How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Last Updated: December 29, 2017
how to apply liquid lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are now trending a lot. There are lots of benefits of wearing liquid lipstick. It is long lasting. Just dab a stroke and go for hours. It goes to the matte finish style. You have no tension of bleeding. Liquid lipstick does not wipe off by kissing, eating or drinking.

You won’t need a lip liner to define your lips. Even you don’t need to apply lip gloss on it. Just one coat gives you more satisfaction. And you will find thousands of shades and colors for every seasons and time.

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Of course, as liquid lipstick is long lasting, it may dry out your lips. So, use a lip balm before wearing lipstick.

To get perfect pro lips, you have to apply the liquid lipstick correctly and only then you will have prettier and sexier lips.

Follow the below steps and hope, from right now you can apply your liquid lipstick flawlessly.

Of course, you have to pick up the quality and best brand’s liquid lipstick; otherwise, your beauty will be vain. At the end, I will suggest you some best seller liquid lipsticks.

10 Easy Steps to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

  1. Exfoliate Your LipsHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

If you have dry or chapped lips, you have to exfoliate your lips before applying your liquid lipstick. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells, evens out the skin tone and also moisturizes the lips. After exfoliating the lips, just cleanse them with a makeup removal wiper. As lips become even and smooth through exfoliation, now lipstick will stay a long time, look steady and not bleed. Better to exfoliate your lips two times a week. Choose your lip scrub from:

  1. Moisturize Your LipsHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Liquid lipsticks are mostly used because they can stay a longer time. So, it may dry out the lips. Better idea to dab some lip balm before applying your favorite liquid lipstick. It will keep the lips not only soft but also protected them from the sun or dry air.

Use a wax base natural lip balm. If your lips get burned easily in the sun, you can use SPF lip balm. Moisturizing lips before applying lipstick also let the lipstick stay for hours. You can also use a tinted lip balm. Nude is my favorite one.

After applying the lip balm, press your two lips gently to transfer the balm evenly both on the lips. Or rubbing your finger onto the lips, you can make the lip balm precise. Then kiss your hands on and it will remove the excess glossy part of the lip balm. And now your lips are soft but not sticky. Two best seller lip balms are:

  1. Apply Highlighter SlightlyHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Apply some highlighter on your cupid’s bow to smooth out this area. You can also use a highlighter on the other lip lines if you need to smooth out them. The curved area right above the upper lip is called cupid’s bow. Highlighter mainly helps to make the lips look natural by reflecting the light. But, don’t use more highlighter then you will look unexpected.

  1. Apply Some ConcealerHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Liquid lipstick can go bleed when you sweat or the weather is hot. Apply some concealer around your lip lines and it will prevent the lips from bleeding onto the skin around the lips. Use the concealer that resembles your face makeup or foundation. You can use a brush or sponge to apply the concealer. I always use a sponge to spread the concealer around my lips. But, I use the brush for my face.

  1. Use A Lip Liner (Optional)How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Using a lip liner is not necessary. But, I like it and follow this trick. Lip liner will just define your lips by shaping a space where you have to put the lipstick color. You can just apply lip liner above your cupid’s bow or on all lip corners. First, start with the cupid’s bow and go to the center of your lips. Do the same on the opposite side of the cupid’s bow. Now line all the outer edges of your lips. Pick your favorite lip liner:

  1. Now Apply Your Favorite Liquid LipstickHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

What your favorite lipstick color? My one is RED. And I showed here how to apply red liquid lipstick perfectly. First, start from the corners of your lower lips. Line the edges of your lower lips with your liquid lipstick. Then slowly and gently fill the lower lips.

Now press your two lips together. It will transfer some color to the upper lips and make the lower lips even, light and clean.

Now start to the upper lips. Line the cupid’s bow with your liquid lipstick and then go to the all edges of the upper lips. And fill the upper lips gently. Press your both lips together softly and it will distribute the lipstick color evenly.

You can use a lipstick applicator brush or apply the color directly. I like the brush. It helps me to put the lipstick color evenly and smoothly.

  1. Blot Your Lips on A Tissue PaperHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

The extra lip color may make your lips look odd and shiny. Remove the excess color with a tissue paper. Put a tissue between your lips and press it with them softly. It will remove the glossy color and you will get a matte finish look.

  1. Correct The MistakesHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

Liquid lipstick is hard to remove. It gets set on the lips quickly. If any extra color is out of the lip lines, wipe off it with a cotton swab. Dip the cotton swab into the cold cream and wipe off the extra color out of the edges.

  1. Apply Concealer AgainHow to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

To make the lip edges natural and clean, apply some concealer out of the lips matching with your face makeup. It will ensure perfectly neat and clean lips. In this phase, use a concealer brush.

  1. You May Apply Lip Gloss (Optional)How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Perfectly

If you want, you may apply a lip gloss on your liquid lipstick. Of course, for lip gloss, the color may go off easily through eating, kissing or drinking. But, I suggest not to taking lip gloss on liquid lipstick.

The Best Seller Liquid Lipsticks

These are the steps you should follow to apply your favorite liquid lipstick perfectly. As liquid lipstick goes to matte finish quickly and stays for hours, you may need to remove this lipstick with a makeup remover. Wipe off all colors and then rinse off your lips. This process may dry out your lips. So, don’t forget to moisturize your lips again with a natural lip balm. Now go go van.



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