How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Updated: September 26, 2019
how to choose the best flat iron for natural hair

Girls I’ll ask you this, what is the most experimented part of your body?  The answer, it’s our long or short beautiful crown of ours called HAIR. We curl it, straighten it, braid it, dye it, and so on. Are we feeling guilty yet?? Nonsense we enjoy doing it, so what’s the point. It makes us look better and MAKE US FEEL GREAT.

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Choosing a product that straightens our hair only needs the best and that’s the reason why you had stumbled on this article. Well, here to guide you. Below are the different criterions in finding the best flat iron that will suit your hair like frizzy, curly, natural or African-American hair.

What Is It Made From?How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Ceramic plated hair flat irons are the most common and popular products to date. The reason is that they heat up evenly and heats up extremely fast just as soon as you setup. It has a smooth finish making your hair look silky, shiny and more importantly healthy.

Titanium plated hair flat irons are more expensive than the ceramic ones. It is extremely strong and lightweight which is convenient for women with long hairs making it easy for them to style quickly and perfectly. It also maintains heat longer even if you had shut down the power source. (Buy a titanium plated hair iron from Amazon)

Tourmaline plated hair flat irons make use of the negative ions they emit during the straightening process. The styling tool is infused with prismatic crystals that are finely powdered. Positive ions can cause dry and damaged hair with this tool helps to counteract the damage by closing the cuticle located in the hair shaft. (Buy tourmaline plated hair flat irons from Amazon)

Are you feeling a bit torn between the three? Don’t worry some products sold in the market has evolved wherein Ceramic infused Tourmaline plated and Tourmaline or Titanium-Infused Design flat irons are now available.

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Reliable and Adjustable ControlsHow to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Natural Hair

Heat is the most important factor in a flat iron for delivering the best results. Experts advise us that a temperature range of 347 to 419 Fahrenheit for 5 minutes can cause damage in your hairs. Overheating? Rest assured that most flat iron products have a controlled heat rise not more than 410 Fahrenheit. This is a response to popular belief that the flat iron will work faster if the settings are high is a big NO, NO!!

FYI Thick and long hairs only require 350 to 400 Fahrenheit and 250 to 300 Fahrenheit for thin and small hairs.

Putting the temperature on a low setting will not, I REPEAT, will not lessen the damage to your hair. The truth is that you will tend to straighten the same piece of hair over and over again making your hair severely hurt and be damaged beyond repair.

The smell of burning hair indicates that you have not dried you hair enough and of course you have overstayed your flat iron in one area. The most logical thing to do is to Stop.

 Flat Iron’s Plate Size

When buying a flat iron one of the important considerations is the plate size for short and long hair. The average plate size is one inch but there are also others to choose from like the 05 inch which is good for your bangs and short hair.

You should bear in mind to not to straighten to close to the scalp. The 1 and 2-inch width plate are perfect in straightening hair quickly. The 2.5 inch and more are bigger wherein they cover more hair in a short period of time.

BIGGER DOESN’T MEAN BETTER, why? It is heavier and prone to accidents such as over-ironing. It also makes it difficult to get down to your roots when flat ironing.

When you have different hair lengths best advice is to have two or more flat irons.

Sturdy Accessories/ Features

Automatic Shutoff Feature: Running late in the morning after flat ironing your hair and rushing to work to beat the traffic, made you forget if you had turned the flat iron off?  OMG! Be prepared to be homeless. Just kidding!

The scenario above has happened at least once in our lifetime and safety is the most important issue. Most modern flat irons have an automatic shutoff feature which will turn off after a certain period of non-use. GREAT RIGHT?!

The Grip and Glove: The grip can get hot after a period of use. Invest with heat resistant gloves or grips made of rubber so you can actually straighten your hair without burning your hand. Also, consider the nonslip grip design some of the flat irons available in the market to avoid accidents.

If the flat iron is small it is good with small handed women but when the flat iron has a large grip it may be uncomfortable and may cause harm than good. Keep in mind that the overall size and weight of the flat iron should be supported comfortably by your hand.

The Cord: When you consider buying a flat iron, look at the cord, does it swivels? If yes, buy it. You don’t want to go Medusa when you try to untangle the cord rather than concentrating on your hair. The swivel cord is so convenient since it will swivel the tangles away.

The length of the cord can limit the movement you make, especially when you straighten on the back of your head. This will also affect the distance you are staying to the electric outlet and the mirror you are using.

Dual Voltage System Flat Irons: This feature is convenient to travel ladies that brings their flat irons literally everywhere. When traveling to different cities the current that flows varies from one to another. The range of current the merchandise can handle whether it is 110/125v or 220/250v currents or even both may create damage or it may operate smoothly. If this is not present in the product you bought do bring an adapter plug and always check the label at the back. (Buy a dual voltage system flat iron from Amazon)

Does It Have A Warranty?

A great investment is when you can get more than you are asking for.

Spending a lot on a flat iron that has a warranty, does make a good difference in the decision you make. Try to find a flat iron with a one-year warranty and also be sure that it is available to you as a consumer not as a hair stylist.

All products produced are inspected and should be within standards when given to you to be used.  When that product got broken within a month with very good reasons, go and exchange it for a brand new one with your warranty.

Always remember to follow your heart but take your brain with you when you buy a flat iron.

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