How I take Care of My Dark Lips

Updated: September 26, 2019
How I take Care of My Dark Lips

Hey, girls today I will share with you some tips about how I take care of my lips. I am an Indian subcontinent girl. That’s why; my skin is slightly dark/brown. If you are fair/olive/white skin girls, you can call my skin dark or straight brown.

The dark skin women have usually dark lips. Our lip skin has two colors. The lower lip is generally bright in the mid, but the corners are as usually dark. The upper layer of the lips is always dark.

A few of the girls, who are lucky, get bright or pink lips. This is the scenario of the most of the Indian women or girls. So, they have to struggle a lot keeping their lips lightened or bright.

The Ways How I take Care of My Dark Lips

I will show you some practical guides that you can follow if your lips are dark or brown. These tips are also applicable for all having black lips, such as South-Asian, African, or Afro-American people.

In taking care of my lips, my main purposes are:

  • Moisturizing my lips
  • Managing dryness
  • Growing the lips healthy
  • Turning the lips pink or reddish color, although it is not wholly possible. But, a lot I can do.
  • Protecting my lips from damages, including sun/windburned, environmental pollutants, warm weather etc.

All those purposes finally combine my lips as luscious.

To get this final feeling, I not only depend on cosmetics, but I also depend on some natural remedies.

Therefore, I also tell you the home remedies or natural ingredients that I generally use to beautify my lips.

#1: Home Remedies I Use for My Lips

There are a few reasons of using natural stuff. Such as- they moisturize lips, remove the age signs, make the lips fuller & healthy, and add a natural tint on the lips that looks imposingly great.

Okay, now let me tell what remedies I generally use for my lips.

My First Choice, Honey

How I take Care of My Dark LipsHoney is a natural moisturizer. It softens the skin. Honey removes the fine lines or wrinkles of the lips. It removes the dry, chapped or dead skin/cells of the lips, so lips look fresh, plain and decent. Leave a few drops of honey evenly on the lips over the night to let the skin absorb it. At morning rub your lips with finger softly. See the excessive dry skin is removed. For the whole day, it keeps your lips moisturized.

If your lips are dry, honey can release you from this problem too.

Second Choice, Rose Petals to Add Rosy Tint

How I take Care of My Dark LipsI use rose petals to dab a natural rose color on my lips. For rosy tone, my lips look natural, pinkish and nude. Besides it, rose petals moisturize and soothe the lips. After getting sunburned, you can apply mashed rose petals on the lips. It cools the skin quickly. Mash up some rose petals. Apply it on the lips by a facial tissue. By pressing the tissue, attach the rose petals on the lips. Leave some mashed petals on the lips for 15 minutes. Then cleanse your lips with milk. Wow!!! How rosy lips!!! If you want natural rosy lips on various occasions, you can do it. It takes all about 10 minutes.

You can read my article “how to get pink lips fast with rose petals”. Hope, it will be helpful.

My Third Choice, Beetroot

How I take Care of My Dark LipsBeetroot works slightly same to the rose petals. It adds a natural reddish tint on your lips and also keeps the lips moisturized. Slice a beetroot. Smash up them. Rub the mashed beetroot and leave it on the lips for 15 minutes. You can add some carrot paste with it because carrot has a great bleaching agent. Lastly, wash your lips off with milk or warm clean water. Alternatively, you can use either beetroot or rose petals.

I Often Use Lemon Juice

How I take Care of My Dark LipsLemon juice has the bleaching agent. It reduces the dark spots or darkness of the lips. It is simple to use. Just extract juice from a lemon. Massage your lips with lemon juice for 2 minutes. You can do it every day just one time. Thus, it helps to reduce the darkness of your lips. Of course, I don’t apply lemon daily. I mainly use honey and rose petals.

Olive Oil, My Optional Moisturizer  

How I take Care of My Dark LipsI often use olive oil instead of honey. Olive oil has two properties, such as moisturizers and nutrients. The moisturizer softens the lips and nutrients make the lips fuller & healthy. You can apply nude olive oil on the lips at night. Leave it throughout the night. Or you can mix some sugar with a few drops of olive oil to prepare a scrub. Then exfoliate your lips with it. Of course, don’t scrub your lips more than twice a week. Scrubbing removes the dry, dead or chapped skin/cells of the lips. I personally use product base scrubs. See my some favorite lip scrubs below:

If you don’t like to ready-made exfoliators, you can use natural elements to exfoliate your lips. Read my article “7 ways to scrub your lips naturally at home”.

