How to Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
how to apply red lipstick perfectly

To pump up your look, nothing is better than your red lips. And red lips are, no doubt, sexier. But, unfortunately, all women are not inherited to reddish lips. The Lipstick Queen, Poppy King said you can make perfect kissable red lips. [S]

It may be seemed making the lips truly red is very simple, actually, it takes some clearer steps that you should follow to have classic prettier red lips.

Anyway, here I have disclosed those tips and go for better red rosier lips that will actually talk about your beauty. (I have also discussed how to choose perfect red lipstick and its formula in the below). Well, let’s see-

How to Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly

  1. Moisturize Your Lipshow to apply red lipstick perfectly

Why you smooth out your lips before applying lipstick? First, the matte finish looks flaky. Second, smoothness let the color stay more hours. Third, the lip color looks more appealing and fourth, lip color goes not uneven on dry, cracked lips.

If your lips have peeling skin cells, use a sugar-honey scrub to remove them (don’t scrub more than two times a week. If your lips have not dead skin cells, it no needs to exfoliate them). Then follow up with a lip balm or moisturizer. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly you can use or the lip balm made with natural ingredients, like beeswax, Shea butter, vitamin C, etc. You can use L’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm. Use your fingertips to smooth out your lips with the balm. Rub slowly and stretch out the lips to soften all the folds. It will make the lips baby-soft.

See all about how to exfoliate your lips with home remedies  

  1. Use A Concealer Out of the Edgeshow to apply red lipstick perfectly

The main purpose to outline the lips with a highlighter is to create an attention to the lips for a visible contrast between your skin and the red lip color. Apply a light highlighter or concealer to make the lips more exoteric. Use a brush to blend the concealer rightly so that the skin looks more natural.

  1. Shape Your Lips with A Lip Liner/Pencilhow to apply red lipstick perfectly

Lip liner gives you a particular gap where to apply the lipstick in and not to allow outside that. Start on the outline of the lips and then fill the lips entirely with your liner. Red or nude lip liner with waxy coating works greater to fill out the every grove of the lips. Besides, it makes the lips smooth for perfect lipstick shade craving. If you like bigger lips, you can just draw the lip liner from the outlines of your lips. To prevent the lipstick from bleeding and running, use a reverse liner too. Remove the outline color with a makeup remover on a Q-tip (cotton bud) for a fresh lip look.

  1. Apply the Lipstickhow to apply red lipstick perfectly

You can either apply the lipstick directly from the tube or use a brush to coat the lips with the lip color precisely. Make sure the surface of the lips gets the color perfectly. Do some puckers to make the shade complete driven.

  1. Apply A Glosshow to apply red lipstick perfectly

If you want more dramatic lips, you can apply a lip gloss. It makes your lips shiny and soft. If you like just a matte look, no need to wear a gloss. Just a red lipstick is enough. And remove the excessive color with a tissue.

  1. Remove the Excessive Shade/Colorhow to apply red lipstick perfectly

I saw many women had nice lip color, but it had been smudged. I also saw they had lipstick color to their teeth because they had not wiped off the extra color. Push the index finger in your mouth and take it out slowly. Or place a tissue between your lips and then press the tissue with the lips. This way you can prevent the lip color from smearing to teeth or mouth corners. Or use a concealer to blend the color to the outer facial skin.

Some Tips to Apply Red Lipstick Accurately

  • A soft lighter skin and neutral eye makeup look more classic with red lips.
  • Use a good quality lipstick instead of checking the fading of the color frequently.
  • Wipe off the shade that has gone out of the lip lines.
  • Reapply the lipstick if you see the color has smeared off. It will keep your lips fresh.
  • Use lip foundation to let the lipstick stay longer hours.
  • Don’t test the color on your hands. It cannot give you the best-suited shade. Test the color on your lips, and then wipe it off with a tissue.
  • Use a red lipstick with orange undertones if your skin tone is warm (green veins mean warm skin tone).
  • Use a red lipstick with blue undertones if your skin tone is cool (blue veins mean cool skin tone).
  • If the lip pencil is not moisturizing, you can use a lip balm on the lip pencil.

