How to Cure Dark Lips Easily with Home Remedies

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
how to cure dark lips fast with home remedies

Dark lips are a bad impression for people as darkness decreases the natural beauty and color of the lips. Particularly, women and girls dislike dark lips. They always wish to get red and pink lips.

But, unluckily people experience dark lips because of their ill behavior with the lips including smoking, having alcohol or caffeine, sun exposure, using bad cosmetics etc. Or you may have obtained darkness on the lips from your birth, such as the people of the African or Indian subcontinent.

People try different remedies to cure their dark lips, either home remedies or cosmetic procedures. Home remedies need a few months of time to lighten your dark lips while cosmetics or products can lighten lips fast but they are costly. Home remedies also have some beneficial features like moisturizers, nutrients, and healthy effects on the lips.

How to Cure Dark Lips

If you smoke, just quit smoking. You will acquire bright lips within a short time. Lipsticks or creams can cover the discoloration of the lips in a few seconds. There are many long lasting lipsticks on the market that offer color as you like.

Today, I will basically show you some natural treatment and products to cure your dark lips quickly and permanently without damaging your lip’s natural color and tone.

8 Best Home Remedies to Cure Dark Lips Naturally

Home remedies are very smooth and gentle to eliminate dark lips. They eradicate blackness of the lip skin slowly. However, here I described 5 very, very effective natural stuff to lighten your dark lips fast.

1. Rose PetalsHow to Cure Dark Lips Fast

Rose petals are extreme components for skin care. Women use rose petals to take care of their various parts of the body. You may have heard, the ancient women would take a bath with milk and rose water.

Rose petals are comprised of soothing, natural bright color, and moisturizing. You can apply rose petal treatment to cure your black lips fast on any occasion/party and it will deliver pinkish or rosy tints on your lips for several hours.

I have written a new article on how to lighten dark lips instantly with rose petals. You should read it. If you have your friend birthday or marriage anniversary, you can undoubtedly apply this remedy to have gorgeous pinkish and natural lips.

2. HoneyHow to Cure Dark Lips Fast

Honey (buy it from Amazon) is another outstanding natural material to moisturize, soften and lighten the discolored lips. It consists of natural humectant. That means honey let your lips soft in natural ways. It gets rid of dark lips if you use regularly.

Take some pure honey in a small bowl. Soak a cotton ball in the honey. Run your lips with this cotton ball politely for some minutes. You will take this remedy before sleeping at night. After massaging, let some honey on the lips across the whole night. Have honey-smooth soft lips for the entire day.

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3. Lemon JuiceHow to Cure Dark Lips Fast

No other natural stuff is as powerful as lemon to bleach the skin. Lemon contains natural bleaching agents. It reduces dark shades, wrinkles or fine lines of the lips. Simply pat your lip skin with lemon juice for 4 minutes when you have time. Follow this treatment unless you will have bright lips.

4. BeetrootHow to Cure Dark Lips Fast

Beetroot is also a supernatural way to cure your dark lips. It contains gorgeous red color and has natural bleaching components. This bleaching stuff mainly eradicates your black lips. Blend some beetroot and apply it to your lips. You can do it when you get time. Rub your lips with this paste for 3 minutes, then stay it for 30 minutes on the lips. Wash your lips and see your pinkish pout.

5. PomegranateHow to Cure Dark Lips Fast

Pomegranate has some moisturizer, hydration, and bleaching properties. It hydrates, moisturizes and leave bright tints on your lips at a time. Blend some pomegranate seeds, carrot, and raspberries together. Apply this paste to your lips daily. You will experience pink lips within a few weeks.

6. Cucumber Juicehow to cure dark lips fast with home remedies

It is another wonderful home remedy to treat dark lips. Cucumber mainly contains water but it has some skin bleaching agents that will reduce the pigments from your lips. Cucumber also soothes and hydrates the skin. Often I use this insane vegetable to get rid of my dark circles under eyes. Oh! Girls and ladies you can do it. And, hope you will get a fantastic result with bright eye skin.

Anyway, cut a cucumber into some thinner slices. Rub one slice onto the lips for one minute. Then cleanse off the lips. By this process, dead skin cells on the lips also will be gone away with dark spots. Or you can apply some cucumber juice directly onto the lips. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse off your lips. Follow cucumber treatment just 2-3 times a week. Must use a lip balm after cleaning off the lips otherwise your lips may be dried.

7. Potatoeshow to cure dark lips fast with home remedies

I like potatoes with my all menus. Without potatoes, there are no dishes in our region (Indian subcontinent). Grab this No-1 vegetable for your skin care. It works nicely to hydrate and lighten the skin tone. If your lips are dark, then you can also use it.

Blend a potato and apply it on the lips. Wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse off your lips and use your favorite lip balm to moisturize them. Or you can apply its juice alone over the lips before sleeping or any time of the day. Let it stay for 7 minutes and then wipe off the lips and condition them with a lip balm. I like Vaseline petroleum jelly for my lips as a night care.

8. Olive Oilhow to cure dark lips fast with home remedies

Oils are basically conditioners for skin, face and lip care. I use olive oil (buy it from Amazon) all over my body in winter and it keeps my body hydrated all day long. Hey, girls, you can try it. I also use olive oil on my lips when I come back home. It protects my lips from harsh weather of winter. Yes! This anti-aging oil can also brighten up your dark skin.

Soak a cotton ball in olive oil and rub it onto the lips gently for one minute. Then put some oil on the lips for 10 minutes and wipe off the lips with a tissue. It will hydrate the lips deeply. Or you can mix 3 drops of olive oil with 2 drops of coconut oil (as you wish) in a small bowl. Apply this mixture to the lips and massage them with your fingertips for 2 minutes. Then cleanse off the lips and use a tinted lip balm if it is winter. (Tinted lip balm can cover both color and hydration, no need lipstick). Or you can use lip oil pen like Burt’s Bees 100 % Natural Moisturizing Tinted Lip Oil Pen.

Products to Cure Dark Lips

A different number of products are available in the online shop or market. You can also cure your dark lips by using them. I wrote about two creams that are amazing to remove dark lips, also make your lips dazzling. The creams are formulated with some active natural elements. See them below:

Treatment to Cure Dark Lips

If you have discoloration of the lips from the birth, the above ways may not work well for you. In this event, better to use any effective treatment. Nowadays, plastic surgery is being used randomly to beautify the skin. If you wish, you can have this type of treatment. Read the article to take a clear view: Laser Treatment for Dark LipsOf course, we don’t suggest this type of treatment for dark lips.

Do These Extra Things for Brighter Lips

  • Avoid smoking. Read Also: some fast ways to remove dark lips from smoking.
  • Have less amount of caffeine like tea or coffee. Try to take 2 cups a day.
  • Avoid sun rays. Apply sunscreen rich lip cream or balm while going in the sun.
  • Take lots of water, 10 glasses a day.
  • Wipe the makeup off from face and lips before going to bed in the night.
  • Apply luxurious/costly lip products.
  • Don’t lick your lips.
  • Avoid taking a breath from the mouth.
  • Wear a scarf in the cold or rough weather/wind. It protects the mouth from the dry wind.
  • Rub your lips with the toothbrush gently while cleaning your teeth. It eradicates impurities of the lips.
  • Exfoliate your lips once a week.

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At the end, apply home remedies to cure your dark lips if you have experienced them from your habitual changes. You will get pink lips gradually by natural components. In birth-dark lips, the other treatments will be good. You can also apply the natural stuff. Hi guys, share your ways how you cure your dark lips. Have your lips beautiful.


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