How to Get Pink Lips for Men

Many men smoke. It is a bigger reason to darken their lips. Stop smoking to get back natural lip color and use some home remedies to make the lips reddish and pinkish.

how to get pink lips for men

How to get pink lips for men, today I will discuss it. Men are not generally cherished having pink lips. But, the modern fashion-oriented men now want charming and excited lips too.

Men lips are usually less reddish than girls. Smoking is an important reason for men’s dark lips. The cigarette stains a dark hue on their lips. Men move more in the sun rays. It is another big one to cause their lips discolored.

Besides the smoking and UV rays; taking a huge amount of tea or coffee, warm wind, licking lips etc. are also the reasons of having black lips.

One big reason of dark lips is not taking care of their lips properly. Men are naturally less careful to their skin. That’s why; how to get pink lips for men is a big issue.

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How to Get Pink Lips for Men: My 4 Advice

I will show you the most usable ways on how to get pink lips for men, including home remedies, daily lip care routine, and the most important one is the cigarette issue.

Anyway, let’s see how to get pink lips for men.

1: Stop Smoking

How to get pink lips for men? The first answer is stop smoking.

Smoking is greatly harmful to health. It is injurious for facial skin too. It darkens the skin on/around the lips. It mainly leaves a stain that looks dark. Besides, it dries and burns up the lip skin. Thus, you get dark lips.

So, what to do? Quit smoking just right away and notice your lips will get back their previous natural color.

Despite trying hard, you could not quit smoking? Then read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking“. The book is a complete guide to quitting smoking easily and permanently.

2: Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliation lightens the lips. Scrubbing removes the dead and dry skin cells of the lips. So, normally lips look neat, even and bright. Exfoliate the lips once or twice a week, but not more than two times. The best time to scrub the lips is morning (before going to outside) and night (before bedtime). Now the question- what are the good exfoliants or scrubs?

Use Sara happ the lip scrub, PEPPERMINT. Or you can try natural elements.

Sugar and Honey: Mix equal amount of sugar and honey. Apply this mixer on your lips. Then massage your lips politely for 2 minutes.

Soft Toothbrush: During brushing your teeth, just rub your lips softly. You see, it removes the dry and dark skin. The first time, you feel uneasy and irritation on your lips. Gradually, it will be okay. You can read “How to exfoliate your lips perfectly“. In this article, I described 10 natural ways to scrub your lips at home effectively.

See these two exfoliators. These are also good.

3: Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturizing protects the lips from dryness. Dryness ultimately drops a discolored tone on the lips. Even, for lack of sufficient moisturizing, your lips can be cracked or chapped that is more disgusting. So, the best step is to moisten the lips with a good lip balm. Search internet, you will get lots of moistening creams or balms. Use Chapfix Lip Balm. It is a nice lip moisturizer for men.

4: Use Home Remedies

You will get many home remedies that will make your lips naturally pink. Such as- rose petals, cucumber slices, beetroot juice, carrot juice, lemon juice and so on. You don’t need to apply all the natural ingredients. Just pick the best one. See below how to get pink lips for men with home remedies.

Honey: It is a great natural moisturizer that you can use on your lips. Apply some pure honey on the lips and leave it over the night. The lips absorb the honey into the deep of the skin. So, you will have soft and smooth lips from morning to night. Honey is also an anti-aging agent. It helps to make your lips healthy and young.

Rose Petals: No doubt, rose petals give a nice-looking rosy color on the skin after applying. Rose petals are also anti-oxidants that mean it protects your lips from being aged and various risks. Crush some rose petals and mix some milk with it. Now prepare a paste. Apply this solution on your black lips. Rub your lips with it for 2 minutes. Then wash your lips off. Now see your lips are brighter. Thus, you can get pink lips, men!!!

Lemon Juice: It is a natural bleaching and anti-aging property. Lemon juice bleaches the dark patches, dark spots or tones on the lips. When you get time, just pat your lips with lemon juice. You should do it at least once or twice a day. Gradually, it will remove the dark lines, wrinkles or any other brown spots of your lips.