Moreover the above home remedies, there are also many other natural elements that you can use too, though I don’t use them. Yet you can see them below:

  • Pomegranate
  • Raw Turmeric
  • Sugar
  • Cucumber
  • Almond Oil
  • Fuller’s Earth
  • Berries (strawberries and raspberries)

You can read “12 home remedies for dark lips”. Do experiments on them and pick up the one that suit you best.

That’s all as home remedies for dark lip care.

#2: Lip Scrubbing

How I take Care of My Dark LipsOften our lips become dry or chapped, dry skins are attached to the lips; so that the lips look dark & uneven. This dead or dry skin normally does not dispose of. That’s why; I exfoliate my lips to remove them. I generally scrub my lips once a week. But, don’t do more than two times a week. For exfoliating lips, you can either sort natural elements or products. I focus on the products. Read my article “29 scrubs for lips”. From here you can choose your favorite one.

If you want, you can use natural exfoliators. See the “Olive Oil Point”; below that, I described 7 home remedies to scrub your lips naturally.

#3: Lip Moisturizing

How I take Care of My Dark LipsAfter exfoliating your lips, it is not abnormal to feel tightness. Except it, you need to keep your lips moisturized for smooth, soft and even lips. Moisturized lips look hydrated too. To alleviate dryness, you have to use moisturizer. You can use honey, olive or almond oil described above. I suggest you to keep a good lip moisturizer or lip balm with you always, to apply on your lips whenever you feel tightness or dryness. Of course, today there are many lipsticks containing quality and safe moisturizer. If you use them, you do not need worry. See below some of my favorite lip moisturizers:

#4: Sunscreen for Lips

How I take Care of My Dark LipsYour lips may be darker for UVA/UBA sun rays. Your lips also may be burnt. It puts melanin pigments on the skin that looks dark or almost black. Even, severe sunburned can cause cancer of your lips. But, it is a rare symptom. Dark spots on lips for sun rays are not uncommon. Aging signs, like fine lines, wrinkles, dark patches etc. are also derived from sun exposure. To alleviate all these drawbacks, only one way is to apply sunscreen on your lips before going out under the harmful sun rays. See some good quality sunscreen for lips below:

You can read this article. Here I showed some effective sunscreen for lips. Hope, you can choose your favorite one among them.

#5: I Never Forget To Remove Makeups

How I take Care of My Dark LipsOften many women forget to sweep away the lipsticks at night. So, the lipsticks stay for the whole night. They damage the lips severely. The main problems created by it are darkening, dehydrating, & drying the skin, and creating premature signs. So, by hook or by crook you must get rid of your all cosmetics from the lips before going to sleep. After removing the makeups, you should use a good moisturizer that can hydrate your lips.  See some safe makeup removers below:

#6: Use Expensive/Branded/Quality Products

How I take Care of My Dark LipsI never use low-priced, old, or expired products for my lips. This is very simple- low price means you are buying cheap products. The lip skin is very sensitive and touchable part of the face. It needs intensive care. You may face premature symptoms for low-quality cosmetics.

#7: Quit Smoking

How I take Care of My Dark LipsIf you smoke, stop it right away. Smoking harms lips a lot. It burns up the skin. It leaves a stain that looks dark. Even you may experience fine lines or wrinkles on lips for smoking. Dark spots are also common for it.

Trying to quit smoking? But not. Read “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking”. It is a biggest and best selling self-motivated book sold 13 million copies around the world. By reading this book, you can easily quit smoking permanently.

#8:  Don’t Lick/Touch Your Lips

How I take Care of My Dark LipsMany people lick their lips when they feel the dryness of the lips. They think that it hydrates the lips. But, exactly not. The saliva rather quickens the dryness. Even the frequent licking can create lines on the lips from that bleeding is not uncommon. If not essential, I hardly touch my lips with hands.

#9: Stop Taking Breath from the Mouth During SleepingHow I take Care of My Dark Lips

That’s all how I take care of my dark lips usually.

Don’t forget to share your ways.

The most important matter to have beautiful lips is how much conscious you are about your lips.

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