take a bomb and drop it. “Boy don’t mind I’m droppin da bomb”. These balls are for sheer fun. You don’t want to get up with colorful stains on your body. If you use more than 3 or 4, it will not only stain your body but will also stain the tub. Then you will have more things to do in hands. So, depending on the size of the bombs use them wisely.

Bath Bomb Safety

It is a safe thing basically. If the ingredients used in it are safe, confused? Okay, here is the catch. It is safe when the things inside are safe and it is not if the things are not. At that light, it can be also said that homemade bath bombs are not only safe but also nourishing than of the most found in stores. In homemade bath bombs, we use oils that are fresh and organic, the color that is safe for skin, acid and baking soda in regulated amount and any other thing going in it and the whole process is supervised by us. Baking soda is something used widely in skin care. It has a very good name and fame.

So, that is not a matter of a headache. Citric acid may intrigue some health issue but that is not a problem because it is used too little considering the amount of water (one ball per bath). The smell and color that the ball gives in the bath origins from a safe source that is suitable for the skin, so it is safe. Cream of tartar used in an alternative process is also good for skin and antibacterial. So, they fight to make bath bombs at home

Whereas, bath bombs that are purchased from the stores may contain harmful chemicals at times. Especially, artificial food dyes and synthetic scents. They get directly absorbed into your bloodstream through your veins. They then can be accountable for various diseases including cancer. Horrifying isn’t it? But, this is the case of various products that you use on skin and consume. There are people with no moral. This is also a reason why you should make your own bath bombs and other skin products. So, you can say it also a reason why you should make your own bath bombs.

Some Beautiful Bath Bombs That You May Purchase From Stores

These balls of exotic pleasure and splendid smell are all too available in the market and online stores. They come in various shape, size, fragrance, and style. There is a variety of bath bombs that you can explore every day in the bath.

If not sure of using a bomb in your bath, yet try out these products and feel your mood lifting as the fizz comes up.

Molds to Buy

If you want professional molds of various sizes or need something fancy to break out of the constant round ball shape there is option for them too. Lots of shapes and sizes to choose from!


Bath bombs as you may have figured out by now are a thing of sheer pleasure and fun. They are to pamper yourself and to spread a smile across those lips. Make them for yourself or make them for others they go all the way. Make your own signature bath bombs and wow your friends and relatives. Make your girl melt on the knees.

How We Pick The Product

We recommend products by researching Amazon best-selling items, user’s reviews, YouTube reviews, talk show interviews, higher rated products, most reviewed items, celebrity gossip, daily publications, and magazine interviews with celebrity, dermatologist or doctor.

We research the product’s literature from the trusted sources. We frequently refer many leading publications – Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Best Reviews, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Vouge, Buzzfeed, etc.

We also often analysis the product’s information from the reliable sources (who make the deep testing) like Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, Consumer Reports, Consumer Testing Laboratories, etc.

It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. The result may be varied for different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


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