Some Other Tips to Remove Dark Lips for Men

In addition, you have to follow some daily tips that will help men having reddish lips. See how to get pink lips for men by following some daily stuff.

  • Don’t go in the sun more. If go, coat your lips with a good sunscreen.
  • Drink 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Don’t lick your lips when you feel dryness on the lips. Keep a lip balm always.
  • Eat many watery vegetables and fruits, like cucumber, pineapples etc. These fruits keep the skin juicy and hydrated. Also, the skin looks glossy.
  • Don’t take more than 3 cups of tea or coffee.

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Hey, men, that’s enough to get pink lips. If you like the tips about how to get pink lips for men, share it with others. It will help them. I again say the most important is not to smoke permanently to have pinkish and beautiful lips.


      • Hi kristopher,
        You can use Laetitia dark lips cream. Or you can rub your lips for 3 minutes with the mixer of honey and lemon juice. Rub the lips softly daily once or twice. it will help yo reduce the darkness from the lips.

        As a lip balm, you can use Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening. It moisturizes and lightens your lip tone. Gradually you will experience the reddish or brighter lips.

        Best of luck.

    • Hi would u know how to make beetroot juice?

      I have the vegetable.. do I just put it in a blender?


  1. Hi, shubham panwar
    Thanks for reading. No man. it will be laughing.

    Leave a few drops of pure honey on your lips throughout the night. At morning, rub the lips softly with fingers. The dry or chapped or dead skin will be removed, and makes the lips soft. Also lips look brighter. Continue it everyday. In day time, you can use a good lip balm for several times. It keeps the lips soft and smooth. The softness, and a slight bright color keeps your lips charming all day long.

  2. i tried using cucumber,honey and lemon juice in order to get pink lips..i used all but yet i did not get the pink lis…wat should i do now

  3. I’ve read ur article. Not tried it though but i hope it works. Just want to know how longs it takes before the pink lips evolves. Cos my dark lips, i dont know if i should call it natural

  4. Hi Emmanuel,
    Thanks for reading.

    If your lips are dark from birth or naturally. Home remedies don’t lighten much, but makes your lips fuller and moisturized. If your lips became dark for smoking, sun rays or other reasons. You can lighten your lips the above remedies.

    • Mam after scrubing my lips by the mixture of lemon juice and honey before bed time . Then should i wash the lips with water or not ? And in what amount i mix the lemon juice and honey ?

    • Hi Keerthana,

      Thanks a lot for reading. If your lips are dark from birth, the home remedies can only turn your lips moisturized, soft, healthy and smooth.

      If your lips are dark by some reasons, like smoking, sunburn etc. You have to reduce the causes, and use the home remedies, then your lips will be bright.

      Thanks again to stay with us.

  5. Comment:i pray it works cos my frnds really laugh at me for having a dark lip and the funny thing is i dont
    smoke i really need your help i wld also like to inquire is it possible for me to add sugar to the honey and rub it on my lips overnight

    • Hi Mayor,
      Don’t worry. Maybe your lips are naturally dark?

      If naturally dark, it is less chance to get brighter lips. But, you can get clean and shiny lips by using honey. Rub your lips with cotton ball soaking in honey every night before sleeping. Hope, it will work.

      Best of luck

    • Hi Ankit,

      massage your lips with beet root juice for 3 minutes. Then apply Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Beeswax Lip Balm. It is a natural and safe moisturizer for lips.


  6. hello,how r u? i m bangladeshi. in bangladesh is laetitia dark lips cream available? where i will get this? or how can get this?

    • Hi Gloriouzb,
      Licking makes the lips more chapping and drying out. Even bleeding may be seen from lips. in winter, licking lips will be more dangerous. It can make your lips cracked.

      You should always keep a lip balm with you. Apply it instead of licking lips.