How to Choose Perfect Red Colored Lipstick

All red lip colors are not fit for all skin types. There are varieties of red shades. You have to choose the right shade as per your skin type. Then your lips get into sexy and pretty.

True Red for Fair Skin: The true candy apple red looks more appealing on the fairer tone with a doll-like-porcelain skin. This lovely color gets a better contrast with a fairer skin woman. You can enjoy hotter warm lips if you choose the shades of blue undertones. See below two true red lipsticks:

Coral Red for Beige Skin: Coral red with golden undertones goes to perfectly sophisticated for the beige skin. The red with very subtle pumpkin-y undertones looks fantastic rather than a super orange shade. All these combinations make you really noticeable if you avoid costume-y in this makeup. Two coral red lip shades:

Brick Red for Medium Skin: Medium skin looks a little bit tanned. Avoid wearing the very deep brick red. Pick up the shade that is a slightly richer and darker, but not cherry red. Simply, it will be a bold brick red lipstick and you can bring out a classic lip look with this shade on your medium skin tone. See what lip colors look better on the medium dark skin.

Pink Undertone Red for Olive Skin: The red with pink undertones means the red from the brightness of raspberry and fuschia. The brighter berry red color gets perfectly accentuated, warm and complimented with copper-rich skin. Don’t look for a neon-bright berry red because it may create a very young or old appearance. See what lipstick shades get a fantastic look on olive skin.

Purple Red for Chocolate Skin: Choose the red shade equals to an under-ripe plum or an ultra-ripe pomegranate. It will be more lucrative with a little bit of glitter or gold iridescence. The deep chocolate really looks incredible with a lovely chic look purple-red shade. Two purple lipsticks:

Cherry Red for Coffee Skin: Pick up the glossy bright red with blue undertones. This shade creates a nice contrast with the coffee skin. The bright cherry red maybe looks more lucrative with the black coffee skin. Two best cherry red lip colors are:

How to Choose Perfect Formula for Red Lipstick

There are different types of lip color formula, out of them you need to pick up the best suitable one considering your skin complexion, makeup, dresses and time of the day. See how you can choose the lipstick formula rightly.

Glossy Red Lip Color: Many women do not like glossy red lipsticks. The tone, shade, and invention of glossy lip color now have been changed. Now the glossy lipstick is being more modernized to add the sophisticated look to your lips. Nowadays the glossy lip colors are not sparkle. You can apply glossy lipstick alone or over a matte finish just to let the color stay more time. It creates an extra elegance on your lips.

Matte Red Lip Color: It is nowadays the most popular lip color formula. Matte finish simply creates a hotter and sexier look on your lips. This style also goes for hours. You can wear it for daytime or nighttime. Matte lip color does not feather or fade away.

Stain Red Lip Color: The stain lipstick is generally liquid or hybrid glossy lip color. It covers your lips with a matte finish for 8-12 hours sure coverage. The lip stain lipsticks are up-and-coming in the world of lip makeup. If you want to enjoy your pout more beautifully for longer hours, you can wear the stain. Just one problem you may feel, it is difficult to remove. See two excellent stain red lipsticks:

Tinted Red Moisturizing Color: The tinted moisturizing lipsticks are basically the hued lip balm. You will found lots of rouge shades out of the tinted lip balms. The bigger benefit of this formula is you will have tinted and moisturized colorful lips with just a single lip color. It is also easy to remove and slightly translucent. If you have very little time, just blush your lips with a tinted lip balm. It gives you a slightly glossy finish. In winter, for dry lips the tinted moisturizing lip color is perfect. Two best-tinted lip balms are:

For any occasion to get hotter sexy red rosy lips, follow the above steps and take the attention with your splashing red pout. Go beyond the red luxury.


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