How to Apply Matte Lipstick Perfectly Without Mess

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
How to Apply Matte Lipstick Perfectly

The name ‘matte’ is a story itself. Now the trend is matte and the life is matte as well. It is almost impossible to find any aesthetic lover not to have wearing matte lipstick.

Beauty queens all over the world are flaunting their look with matte and making new statements. And, yeah those colors are great. We cannot just deny.

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So, let’s get a look into this matter named “Matte” and find out how to apply matte lipstickhow to apply matte lipstick perfectly perfectly. This lipstick surely gives out vibe of Paris fashion week runway. Fashion on your way.

What Is Matte Lipstick

Lipsticks are cosmetic products for coloring lips and also it happens to be the most popular form of cosmetic throughout the world. They have colorful pigments, oils, wax, and emollients.

When it comes to a matte lipstick, it has more filling agents like silica but not as many emollients. When worn on lips they leave a velvety finish. Matte lipsticks allow us to cover the whole lips evenly at one slide.

The colors are also rich. They dry instantly and do not smudge or spill. But, they will give the look of plush lips. It is not that shiny but has a flash which is not overpowering, the colors seem natural and the colors are real boldies. Some matte lipsticks get darker with another coat of it. The lipstick does not feather either seeping into the fine lines in your skin.

They last longer too without getting damaged. So, no need to apply over and over. You can cover up a whole event with one stroke in the dressing room. Miselnecky says, “We’re using new polymers that can create a comfortable, long lasting film”. And it is kiss-proof (wink to the love birds). Really, the color seems to be holding intact like forever and does not feel heavy on the skin.

And the great part is through recent studies and experiments, matte lipstick has been turned into lip balm. In the past, lipsticks used to be dehydrating because of the poor quality of its making. Now the waxes are as light as feathers and have clearer and darker appearance.

So, a minimum amount of powder dyes is allowing for filling more hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. Oils extracted from plants, vitamins and such as. Today’s formulas are 1000 times better than those of 5 years ago. Sesnek also confirms to it.

How Is Matte Different from Others

Matte is definitely different. We can see the difference. All eye on the colors. It is the color that makes us go crazy, flat crazy. The colors are so damn good. It suits anyone anywhere. We can carry out any look, function, style, code with matte on lips.

They can be seductive, funny, alluring, plain; yet elegant and sophisticated. The textures make it naturally yet flashy. It is fashionable anytime and easy to apply. Work time or fun time, we can do both. Age is not a factor here either. Anyone of any age can pull on this piece of cosmetic.

It covers up Shimmer, Sheer, Satin, Glossy and yet has its uniqueness in it. The deep opaque colors are the thing now. The pitch dark yet soft colors are treats to the eye. It is the “matte” that we are currently “mad” about.

Matte Lipsticks throughout the Year

After checking numerous list, award shows, polls, reviews and what-not we have brought 3 picks for each season that will make you a fashionista throughout the year.

These colors go perfectly with all atmospheres. The color the seasons bring on the earth’s heart. It is complementing them making you one of them. You know like our fairy tale stories, fairies showings signs and similarities of the season and environment (I love those animation series!!! Winx!!!).





Matte Lipsticks According to Your Skin Undertones

Undertones are those hidden pigmentations in the skin that come out only when we go with the wrong colors. So, it is equally important to know your skin undertone and use shades according. They usually are known as warm, neutral or cool colors.

To detect your undertone, we can run a test. If going under the sun and it burns your skin then your undertones are cooler. In case of tan, they are warmer. Or you can check your veins on your wrist. If they are blue then it usually means cool and green means warm. And if you cannot tell then you are most probably neutral.

Once discovered, go with the lipstick complementing to your undertones. Like for cool ones, we choose blue-toned lipstick like reds that are classic and really deep and for warmer ones, look for colors like peach and orange which are the perfect match.

A short and real short thing (people have so many undertones and tones with weather and time of the day, lighting color changes and it is really hard to generalize them in formulas) if it is the neutral or medium side try brown-mauve, darker skin go with berry, deep purple, olive skin can pull of red orange. True pink, red and orange complement to the people with really fair skin.

The process of finding your true color is long and hard. You have to try on and reject various tubes of color and change your style too so, best of luck with that. But, it is worth as you look great and that makes you feel great.

How to Apply Matte Lipstick Perfectly

It is not easy to look picture perfect. Nor it is done in few hours like a wand swishing magic spell. You have to do some extra things with the ordinary to be the extraordinary.

Before applying matte on your lips, have to make your lips worthy of the matte lipstick. So, how to make your lips perfect for coloring:

Step 1# Prepare the Lips with Exfoliationhow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

It is very important to prepare your lips for a perfect texture as matte lipstick tends to bring out all the flaws of your lips (not happy with that). So, it is salient to have the lips turned into soft smooth like rose petals.