    • Hi Ben,
      Yes, it can work for you. Rub your lips with a soft cotton ball soaking in honey for 3 minutes every day before heading to bed. You can bleach your lips with lemon juice daily once. Hope, your lips will be pink again.


  7. Comment:hello i have dark lips bt bcz of smoking not natural i have fair face thats why my lips looks more ugly can u plz tell me any lip balm with sun protection

    • Hi Ajay Raj,
      Get rid of smoking as soon as possible. Use lemon juice and honey. Or you can use Laetitia dark lips cream. Sun Bum SPF 30 Lip Balm is a quality product.


  8. Hi, the tips u hV given really it works as m using aft reading…..hV a doubt aft trying all dese tips d black colored lips ll turn to a pink/reddish lips to a small extent…my question is do pink color of lips depends upon d color of d skin…

  9. oops….my lip had been reddish and like fresh bfre years….but after I became a chain smoker it changed completely… by following tiz I can get back my natural lip like bfre??

    • Hi Victor,

      In natural dark lips, it is really difficult to get pink or red lips. or you can reduce the darkness a little.
      Yet, you can try Laetitia dark lips cream.


  10. Comment:i did it but, i dont relli understand, at first some part was pick but now i guess it geting bark, i dont smoke but i took a lot of coffee in sch days

    • Hi Chuks,

      Is your skin is naturally dark or your lips are naturally dark? If yes, you will notice a little bit brightness. Or if your lips have been turned dark for some reasons, you can lighten them.

      Rub some honey on your lips with a soft cotton ball everyday before going to sleep. Or you can use Laetitia dark lips cream.


    • Hi Mohit,
      Its no problem. Your lips suck the honey throughout the night. That’s why; your lips get thicker. It is a good sign and your lips are getting moisturized. In winter, it helps your lips from drying or chapping out. At day time, rub your lips with crushed rose petals. Doing it daily adds a rosy tint on your lips.

      keep it up.

      Wish, have a pair of nice lips.

    • Hi Umesh,
      Don’t lick your lips further. Use a good lip balm, then it will be okay. Or you can rub your lips with honey. It will restores the natural lip color.


  11. I’m gonna try this out …hope this tips will work on me too… and thanks for the tips…I’ll tell u the result of it

      • u have given all the procedures above
        in that case which we have to try first…
        1. rose petals
        2. lemon juice
        or honey…..
        and my lips gets bigger to reduce what I have to do

        • Hi Ritesh,
          You can use lemon juice and honey any time of the day.

          Use rose petals at night before sleeping. Rose petals add some rosy color to the lips that make the lips natural and pink but it may seem to womanly. So, remove the extra color from the lips with a tissue.

          Thanks and keep well

    • Hi soumik,
      Leave honey on your lips over the night. It hydrates your lips. At day time, apply almond oil on your lips several times. Or you can use a natural lip balm.


  12. Great article cutie…but I really wanna know if I can use sugar and olive oil instead of honey..and my lips are red but sometimes it get dry and dark…almost cracking I always lick just to make it moisturized before reading here that licking it is anther cause of dark lip..thanks for this articles…#will be waiting for your reply…

    • Hi marvel,
      thanks a lot for your appreciation.

      Yes, you can use brown sugar and olive oil. You have to give up the habit of licking lips, then lip will not dry out. Use a natural lip balm at day time. It keeps your lips safe from dryness. At night before sleeping, leave some honey on your lips . In the morning, you can enjoy hydrated and fuller lips. Keep a lip balm always with you. Whenever you feel a little bit dryness on your lips, apply it. After eating, brushing your teeth, etc. apply the balm. Never use artificial balm.

      Best of luck.

    • Hi khwaja,
      Smoking causes dark lips, whether your are chain smoker or not. Better if you stop it. Then you will back your natural lips color. Otherwise, nothing can lighten your lips.

      Best of luck.

    • Hi Ismail,
      Thanks a lot. Massage your lips with them for 2 minutes every day at night, and then apply a natural lip balm.

