7 Ultimate Tips for Men to Get Pink and Soft Lips

Updated: February 2, 2020
some effective tips to get pink lips for men
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Men are not now like that before when my father or grandfather did not care about their grooming. Today’s boys and men are smarter than those of vouge. Now they like to prepare their every public part of the body from hair to toe. So, why your lips do not get extra care as they are the attention-grabbers.

Men’s lips are usually less reddish than girls. Many men smoke. It is a common reason for their dark lips. The cigarette leaves a dark hue on their lips. Men also move more in the sun rays. The sun rays burn the delicate skin of the lips and so their lips also become dark. And men are shy to keep a lip balm always with them that every girl doesn’t miss anywhere. Check their bag and you will find more than one.

Moreover, taking a huge amount of tea or coffee, warm wind, licking lips, etc. are also the reasons for having black lips (not only for men but these are also liable for dark lips in women).

Men are also less careful of their lips. So, their lips get dry, build up dead skin cells,  and look darker. But, guys should remember that women like the boys’ thousands of times who have charming lips.

Today, I will show you some tips like natural ingredients, lip care routine, and how to stop smoking easily to get soft, smooth, supple and pink lips for men.

how to get pink lips for men

1. Stop Smoking (I could do it)

Smoking is greatly harmful to health. It is injurious to facial skin too. It darkens the skin on/around the lips. It mainly leaves a stain that looks dark. Besides, it dries and burns out the lip skin. Thus, you get dark lips.

So, what to do? Quit smoking just right now and your lips will get back their previous natural color slowly.

Despite trying hard, you could not quit smoking? Then read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking“. The book is a complete guide to quitting smoking easily and permanently.

2. Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliation lightens the lips. Scrubbing removes dry skin cells on the lips. So, lips look neat, clean, even and bright. Exfoliate the lips once or twice a week but not more than two times. The best time to scrub the lips is in the morning (before going outside) and night (before bedtime). Now the question- what are the good lip exfoliants or scrubs?

Use “Sara happ the lip scrub“. Or you can try natural ingredients.

Sugar and Honey: Mix an equal amount of sugar and honey. Apply this mixer on your lips. Then massage your lips politely for 2 minutes.

Soft Toothbrush: During brushing your teeth, just rub your lips softly. You see, it removes the dry and dark skin cells. The first time, you feel uneasy and irritation on your lips. Gradually, it will be okay. You can read “How to exfoliate your lips perfectly“. In this article, I described 12 natural ways to scrub your lips at home easily.

3. Use A Lip Balm 24/h

Dryness builds up dead skin cells, dark spots, wrinkles, and darkness on the lips. Even, your lips can be cracked, chapped or bled for severe dryness. Using a lip balm keeps your lips always protected and moisturized.  So, the best step is to moisten the lips with a good lip balm. Search the internet, you will get lots of moistening creams or balms. Use RUGGED & DAPPER Lip Balm. It is a nice lip moisturizer for men.

Use the lip balm whenever you feel dry or tight lips. I follow lip balm after cleansing my face in the morning and must apply some Vaseline before going to bed. Vaseline is powerful moisture to keep the skin hydrated.

Home Remedies

You will get many home remedies that will make your lips naturally pink. Such as- rose petals, cucumber slices, beetroot juice, carrot juice, lemon juice and so on. You don’t need to apply all these natural ingredients. Just use one remedy out of them.

4. Honey for Soft Lips

It is a great natural moisturizer that you can use on your lips. Apply some pure honey on the lips and leave it over night. The lips absorb the honey into the deep of the skin. So, you will have soft and smooth lips from morning to night. Honey is also an anti-aging agent. It helps to make your lips healthy and young.

5. Rose Petals for Pink Lips

No doubt, rose petals give a nice-looking rosy color on the skin after applying. Rose petals are also anti-oxidants that means it protects your lips from being aged and various risks. Crush some rose petals and mix some milk with it. Now prepare a paste. Apply this solution on your black lips. Rub your lips with it for 2 minutes. Then wash your lips off. Now see your lips are brighter with natural red color. Thus, you can get pink lips, men!!!

6. Lemon Juice for Bright Lips

It is a natural bleaching and anti-aging property. Lemon juice bleaches dark patches and dark spots on the lips. When you get time, just pat your lips with lemon juice. You should do it at least once or twice a day. Gradually, it will remove dark lines, wrinkles or any other brown spots of your lips. (be careful lemon juice can dry out your lips, so use a lip balm afterward)

7. Also, follow these tips to make your lips pink

  • Don’t go in the sun more. If you go, coat your lips with a good sunscreen.
  • Drink 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Don’t lick your lips when you feel dryness on the lips. Keep a lip balm always.
  • Eat lots of watery vegetables and fruits, like cucumber, pineapples, etc. These fruits keep the skin juicy and hydrated. Also, the skin looks glossy.
  • Don’t take more than 3 cups of tea or coffee a day.


Avoid smoking, drink less cup of tea or coffee, avoid taking alcohol, use SPF lip balm, use some home remedies and always keep your lips moisturized. Then you will get soft, plump, sexy and kissable lips.

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  1. Hi, my name is Angel
    From the explanations above, i must commend the way you vivdly explained the steps.
    but i have a pressing questoin, can a black man develop pink lips with this steps?

  2. Hi, I never smoke or use alcohol, and I drink lots of water, I don’t keep my lips dehydrated but my lips are more red than pink, why is that?

    • Hi, are your lips are redder from your birth or naturally?

      Or something can cause your lips more red than pink?

      Can you tell us that? Then we can suggest you some tips.


    • Hi Alex, yes, it does. Not only that aloe vera can soothe the lips from sunburned or dryness. it also removes fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. Dark spots can be also lightened with aloe vera. thanks

    • Hi,
      You can use lime juice but mix it with honey. Just one or two drops with one teaspoon of honey. Be careful if you have sensitive or dry prone lip skin.

    • Hi,
      you can use lime juice but mix it with honey. 1-2 drops of lime juice with one teaspoon of honey. And rub it onto the lips for one minute.

    • Yes, you can mix them. But, better if the sugar is brown. Use it in the morning then you will get fresh and light lips all over the day.


  3. Hi guys can you please help,my lips are red,the lower lip.I dont know whether its alcohol or smoking but i jst quited both its about 2 weeks now,please help me how to get my natural lips back again.

    • Hi,
      It is not for smoking. Smoking causes lips dark. It will be better if you talk to a doctor.

  4. hi my name is clinton and i wanna ask,should i use the lemon first or the honey first or should just. mix the two


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