Dry cracked lips, dead skins on the lips will make your lipstick look rough and uneven. So, exfoliating will help you with the peelings and all and give you baby-like lips. Sugar scrubs, different DIY’s or gentle exfoliation with a soft bristle tooth brush will do the job.

Sugar Exfoliation for Lips: Take some sugar and mix it with olive oil and honey. Very gently massage it on your lips for a couple of minutes. Rinse off. And voila! Your soft smooth gorgeous lips!

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Step 2# Adding Moisturehow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

After exfoliation moisturizing is a must. It will keep your matte look fresh. Apply some moisturizing lip balm or oils like argan, coconut or sweet almond oil. They will make them real glossy and moisturized. All your cracks will be filled and texture restored. Your lips will slip like butter. So, matte will have a better finish on them.

In the past, matte would make your lips dried and cracked but with today’s revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetic technology, the matte lipstick has become a moisturizer itself. Now, the matte can make your lips gorgeous and keep them healthy at the same time. But, yet apply some moisturizer before so the matte looks good and helps to keep good.

Step 3# Waiting Timehow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

Don’t apply the lipstick right after. Wait for it. If you apply right on then the texture will be too creamy and the lipstick may come off easily as well. It will not be that lasting. Wait for the balm or oil (whatever you have applied) to soak in. Making its way in the deeper layer and drying off from the surface. So, what to do while you wait? What about doing rest of the makeup. If you plan to have any or double check your purse, mobile, money if you are taking them with you or not (I tend to forget things a lot, you see).

Step 4# Popping Out the Colorhow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

We love to pop out the real color. Mattes colors are awesome and we mainly love them for those bold varieties of never-ending, satisfying, highly-pigmented, unique colors. So, it is obvious to bring the most of them in the display.

To bring out the true shade of your matte, touch up your lips with a concealer. Choose one that matches your skin. Concealers will help to flush out the colors properly. Any color, red, pink, blue will just pop up in its best hue.

How to Apply and Get a Smooth Matte Finish

Now, here comes the star. Our stick of attraction-catching color. These are the steps and procedures to follow for the look to come out as it should be.

Step 5# Start with Lining out Your Lipshow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

Line your lips for the perfect shape. While choosing a liner, do not consider the color of your lipstick but keep in mind the color of your skin. That will seal the deal. You will get a neat clean beautiful result.

Start with drawing an “x” on your cupid bow, fill your lips and make a way for the matte to glide on. It will be your base. Here is a small tip to draw a line for the perfect shape. After you make an “x”, put dots around the lip and slightly join them later. The lining will also help to keep the lipstick on your lips for a longer time.

Step 6# Apply the Mattehow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

This is a bit critical but does not let the situation get held on the best of you. Whether you use the tube directly or apply with a brush, try to do it swiftly with one stroke. This will make the application precise. Charge on!

Step 7# Rub Not, Loose Nothow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

Matte is not like other lip colorings. So, like sheer or gloss do not rub or use your lips to spread them. Instead of using a lip brush to cover up all the corners and left outs. Only like this, you will get that professional like look.

Step 8# Coatinghow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

Not all mate needs coating. In fact, with an extra coat, the color gets deeper. So, the more coat, the deeper color. Choose the color you want to come out.

Step 9# Blottinghow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

To make your lipstick last longer, blot it with a tissue and reapply again. Intensity and longevity will increase. You will also avoid the cakey-drying look of your lips.

Step 10# Precision Tipshow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

To make it precise and perfect, have to clean up the edges that went out the line. Dip a brush or Q-tip in the previous concealer and hide them. Clean up the imperfection and flaws (we cannot be perfect all the time but we sure know how to tackle them all time).

Step 11# Powder Therapyhow to apply matte lipstick perfectly

Take a tissue and pull apart the layers. Place it lightly on your lips and using a brush put some translucent powder on the tissue. Thus, it will last longer. Apply another coat if you want.

To keep your lipsticks on your lips and not on your teeth after applying any lipstick, stick your index finger in your mouth and pull it out. It will keep your white enamels white.

Most Popular Shades of Matte Lipstick

Check out these fascinating shades of matte. You will love these babies. They are literally shouting, “It’s my color going in for the kill”.

  1. theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Lip Color in Committed
  2. Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick in Wicked
  3. Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Matte Fearless
  4. Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Nude Flush
  5. Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick in Violet Red

Well, this can be your good guide for developing a perfect matte look. Making your own look that will define you is not easy and it will never stay the same. As you grow up, you will put on a new dimension that will define you. Whatever, do not imitate. It is not worthy to live in some ones else shade. Go and explore your own color. Get guidance but never copy.


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