      If your lips are naturally dark, it does not make your lips pink, just makes the lips bright.
      But, you got dark lips for smoking, sun rays or other reasons. It will make your lips pink.

      Best of luck.

  13. I hv read above all things related to lips……
    My lips are dark thts y I m facing so many problem when specially talking with girls. … please tell mi hw should I get pink lips…?

    • Hi Amol,

      Are your lips are dark naturally or darkened by smoking or other reasons?
      If lips are dark naturally or from birth, you cannot make your lips pink, but you can turn them bright and supple.

      Or if your lips are darkened by some reasons, you can turn them pink. Rub your lips with a cotton ball soaking in honey for 2 minutes before going to sleep at night. it removes the darkness and makes the lips moisturized.

      At daytime, you can rub your lips with the paste of mashed rose petals with some milk. It adds an extra rosy flavor. Doing it daily gradually turns your lips reddish.

      Best of luck.

    • Hi Akki,

      You can use honey to make your lips bigger and wider. Leave some honey on your lips throughout the night. At morning you can enjoy supple and fuller lips.


  14. Paoli , madam ..I have tried something which is quite more quick,permanent and effective . Its just u mix lemon+honey+BROWN SUGAR .brown sugar is way more effective. Just crush it well . ENJOY

    • Hi manafkp,
      Do you smoke? If do, stop it. Rub your lips with a cotton ball soaking in honey in every night for 5 minutes. or you can rub the crushed rose petals with milk cream for 5 minutes every day at your desirable time. Hope, it will help you lot.

      Best of luck.


      You can not use sugar on your lips more than two times a week, but if you crush the sugar well like flour, you can use it, and the sugar must be brown or bold.

      Brown sugar is mainly used to scrub the lips. The mixer of honey and sugar you can use to exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. Rub your lips with crushed rose petals for 5 minutes every night. It will gradually lighten your lip tone.

      Best of luck.

  16. I’m a Nigerian guy,18 year old n I want a natural pink lip cuz have tried many pink lip balm buh after some while it gets dark again,Making the money I spent on the pink lip balm sorta a waste……….So if you can help,I will be glad. Thanks.

    • Hi Srimm,

      Sorry to hear. Use the above tips. or you can rub your lips with mashed rose petals for 2 minutes daily. Then wipe the lips with a tissue. Gradually, your lips will be brighter.

      Best of luck.

    • Hi James King,
      If toothbrush cannot suit you, don’t use it. I cannot also bear the pressure of toothbrush on my lips. it gives my lips pain and irritation.

      You should try another thing or remedies.

      Best of luck.

  17. I am an engineering student and my age is 18…the problem is i smoke regularly but i quit smoking

    Thanks for valuable tips, I will gonna follow those steps and make my lips brighter

  18. Comment: hi your home remedy tricks were awsome
    it gives 100% best results
    many many thannks for everything
    and wish u happy new year dear god bless u

  19. Comment: Hi Paoli, I’ve been trying to get pink lips by brushing my lips every morning, but it seems only my lower lips is becoming pinker, and i do apply reddish lip balm too, will this result in a briqhter pink lips? pls reply thanks

  20. Please after applying does things on your lips. Is the pink lip stay forever if you stop apply them. Or you need 2 continue.

  21. Hi ,
    I don’t smoke. But my lips are dark as if am a smoking person. What should I do. Will the above remedies work for me ?…

    • Hi Blaine,
      You should read the above book, Allen Car’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This book helps you to quit smoking naturally and permanently.

      If you cannot stop smoking, you will not lighten your lips.

      Best of luck.

  22. Hi paoli what a great article really appreciate your effort,my lip is kind of a bit pink naturally so I think following the above tips would make it more nice,just wanna ask if honey helps to make the lips pink or does it just moistures the lips and the lemon orange should it be used separately or mixed together with the honey and most sugar be added to the honey? Just needed a little explanation

    • Hi peter,

      Honey can lighten and moisturize the skin. You can use honey alone on the lips or you can mix honey with lemon juice. This mixer will be more effective. You can use lemon juice alone. It will lighten the dark patches. Sugar exfoliates the lips. Mix some honey with brown sugar to scrub your lips.

      best of luck

  23. Hi. Thanks for the tip(s). One question though, can I make the exfoliator and keep or it must be freshly mixed whenever I want to use it?

