how to get rid of dark lips

How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Easily

Last Updated: July 17, 2016

Pink and beautiful lips are something especial to the women that they want at any cost. But, there are some things that mainly cause your lips dark. If you can fight them, you can enjoy reddish lips.

Generally, most of the women use lip cosmetics. The prolonged use of the lipstick can darken the lip color. Anyway, you can hide the lip discoloration by using various lip balm, gloss, cream, lipstick or makeup. But, it is not the solution.  Besides the products, you can try some of my very effective natural treatments to get rid of your dark lips.

The best way to practice some habits that will help to get rid of your dark lips naturally. Well, let’s see-

How to Get Rid of Dark Lips Naturally with Home Remedies

1. Cucumber Juice

how to get rid of dark lips

Cucumber is a good natural remedy for health and beauty care. It helps to lose weight, makes the dry eyes cool and also good for digest. Do you know cucumber works well too to remove darkness from your lips? It also makes the lips hydrated. Just apply a several drops of cucumber juice on your black lips and massage politely for 3 minutes every day at night before bedding.

2. Use Quality Cosmetics or Makeup

how to get rid of dark lips

Do you use cheap, regular, wholesale, price off or expired lip products? If yes, stop from now. You have to use expensive lip balm or cream made with safe and healthy natural formulas. Don’t use allergic lipstick or cosmetics. Use the products that protect your lips from UV rays, rough weather, like cold or hot etc.

3. Beet Root Slice

how to remove dark lips

Slice a beet root into a few pieces. Take them into refrigerator. When you get free time, just apply them. During watching TV, you can massage your dark lips with a cooling juicy slice of beet root. It gets rid of tanning and pigmentation from the lips that consequently lightens your lips. Try to slightly rub the lips with a slice. You can follow it daily once. Or you can massage your lips with a beetroot slice before going out. It will add a nice rosy color to the lips.

4. Hydrate Your Skin

how to lighten dark lips

Only various remedies can not remove your dark lips. Besides the use of treatments, you should take care of your health. Especially, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day helps to keep your health perfect hydrated. It will protect your skin from being dry. As a result, you will get hydrated, and beautiful red lips.

5. Apply Glycerin During Sleeping

how to get pinkish lips

The use of glycerin on the lips is a good idea to save the lips from being dry and get rid of darkness. I usually do it in winter. I massage my lips some Vaseline Petroleum Glycerin and at morning I softly remove the dry skin from the lips. It  makes my lips dry free and removes brown color also. So, lips look bright.

6. Honey and Lemon

how to brighten black lips

It is endless to say how honey and lemon are usable for beauty care. Especially, these two home treatments are very effective for skin care. Take a same amount of lemon juice and pure honey. Mix them well to get a serum. You can reserve it in your refrigerator also for using a few days. Whenever you become free, you can apply it on your lips. Just apply and coat your lips for 60 minutes. Then wipe your lips off with a soft cloth. The citrus extracts of lemon remove the tanning and pigmentation, and honey adds nourishment to the lips. So, your lips will look beautiful.

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7. Save Your Lips from Tanning and Pigments

how to make lips pink

Dryness often may cause chapped or cracked lips. That ultimately presents you damaged lips with the most common signs of tan and pigments. Eventually, a few of black patches will be created on your lips. So, the best idea is to save your lips from the things that make your lips damaged like UV rays, cold weather, etc. You can apply sun preventive lip balm such as minimum SPF 30 that protects your lips from sun tanning.

8. Massage the Lips with An Ice Cube

how to lighten brown lips

Massaging makes your lips healthy and impressive. Massage your lips with an ice cube for 3 minutes before wiping off with a soft cloth. Actually, massaging with the ice cube gets rid of dirt, dead skin, dry cells, and other impurities from the upper level of lip skin. It also enhances the blood flow. All that makes your lips soft pinkish and attractive.

Oh! One thing I forgot to tell. If you smoke or take an excessive amount of caffeine like tea or coffee, you must stop them. These sacrifices will help you to get rid of your dark lips alongside the above home remedies. Have a pretty smile.