Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub: Best Lip Exfoliator Ever

Updated: September 25, 2019
honey and sugar lip scrub

Ever heard of “The Curve of Your Lips Can Rewrite History”? It is a famous quote from the great Oscar Wilde. And he is right. Your lips tell your story that makes history. Your lips are what that make you stand clean on your position. If you know what I mean.

And these lips need care and love so that they can bring all the care and love you need in your life. A pair of visibly attractive lips is no way a bad thing. They make you more attractive when you speak your mind or do your thing.

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There is hardly a way to resist a smile or a slight bite. They can make your day with the right word or someone else day with the right gesture. They are your ticket to heaven or hell.

Lips: What Speak on Our Behalfhoney and sugar lip scrub

Lips! The word itself is seductive. They are the most appealing features after the eyes (individual opinion here no judgment). Lips are the ones that welcome your loved ones to your world; lips are the ones that greet people with the warmth of your heart. Your lips can bring a smile on a sad face just by smiling sweetly itself. Lips help you to reach your dreams.

They can be scarlet red when you dance, brown when you work, nude when you wake up and anything according to your feelings. They look great when you color them, shine them or just keep them as they are. They attract people into your life and they make them feel wanted as well.

It is not an option but necessity to keep them alive and rosy as they are. Small hard work will do the magic. Your lips can be as beautiful as rose petals with some minimal efforts from your side.

Why We Fail Our Lips?

Lips do not have sweat glands to keep them moisturized. They are exposed to everything out there to harm them. They do all the talking and also fight to stay put. They are heroes who get hurt with every passing minute.

Sun, dirt, weather, our teeth, products, and many other things are always there to hurt them. They get damaged easily but good thing is that they can heal easily too. All you have to do is care.

They can get cracked, dry or chapped. The skin may peel off making it red with pain. Swelling, bleeding and lots of pain you may have to encounter. They can give you a hell of years or bliss of three peaceful lives.

Anyway to Get Them Back to Their Prime?

There is almost nothing that can not be solved or taken care of. You can help to get back your lips back to where they were. Today, the focus is on scrubbing. You can scrub your lips to keep them beautiful and nice.honey and sugar lip scrub

Scrubbing will get rid of dirt and dead skin cells on the lips. And our DIY will help you to get them moisturized and nourished at the same time. We bring you Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub that will love your lips. You just need honey, sugar, and oil. That’s all.

Why Use Them for Lips?

These ingredients are surely the best in their own realm. And they will do wonders of seven skies on your lips.

Sugar: You can use brown sugar or white sugar (buy it from Amazon) as per the availability. Make sure it has a less sharp edge more like a powder but not so fine. Confusing, eh? Well, the catch is, here sugar is the exfoliator. It will help to scrub off the dead skin cells and all and as well make them look bright. If the product you made turns out too strong, it will do cuts on your lips making the matter worse as you will rub it. So, you have to maintain a harmony here that they scrub yet not cut. Choose organic unrefined ones. They are the best pick.

Honey: Better when it is organic and raw. Thus, you will get the full benefit. Honey is antiseptic. That will heal and repair your lips with its natural healing properties. Honey makes the sugar soft for lips too. It gives that sticky feeling that holds the whole mixture together and when you rub it on your lips they make the product easy to rub. As you keep it on your lips, you will feel the softness from honey sucking into your lips.honey and sugar lip scrub

Oil: It is for nourishing and moisturizing your lips. It will give the extra love and care that your lips need. It will be almost the same as honey. It gives a more lubricant, more moisture, and more nourishment. The oil will clean any dirt on your lips and will also help to get rid of the chappiness, dryness and dead skin cells.

Instructions for Making Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub

The ingredients are already revealed. They are, obviously, honey, sugar, and oil. They alone make great stuff for your lips. To make thing bit more interesting and beneficial there are some options too. Please check through them and find your own soul mate. Discover your style.


Fun Stuff:

  • 1Tsp lemon juice (optional)
  • Few drops vanilla extract (optional)
  • Few drops essential oil (optional) – 1% of your base ingredients


Take a small bowl. If your honey and oil are not at room temperature and is solid then melt them a bit in the microwave first. Melt them, not warm or boil them. Once they are liquid add the sugar. Now according to your preference and judgment add the lemon juice, vanilla extract or essential oil. For making it grainier and for getting a more plump lip set, you can add cinnamon powder as well. Again the choice is up to you. But, must say the smell is really alluring.

As you can see the oil option is not clear that’s because there is a variety of oils for you to choose from. Down the article, there is a short description of the oils that you can add in your lip scrubs.

Baby Oil: does not clog the pores and they are fantastic moisturizer along with adding a shine to your lips.

Almond Oil (buy it from Amazon) is good for moisturizing, softening and lightening lips if they are dark.

Castor Oil: will get rid of dry and chapped lips as they moisturize, nourish and care for your lips.

Coconut Oil is an emollient filling the cracks between skin cells for softer and suppler lips.honey and sugar lip scrub

Olive Oil: conditions and protect your lips from drying out and chapping.

Jojoba Oil is a waxy oil perfect for chapped lips as it can keep the moisture locked in. It is lighter on skin too so no greasy feeling.

Sunflower Oil: is also like other oils for locking the moisturizer and curing the chapped lips but as it also has vitamin E in it, it protects from aging.