    • Hi Sujith,
      you can use lemon juice and honey daily before getting to sleep. you can also exfoliate your lips once a week with honey and brown sugar. It will increase the color of your lips.

      Best of luck

  24. Hi, I think my dark lips are natural cos I don’t smoke. Pls how do I remedy dis situation? Am a Nigerian. And is Laetitia found in Nigeria?

  25. Hi Prince,
    Sorry to say, it is less possible to get pink lips from natural dark lips. You can slightly lighten natural dark lips. Laetitia lip cream is available online. You can apply lemon juice and honey or you can scrub your lips once a week with honey and brown sugar. It will help to breakdown the dark pigment of your lips in a moderate amount.

    Best of luck.

    • Hi Kayode,

      yea, you can use honey as a body lotion. In winter, you can massage your whole body with honey, then take a bath. It protects your skin from being dried of the winter.

      Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Suyash,
      Sorry to say, there is no way to reduce the lip size naturally. you can do it by plastic surgery. but it has side effects too.

      of course, you can reduce or increase the look of lips by makeup. But, it is possible for only women or girls.


  26. Hi am…i dnt smoke ,but In case mah lip is too blackness it look like smoking, i Donot like black lip i use lip color .Please tell me the best lip blackness removl cream with best result andi wanna pink lip color sexy

  27. Hi, I love your article and I have been looking for something like this long time. I wanna get pink lips cos my girl loves it though I have It naturally buh she wants brighter and soft lips. how can this be done in two weeks if I start using home treatments?.
    Note: I don’t smoke!…

    • Hi Teazy,
      You can try it. But, lemon juice will be more effective for you. Just rub your lips with the juice for 2 minutes daily. Then apply a natural lip balm. Lemon juice lightens the lip color and balm softens the lips.

      But, you cannot get much brighter lips as your lips are dark from birth.

      Best of luck.

  28. Hey Hi, Its me Nick, Actually My lips color got black dont know how😐, N I want my iips color back, Is there any cream which will be useful, I req as soon as possible this back…
    Kindly suggest better .

  29. Hey, paoli johan

    i have applied many things and lips bams to get out
    of this white lines on my lips but it haven’t
    worked yet

    then i used u r advice as u said in post
    and really it works not totally but is is
    almost all reduce

    thank Q For u r tips

  30. Hii i m ommi choudhary my lips so dark black nd i want to change my lips colour in pink. So can u tell how could happen all this prosess.

    • Hi Ommi
      You can use Laetitia dark lips cream or you can rub your lips with lemon juice for 2 minutes daily once. It will lighten the lip tone. use a lip balm daily. Choose the balm made with natural ingredients.

  31. Hey dear. Jus tell me dat best thing to get rid of my darken lips .. so i smoke twice a day o thrice ..m using himalaya lip balm but it’s doesn’t working what should I use far my daily routine pls suggest me any gud thing

  32. hey.. thanks ive been following all this up but i instead experience a different issue…my lips 💋have reddish maps due to biting them some 3 years ago…. i want to get them to the normal colour… iv never smoked or drink…

    • Hi Shaggaff,
      never bite/peel or lick the lips. use vaseline on your lips every night before sleeping. At day time use, a natural lip balm several times. Massage your lips with honey once a day. Continue this process a few weeks.

  33. Hello my name is jerry , I’m very upset about my upper lip because the upper lip is darker then lower lip . but my lower lip is not dark . Should I use this following tips only one lip ? I don’t smoke and in the past my upper lip was more lighter then now .But I don’t know why my upper lip become dark .
    Is there any tips for me ??

