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How to Get Pink Lips Naturally Using Home Remedies

Hanging up a sweet smile on the pink lips, who does not want it? You are lucky if your lips are rosy. Find out newer pinkish lips following some simple tips.

Last Updated: January 18, 2017

How to get pink lips is not difficult at all. Follow these 3 steps below, and hope you will get pink lips just in one week.

Anyway, before knowing how to get pink lips, it will be better if you know how your lips became dark. Smoking, sun exposure, expired or long-term use of lipsticks, and many other reasons are also liable to cause black lips. Try to find out your culprit. Then avoid it.

Secondly, you can use a good home remedy that can help you to get pink lips. The natural ingredients are very powerful to take care of the lips without causing any bad effect. Also, make the lips healthy and fuller. I gave some most usable home remedies in the below, just choose your best one.

Thirdly, makeup is a good way to turn your lips rosy and beautiful. But, it is an artificial way. So, dissatisfaction always will have in your mind for not having natural bright lips.

However, let me show you the 3 great tips about how to get pink lips naturally in a short time at home.

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally: 3 Effective Tips

The following 3 steps consist of a daily home routine for lips, 5 effective home remedies, and finally, the art of makeup to have reddish and fuller lips. Okay, let’s enjoy the core ideas:

1. A Daily Lip Care Routine

Your daily lip care routine consists of some DOs & DON’Ts and exfoliating as well as moisturizing your lips.

Stop Smoking: Smoking creates your skin dark and dry, leaving cigarette stains. To get pink lips, you need to quit smoking. It will enhance the beauty of your lips. If you cannot stop smoking, read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This book will help you to quit smoking naturally within a short time.

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Protect Your Lips from the Sunburn: Sunburn causes your lips dry, discolored and black or pigmented. You should use sunscreen for lips during the sunny time. Try to stay less time in the sun exposure. Use an umbrella when you go to the sun. Use a lip balm with SPF or above. Some of my readers said ‘Jack Black SPF 25 is a nice lip balm for sun protection.

Don’t Let Your Makeup Stay on Lips at Night: The stay of your makeups, like lipstick, lip liner or lip gloss during the night makes your lips drier and darker. Remove them with any good makeup remover. Or you can use olive or almond oil to remove the makeups naturally.

Stop Licking Your Lips: I know, you lick your lips when you feel dryness, but the licking accelerates the dryness more. The better solution is keeping a small lip balm always that you can use when you feel the dryness of the lips.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated: Use a lip balm daily to keep your lips smooth and soft. If it is winter, coat your lips with a lip balm frequently. Keep a lip balm in your purse or pocket and whenever your lips get dry a little, dab a touch of your favorite lip balm. Try to use the balm made with natural ingredients, like shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, etc. Apply lip balm before going to bed at night. Some good lip balms are:

Besides, drink much water, recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day. And you can eat watery fruits, like cucumber, melon, pineapples, etc. Eating more fresh vegetables also keep the skin fine and to get pink lips naturally

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Exfoliate Your Lips: Exfoliating is a nice way to get pink lips. Every day at morning, you can rub your toothbrush softly onto your lips. It removes the dry or dead skin, so lips look bright. The first time, you may feel some discomfort with this process. But, it will be okay when you exfoliate your lips daily with a toothbrush.

The homemade scrub exfoliates the lips well. The mixer of honey and brown sugar is the best Exfoliator for getting rid of the darkness, dry or dead cells of the lips. Take some brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil. Mix them well. Then rub your lips gently for one minute. Twice a week is good enough.

Moisturize Your Lips: To get pink and soft lips, you need to moisturize your lips regularly. At daytime, you can use your favorite lip balm. And at night, you can use petroleum jelly. You can also use home moisturizers, like olive oil, coconut oil or cocoa butter. Moisturizing keeps the lips fuller.

2. Home Remedies

How to get pink lips? The best answer to this question may be home remedies. There are some natural ingredients that are amazing to make the lips fuller, healthy, moisturized, removing darkness and finally leave a natural pinkish tint on your lips. Okay, no more discussion. Let’s see some effective home remedies to get pink lips at home.

Raspberry Mask: Raspberry is one of the best home remedies to make the lips pink and also hydrate the lips. Crush two fresh raspberries and mix it with one teaspoon Aloe Vera and one teaspoon honey. Then prepare a lip mask. Now coat your lips with this mask and let it stay for 4 minutes. Then wash your lips off with clean water. Don’t forget to apply a good lip balm.

Apply Pomegranate Juice: The pomegranate juice is highly red and effective for skin care. You can apply pomegranate juice on your lips and let it stay throughout the night. Your lips absorb the red juice across the night. So, at morning you will notice reddish and rosy fuller lips. It is a nice treatment for dark lips to turn them pink. Continuing this remedy, you must get pink lips, no doubt.

Use Beetroot: You can easily coat your dark lips red or cherry pink with beetroot juice. It turns the discolored lips instantly bright and reddish. Apply beetroot juice on the lips over the night. Do it daily and notice reddish lips day by day.

Rose Petals: Take out some petals from a rose. Crush them well. Then apply this crush rose petals on your lips. You can follow this pinkish remedy daily two times. It naturally turns your lips pink.

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Milk and Turmeric: The combination of milk and turmeric is effective to get pink lips. Mix some cold milk with some turmeric and make a paste. Then massage your lips politely for 4 minutes. It will remove the dark tones or shades of your skin. By doing it daily, you will get prettier, softer and healthier lips.

3. The Art of Makeup to Get Pink Lips

Hi, guys if you like the above tips on how to get pink lips, you can share it with your friends. It will be helpful to them. Tip 1 and tip 2 are the most effective ways to have beautiful lips permanently. Tip 3 makes your lips reddish or pinkish instantly, but it is not a longer lasting treatment.


  1. My lips are dark in color maybe due to dehydration, so I was looking for the method to turn them light in color. I will try the raspberry mask and hope that it will work.
    I will be happy if you guide me about treating the acne with home remedies.

  2. Hi!! I have quite dark lips n thy r not from birth. I’ve been applying beetroot like by peeling a slice n rubbing it ovr the lips instead of lipstick during the day and rubbing lemon gently n leaving it overnight for like 6-7 months now but no result. I feel pretty disappointed. could you please suggest some other remedies n also the right way to use to get my lips lighten.

    • Hi,
      you can use rose petals and milk. Mash some rose petals with milk and then rub it onto the lips and leave them on the lips for 5 minutes. Then cleanse the lips off and use a lip balm.

      Hope, it will work.

      have a nice day

  3. Hey
    I have a habit licking my lips alot and i have started moisturing it and i can see results.
    Thank you for your guidance


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