How to Lighten Dark Nipples with Home Remedies

Updated: September 26, 2019
how to lighten dark nipples with home remedies
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Nipple color varies from women to women. It basically depends on the genetic situation or hereditary. If your skin is bright/fair, your nipples generally become fair. If your skin is dark, brown or black, your nipples normally become brown or dark. The South-Asian women have usually dark nipples. The African women have black nipples as usual.

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What Causes Dark Nipples

Some facts may also darkness the color around your nipples (that known as areolas). Of course, darkening nipples is simple and it gets back its colors after those facts gone away.

Menstruation, Aging, Pregnancy, After having a baby, Breastfeeding, Chafing of the skin, Various medications, Puberty, etc. See all reasons for dark nipples and areolas

Some Interesting Facts about Nipples and Areolas

Many men like more darker nipples of the women than the pink/fair ones. That’s why; Some women keep their nipples dark/brown or they dye them with darkness.

About 12 % of white women in the USA like brow nipples. They think, darker nipples are more appealing. But, most of the women like to have bright, red or pinkish nipples.

The best home remedies for dark nipples

Home remedies are basically more effective to lighten nipples naturally. Just look over your kitchen and you will find many cures for your dark nipples.

By using vitamin C, mulberry extract, and lactic acid, you can lighten your dark nipples easily. These natural elements fade away the dead dark skin cells and lighten the color of the skin around nipples.

Arbutin is a good remedy to remove the darkness of the nipples. It inhibits the growth of melanin by removing the tyrosinase, known as an enzyme that helps to produce melanin.

Haven’t you found any more ingredients in your home to treat your dark nipples? Just get into your kitchen. Orange, cucumber, avocados, honey, and milk are very usable to exfoliate and brighten dark nipples or areolas.

Vitamin C containing home remedies work great to lighten dark skin. Vitamin C prevents the production of pigments. Besides, it is an antioxidant that makes the skin healthy. You can use orange or lemon juice on your dark nipples. Gradually, you will discover pink nipples. Don’t use if it irritates your skin. Vitamin C containing ingredients may also dry out the skin. So, use some moisturizer afterward.

The Licorice extract is another great remedy for dark skin, like lips, nipples, vaginal areas, etc. You can use both it’s hot or cold root extracts. Boil some licorice powder in 150 ml pure water for 10 minutes. You can mix some lemon juice with it for getting better-lightened nipples

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  • During home remedies, be careful about the balance of the solutions. The excessive use of remedies can harm or darken your nipples.
  • Excessive whitening or exfoliating can irritate or make the nipples drier.
  • First, test the home remedy or product, and then use it on your sensitive skin. If any reaction is noticed, stop using them.

The best cream to lighten nipples and areolas

1. CANAE Pink Nipple Plus++how to lighten dark nipples

It is a clean, safe, and natural solution for dark areolas. It whitens the nipple skin color and makes them soft and smooth. It is suitable for all ages of women. It contains vitamin E that moisturizes the skin. It increases collagen production and reduces the melanin pigments with regular use.

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2. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Creamhow to lighten dark nipples

It lightens dark nipples and lips, rejuvenates, and moisturizes the skin. It comes with a travel-size pack and easy to use. It mainly completes three main things, like lightening, brightening, and moisturizing. It also evens out, plumps, and firms the skin.

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3. Passion Lubes Nipple Lightening Creamhow to lighten dark nipples

Don’t use this cream if you are breastfeeding and pregnant. It is made with natural ingredients. It conditions and lightens the skin around nipples. It corrects the uneven skin tones. It gently reverses the hyperpigmentation.

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4. Juicy Skin Care Kis-su Dark Nipple and Lip Treatment (Full Review)how to lighten dark nipples

You can use this cream for dry and dark nipples and lips. It gradually adjusts the color to the natural skin tone. The cream is rich in natural extracts and effective for dry, dark, dull, and discolored nipples. It makes the nipples reddish if you use it daily.

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Actually, I like dark nipples of mine because I live in Indian areas where we have dark skin naturally. If you are white and turned your nipples discolored, you can try the above treatments. But, the skin color around the nipples come back normal after those periods like breastfeeding.

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