  34. Comment: have not tried d tips but i hope its work, thouqh am having pink lips but its kinda fading out thats why i need proper remedy tu gt my lips pink back& mind you i dnt smoke

  35. I tried sugar and honey mixture tip just now. It feels awesome first use itself i got fair but not pink lips. I dont smoke but i got these black lips from last year. Anyhow i have confidence on your tips. Would u help me more.

  36. Comment: hi my name is Shubham and I want to quit smoke I can’t understand what I do \ during smoke my lips get dark and I felling bad that my cause

  37. Comment: Hi, Paoli i have a little problem. I do use honey to scrub my lips both at morning and at night and it still haven’t gotten my lips pink. Although i do lick my lips everytime. Is that the reason why my lips isnt pink yet? It only got light not pink. Please what can i do to get it pink?

  38. Comment: i used honey with sugar and it worked but I found that my lips is getting strong/dry. what should I do?

  39. Hello the colour of my lip below the cupid bow has gone white ani my lips are dark i am a 24 year old boy.
    Please help me it looks shear ugly.

  40. hi miss my name is martins i do smoke buh am ready to quit and i want a pink lips undo i dy link my lips and i dy brush am pls help

    • Hi Martins,
      you can, of course, do that. Quit smoking first. Read the book mentioned in the article. Then follow some tips above.

      Hope, it will work to lighten your lips natural color back.

  41. a bit curious here…could it be that if you apply only honey on your lips for more than twice a week is gonna make your lips look bigger i wanna know that for sure . But i would like to know if you apply the mixer of honey and brown sugar is there a possibilty that you would still gonna have bigger lip and brighter pink lip too since you mentioned honey makes the lip bigger or itz not everyone whom would seem to have that problem when they use honey. Waiting to hear from you cuz i’m really intrested since i would be using natural ingredients to gain a brighter lip colour to somewhat boost my facial look in line of work am a chiroprator and pain relief assit.

  42. Hiii
    I’m Rishabh
    I want ask some questions about my cracked lips
    My lips are cracked any time if it is summer or winter season…
    And some whiteness is shown on my lower and upper lip..which makes feel unhappy…
    When I drink water whiteness shown proper like a such fluid like substance….
    My lips are badly damaged ….
    What can I do…plz suggest me
    I’m suffering it from 2 yrs…

    • Hi Rishabh Bhatnagar,
      It will be better if you go to a skin care specialist or doctor. Because your lips have been already damaged you said for 2 years. Waiting won’t be wise.

  43. Hi
    I am pavan , I didn’t smoke and also used various lip balms but still my lips gets dark ,what should I do?

  44. Comment:I believe it will work, cause the acidic content of lemon juice is very oxidising and can wipe out some dark spots on the lip. But it do have side effects@poali johan.
    Anyway thanks for your efforts towards helping us get a pink lip. Thanks alot!

  45. Comment: Am fair in Complexion, i dont smoke but my lips is black.. sometimes, after I finish brushing my teeth, my lips will be reddish but will turn to black again during day time, pls what should I do?

  46. Can i use maybelline new york baby lip bam?? Will it helpful in enhancing colour permanently?? Plzzz tell me 😃

  47. Comment: I have been using the exfoliating therapy by dampening my toothbrush and gently brushing my lips in a circular motion. But going through this review I will adopt the honey and lemon therapy!! Keep up the good work ma. After using this can I still apply lip balm during the day.

  48. Please i used to have pink lips up until recently when it started getting darker…pls what should i do and please do recommend some lip balms for me.

    • Hi Thomas,
      Why your lips are getting darker? Do you guess the reason? Cut off that reason, hope you will get back your pink lips. You can use any lip balm made with natural ingredients, like beeswax, vitamin E, or other natural oils.


  49. hello..I am a guy and I have pink lips buh it’s a lil bit dull..plz can I use bioaqua pinklips cream to boost the colour of my lips

    • Hi Moses,
      Just rub your lips with honey and mashed rose petals daily once before going to sleep and leave the mixture on the lips for the whole night. It will give back the suppleness on the lips.

