How to Apply Lipstick on Dark Lips Perfectly with Video

Make your dark lips hotter with these tips and lipsticks

Updated: September 26, 2019
How to Apply Lipstick on Dark Lips Perfectly with Video

If you are from Asia, India, Afro-America or Africa and have dark, brown, pigmented or tanning lips; often you have to face a problem to apply lipstick nicely.

Pink, red, burgundy, purple, brown, chocolate or nude color lipsticks set well on dark skin women. Read what are the best lipstick colors for dark lips women.

The proper application of your lipstick leaves a spectacular tint on your lips. But, if you cannot dab the lipstick properly, your whole appearance may be chunking. So, be ready to see the tips on how to apply lipstick on dark lips more accurately.How to Apply Lipstick on Dark Lips

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I will mainly focus on the women who have dark lips, either by caused smoking, sunburn, prolonged use of lipstick or naturally got dark lips from birth or regional facts.

If you acquired dark lips, you can recover them with your previous color by using home remedies or creams. But, if you have naturally black lips, you cannot lighten them. You can just cover up them with your favorite lipstick.

Anyway, before applying your lipstick, you should prepare your lips first to get a flat finished pout.

Prepare Your Lips First

Choose the Right Color Lipstick: The color of lipsticks depends on your skin tone. Pink, rosy, red, burgundy, caramel or terracotta generally goes well on the dark lips. If your lips are dry with darkness, you can apply the lipsticks having bold color along with moisturizing effect so that your lips can pass across a bright and moisturized style.

Wearing light makeup on the face and pink lipstick on the lips make you look great. Besides, you can go with any lip color if you feel that comfortable.

Exfoliation Helps to Apply Lipstick Evenly: Your lips will be unimpressive, uneven, and not be looking polished if you use lipsticks directly. An exfoliation can add an extra lustrous emotion to your lips. You can use natural scrubs or market-scrubs.

I always like to scrub my lips with homemade exfoliators because they can adorn lips safely. You can also use commercial lip scrubs. It will save your time and hassles.

Don’t exfoliate your lips every time in wearing lipstick. If the lips are dry or chapped, then only scrub the lips. And don’t exfoliate the lips more than two times a week.

Wow!!! Now your lips are ready to be sexy with your loving lipstick pigmentation.

How to apply lipstick on dark lips (step by step guide like a pro)

1. Moisturize Your Lips

Moisturize Your Dark Lips
Photo- shrutiarjunanand

Don’t forget to soften your dark lips before applying lipstick. You can use Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm or pure petroleum jelly. Just pat your lips with some petroleum jelly. Let it stay for 4 minutes so that your lips can be perfectly moisturized. It protects your lips from being chapped or dry and makes your lips cooler.

2. Use a Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss for dark lips
Photo- shrutiarjunanand

Applying lip gloss is not now a vogue. But, I don’t think so. It is like a childish to dazzle the lips and makes the lips innocent. Apply a little amount of gloss on the lips before giving a shape with a lip liner.

This method helps to keep the lipsticks sticking for hours. Don’t forget to eliminate the extra color by smacking your lips with a tissue. The lip gloss should match to the lipstick color. My favorite is Burt’s Bees Evening Glow Lip Gloss. Or see the best lip glosses for dark lips.

3. Shape Your Lips with A Liner/Pencil

lip liner for dark lips
Photo- shrutiarjunanand

Before applying the lipstick, using a lip liner is a good idea to make the lipstick on a canvas. A lip liner basically draws a shape around your lips. The color of the lip liner should be natural or neutral pinkish. If you want, you can apply lipliner all over the lips. Press your two lips softly, it allows the lip liner going to even.

Lip liner basically lets the lipsticks remain more hours and shape the areas where you are going to apply the lipstick on.

4. Now Apply Your Favorite Lipstick

lipsticks for dark lips
Photo- shrutiarjunanand

Apply the lipstick according to the lines drawn by the lip liner. First, start leaving lipsticks from the central points, then move to the outer corners. If lipstick goes beyond the border, remove it with a tissue. You can also use a lip color applicator or brush to apply the lipstick rightly.

5. Second Application Can Be Done

lipstick for dark lips
Photo- shrutiarjunanand

If you think the first application is not enough, you can brush your lips second time with a tea rose color lipstick. Be careful whether your lips would not be greasy because sticky lips look really unimpressive. Of course, lipsticks would be greasy if you are an older woman.

6. Wipe off the Extra Shades of Lipstick

Take a tissue between the two lips and give a low pressure on the tissue with the lips. It helps to eradicate the excessive lip color. Thus, blotting finishes the lipsticks onto the lips evenly and deeply.

If you want more detail about how to apply lipstick on dark lips perfectly, you can watch this video: 

Video credit- Shruti Arjun Anand

5 Best Lipsticks Who Have Dark or Black Lips for

That’s are all how to apply lipstick on dark lips perfectly. Now play with your pretty pout. Here I showed basically how to apply red or pink color lipstick. In these ways, you can put any color lipstick on your black lips.

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