Hempseed Oil is very good for the lips for healing and regenerative properties.

Apricot Kernel Oil is the perfect match for your delicate and sensitive lip skin as it is a nice lubricating agent and helps to maintain moisture and balance.

There are more like avocado oil or grapeseed oil.

You can add Shea Butter or just replace oil with it. Shea butter will give smoothness and flexibility. 1Tsp is okay to go.

Here are the basics. For the optional items, we have a short list for you too.

To make it more appealing you can add vanilla essence (buy it from Amazon) in it. The smell is great. Your lips will taste awesome too. Just add a few drops and you are ready to use it. But, one problem with vanilla is that it contains alcohol so it may dry your skin further if not monitored properly.

Adding essential oil not only makes it smell great but also beneficial for your dry lips. Check out your options and what they can do for you.

Lavender Essential Oil seals moisture on chapped and dehydrated lips and lubricates them so they are soft and plump.

Cinnamon Essential Oil can temporarily help to plump your lips making them look fuller like Angelina Jolie!

Clove Essential Oil will give you the perfect pluck and its immune boosting and clarifying ability will keep your lips healthy.

honey and sugar lip scrubFrankincense Essential Oil is a natural lip moisturizer and conditioner.

Myrrh Essential Oil: will be loved by you for its rejuvenating and healing actions.

Chamomile Essential Oil is the strongest anti-inflammatory compound yet the gentlest on skin perfect for delicate lip skin.

Cardamom Essential Oil has a scent that promotes the sense of wellness.

Peppermint Essential Oil (buy it from Amazon) has a cooling sensation that can be great in summers but be careful not to dry them out.

Other essential oils for using on lips are grapefruit essential oil or ginger essential oil. Now take your bet.

Essential Oils to Avoid on Lips

For one reason or two one must avoid these oils. They can make your lips worse. The names are:

  • Tea tree (Melaleuca)
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Bergamot
  • Eucalyptus
  • Camphor

Now Exfoliate Your Lips with Honey and Sugar Lip Scrubhoney and sugar lip scrub

The whole thing will be sticky and somewhat between harsh and soft.  Apply this on your lips. Now the thing is quite sticky so it will not get spread easily and that is the point here. Rub a bit. Maybe with your finger or cotton, rub to spread it on lips. Give it a small massage. Once done, keep it like it for a minute. Wash off later.

One way to determine if the product’s texture is okay for your lips is to do a test on the back of your palm and feel it if it is too harsh or too soft.

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Storing The Rest

If you have leftover or have many users in-home or can’t make it regularly then you can store it too, fortunately. Depending on how fresh your ingredients are especially your oil you can make a batch that can stay good up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Store the product in an old lip balm container, eyeshadow box or airtight container after sterilizing it.

Your honey may get crystallized make the scrub too hard to access in that case just put it under hot tap water or place it in a bowl of hot water. The honey will be melt. The product is not effective when too much solid or diluted.

Sometimes the sugar may sediments down. So, in that case just give a stir and mix the sediments with the residue.

If you have kept it refrigerated for some time now then after putting it on your lips let it sit for some time as it gets to adjust to the room temperature and gets soft.

Suiting Your Need

Every homemade DIY ends up at one place, Does It Suit You? Your body, your need. There is no saying that what will help your best friend who sticks with you 24/7 will help you the same way. It is important to know what you need so first few days, try out different ways, and do experiments. Find what suits you. For some help. Here are some helpful notes.

  1. If the lips are dry, add 2Tsp oil extra.
  2. If the lips are sore or rubbed raw, add honey to soften the mixture to your preference.
  3. If they still stay flaky then try putting lip balm first. Or you can try to add some more sugar in it. But, it may backfire as the particles can cause the lips get rawer and drier and severely
  4. And there are always new options in Fun Stuff (go up).

Extra Tips and Cautions

  • Don’t overdo it. No matter what lips are one of the most fragile parts of your body. Overdoing scrubbing will leave your lips more damaged. Once in a week is fine enough. Or, you can do it twice in the dry seasons but no more than that. OK?!
  • Don’t eat the stuff as it has already scrapped the dead cells on your skin and they are currently in your scrub.
  • Don’t use Vaseline as it does not moisturize but helps to hold the moisturizer.
  • Many of you may think of using petroleum jelly in the scrub but it is not a good idea as the product does not get absorbed but puts a protective layer so that the moisture does not escape.
  • When you decide to use essential oils in your scrub, be very cautious with it. Especially, when it comes to teenagers and children. Overuse will dry out or burn your lips.
  • Avoid using “Synthetic Flavor Oils” for any case, in any case. They are not safe.
  • Always apply balm or any other moisturizer after scrubbing.
  • Apply balm throughout the day when it begins to get dry so that your lips stay healthy.
  • Always have a lip balm on you and apply it 7-8 times a day from waking up to going bed.
  • Cover your lips with a scarf or mask when you go out especially in cold weather.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
  • Don’t lick your lips, bite them continuously and pull of dead cells by biting or tugging harshly.
  • Use a lip balm with SPF to protect them from the sun.

Take care of your lips so that they can take care of the world for you. It does not cost much or consume a hell of the time. It requires just a bit of your attention. Do it for you.

“I’m Sir Oracle and when I open my lips let no dog bark!” – William Shakespeare.

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