      Or you can use a good lip balm made with natural elements, like beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, etc.


  50. Hello DLT,my name is naveen,I have black lips since my childhood,I didn’t smoke ,It is only a genetic problem my mom having same lips, Then what can we do now to get a pink or reddish lips plz tell me…

  51. Hi
    I am Tushar Sharma from India
    My lips are more darker or say, black from it’s outline(border) and is darker, less brighter, and a little hard also.
    Tell me the solution
    In India there are no lip bam for men.. So, can you suggest me one.

  52. Comment:pls comment my lips is a littel bit red and a littel bit dark pls if i use dis remedy hope it will work watin 4 ur reply tanks paoli

  53. Comment: pls I have been trying it for some days now and my lip is somehow darkish pink in color after I might have use aloe vera unripe lemon and honey on it……
    should I continue with dat??
    and for how long?

    • Hi, are your lips are dark from birth or naturally? If so, the lips cannot be bright.
      If smoking, sun rays or other things cause your lips dark, then you can brighten your lips.

      Better will be if you use honey and lemon juice. Lemon juice will remove the darkness of the lips gradually. it will take a few months like the darkness grows on the lips gradually.


  54. hy my name is fawad, my lips are very dark and i often use lemon juice and rose water, after this treatment it feels much dryness then before, what should i do??????
    Please help

  55. Hi,
    Im sam and im 17 years old my lips are dark may be because of smoking and l lick my lips too. What should i do to get pink lips

    Thank you

    • Hi Sumit,
      Give up smoking and use honey and lemon juice mixture on the lips. Mix some honey with some lemon juice and rub it onto the lips for 2 minutes. Do it daily once. It will remove the darkness.

      But, if you don’t give up smoking, the remedies will not work.


  56. So I have the opposite problem, I feel like my lips are too light and blend into my skin so my mouth looks like a small slit on my face. This especially looks bad when I smile. How do I make my lips more full or at least appear to be?

    • Hi Aiman,
      You cannot use toothpaste to scrub or exfoliate your lips. Better you can use honey on the lips.


    • Hi Komal,
      No, you will not get pink lips because nothing can lighten natural dark lips. You can lighten your dark lips if you have achieved them by smoking, sun rays, etc.


  57. what the hell it does’nt work yet can you tell me a good thing to make my lips turn to pink or red
    I did not smoke even a time .but my lips are turning vigorusly black .how terrible .i dont like me self because of my black lip can you share a good idea .please

    • Hi Danish,
      As you don’t smoke and your lips are getting dark; think it can be a different issue. You should talk to a dermatologist or doctor.

      Thanks and best of luck

    • Hi Pelumi,
      You can do that but don’t use honey and sugar more than two times a week.


  58. Comment:I wiped all dried and black cells on my lips away with one of your prescriptions for just a day.I scrubbed a soft tootbrush on my lips gently and restored my natural pink lips

  59. hi my name is clinton and i wanna ask,should i use the lemon first or the honey first or should just. mix the two

  60. Hi guys can you please help,my lips are red,the lower lip.I dont know whether its alcohol or smoking but i jst quited both its about 2 weeks now,please help me how to get my natural lips back again.

    • Hi,
      It is not for smoking. Smoking causes lips dark. It will be better if you talk to a doctor.

    • Yes, you can mix them. But, better if the sugar is brown. Use it in the morning then you will get fresh and light lips all over the day.


    • Hi,
      You can use lime juice but mix it with honey. Just one or two drops with one teaspoon of honey. Be careful if you have sensitive or dry prone lip skin.

    • Hi,
      you can use lime juice but mix it with honey. 1-2 drops of lime juice with one teaspoon of honey. And rub it onto the lips for one minute.

    • Hi Alex, yes, it does. Not only that aloe vera can soothe the lips from sunburned or dryness. it also removes fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. Dark spots can be also lightened with aloe vera. thanks


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