How Ginger Helps to Lose Your Extra Weight

Updated: September 25, 2019
How Ginger Helps to Lose Your Extra Weight

Are you looking to slim down anytime soon? You might be interested in discovering a thinner version of yourself for the upcoming swimsuit season, or perhaps you are just interested in weight loss.

You’re certainly not alone if you are on a dieting quest, and you’ve probably done research to come up with a weight loss plan. However, even if you’ve spent time developing a dieting approach, there’s a scientifically proven and simple strategy you probably don’t know about that can help you achieve your goal.

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Did you know that an often-overlooked weight-loss remedy exists, and it’s found in ahow ginger helps to lose your extra weight simple herb? While many people take ginger supplements or drink ginger tea to help them with nausea and stomach discomforts, what you may not have known about ginger is that its properties also help to make it an excellent weight loss remedy.

This simple herb may help you get that jump start you need to slim down successfully. Below we’ve got the breakdown of how ginger works to help shed pounds, and some ways you can utilize ginger to achieve your weight loss result.

What Is Ginger?

In case you’ve been living in a cave, we’ve got the breakdown of what ginger does here. Ginger is a common herb that is used in many different types of dishes. Originally, ginger was used as a spice and aid to flavor food. Nowadays, ginger is commonly found in certain Asian dishes, food items like gingerbread, and some beverages, including ginger ale and herbal ginger tea (buy it from Amazon).

Why Do People Take Ginger as Weight Loss Supplement?how ginger helps to lose your extra weight

You’ve probably seen ginger packaged up as an herbal supplement in the vitamin aisle at your local drugstore, and you may have even tried it at some point in your life. People commonly take ginger supplements to treat stomach issues and nausea. Many individuals find ginger to be an effective herb to combat motion sickness on planes, boats, and in cars. Ginger is also often used by pregnant women experiencing morning sickness as a safe and natural remedy

Lately, though ginger has found a new purpose, and that purpose can help you out with your present diet. Recent studies demonstrate that ginger’s capacity to aid individuals with digestion and nausea also makes it an effective weight loss supplement for a variety of reasons.

Medical Evidence Demonstrates Ginger is Effective for Weight Loss

Research performed by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences completed in 2013 demonstrates that ginger helps individuals with obesity lose weight. A study was done again in 2016 by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences showed that individuals using exercise and liquid ginger brought down their lipid levels (also known as bad cholesterol), allowing them to bring up their good cholesterol while decreasing blood sugar levels. Sounds great so far, doesn’t it? But exactly how does ginger do all of this?

One Reason ginger helps so much with weight loss is combined with its traditional usage for stomach issues. Ginger assists the body with digestion, which helps calm stomach pain but also allows it to work as an appetite suppressant that keeps people down from overeating. Ginger brings up leptin levels in the body, and leptin is something that helps prevent hunger.

It’s certainly neat to know that ginger can suppress your appetite this way. But, besides increasing leptin levels and decreasing lipids present in the body, ginger helps increase the body’s fat burning potential because of the herb’s ability to increase metabolism. The combination of gingerols and capsaicin present in ginger are two items that are known to increase metabolism. In fact, ginger can boost a person’s metabolism by as much as twenty percent over a period of three hours.

how ginger helps to lose your extra weightSo, ginger helps people to lose weight by packing a one-two punch. Not only does ginger suppress the appetite, it also increases metabolism. And that combination should get you excited about what ginger can do for you.

How to Take Ginger to Lose Weight

One thing that’s so impressive about ginger is that it is available to the general public pretty much everywhere, and in a wide variety of formats. Ginger can be purchased as an herbal remedy supplement (which could be a pill, extract, or oil). You can also buy ginger as a spice, dried root, fresh root, or even in beverage formats like ginger ale and herbal tea.

When using ginger to lose weight, no dosage standards exist. However, adults can take up to four grams daily of ginger, while pregnant women and children should not be given more than a gram daily of ginger.

You’re probably asking exactly how you can ingest ginger to help you with your diet plans. The two most common ways to take ginger for weight loss are purchasing an herbal capsule (buy it from Amazon) and taking ginger once to twice daily as a capsule, or making ginger tea. Ginger can also be used in soups or as a spice in everyday dishes.

A variety of tea companies offer herbal ginger tea for purchase at stores ginger helps to lose your extra weight However, you can also make your own tea if you wish by simply purchasing the powdered herb, which is a more affordable method. To do this, all you really need is a three-quarter teaspoon of the herb and five ounces of hot water. However, not everybody likes the taste, and a variety of sweeteners can be added, including:

Why You Should Consider Ginger for Your Weight Loss

With medical evidence backing up ginger’s ability to increase metabolism, aid in digestion that increases weight loss, and even help create an energy boost that could make exercise easier to accomplish, it’s easy to see why ginger could give you the extra boost you need to lose weight. Any natural supplement that can help aid with both diet and exercise can also help you with getting the extra assistance you may need to lose weight, and benefit your health overall.

Finally, I will suggest you that if you want to lose your some extra pounds with or without exercise, you can take ginger tea twice a day. I lost my weight about 8 pounds within one month by taking 45-minute exercise and ginger tea. So, you can do it.

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