10 Best Home Remedies for Facial Hair

Updated: September 26, 2019
home remedies for facial hair

There are some parts of the body, such as the head, where everyone wants to have a lot of hair. Then, there are some parts of the body, where some people like hair more than others – simply put, facial hair might be an asset for men, but it is often a cause for embarrassment for women.

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While all women do have some amount of facial hair, it is often known as fine hair or peach fuzz, but with some women, the hair on their face is immense, which can cause mental pain and a loss of confidence. Excessive hair on the face could also be caused due to medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome or adrenal gland disorders.

However, losing facial hair is not as tough as one might think and there are several home remedies, which you can try out at home. While some of them happen to be scrubbed, there are those which work in the same manner as a peel off mask and some are almost like waxes.

  1. Homemade Sugar Waxhome remedies for facial hair

Creating a homemade sugar wax is only a matter of mixing a few ingredients together. Combine two teaspoons of sugar that is granulated, white or brown, along with a teaspoon of water as well as the same amount of honey. Heat the mix till it bubbles and turns brown in color. Once cool, apply this mix to the areas where you are most troubled by facial hair and put a strip of cloth on top. Rip the cloth off in the direction opposite to the hair growth.

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  1. Sugaring

Sugaring was a technique that was first established in ancient Egypt, but it is still being used as a home remedy to remove facial as well as body hair. The only major difference between the sugar wax and this procedure is the fact that in this method, the hair has to be pulled in the same direction as the hair growth. This means there is less pain and even the irritation is lesser.

All you have to do is heat about one and a half cups of water and add to that roughly the same amount of lemon juice and two cups of sugar. Once the mixture bubbles, reduce the heat and allow the mixture to go brown. Your homemade wax is ready for use.

  1. Use Chickpea Flourhome remedies for facial hair

One of the most commonly found ingredients in Indian kitchens is chickpea flour or besan, and this too has been used for centuries to clean skin, as well as hair. Create your own exfoliator as well as hair removal remedy by creating a chickpea face pack.

Mix two tablespoons of chickpea flour, one tablespoon of fresh cream, two teaspoons of milk and two pinches of turmeric. Apply this to your entire face and leave it for about 20 minutes and then scrub it off with a wet towel.

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  1. Use Green Gram Flour

Just like chickpea flour, green gram flour has also long been used to clean facial skin, because it acts as a natural exfoliator. This is also a wonderful option for skin that is sensitive or is constantly plagued by acne.

Mix a little less than two tablespoons of rose water to two tablespoons of green gram flour. You could add a squeeze of lemon juice as well. Spread the paste over your face and leave it to dry and as the drying starts, scrub it off in a gentle massage like movement.

  1. Use Lemon and Honeyhome remedies for facial hair

Since ages, lemon and honey have been recognized as ingredients that can work wonders on the skin. While lemon can cleanse and exfoliate, honey can make the skin soft and hydrated.

Mix one large spoon of fresh lemon juice with four times honey and apply all over your face. Once dry, the mix will turn almost mask-like, but remove it with a damp washcloth.

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  1. Homemade Face Scrubs

You can also create face scrubs, which will help remove facial hair that is quite stubborn. Combine equal amounts of barley powder, lime juice, and milk to create a lump-free paste. Apply this paste to your face and allow it to dry and wash it off with warm water.

  1. Use Branhome remedies for facial hair

Wheat bran has been accepted as a healthy ingredient to include in the daily diet, but little do people know that it is a great ingredient for facial cleansing and exfoliation as well. Create a scrub using two large spoons of wheat bran, one large spoon of milk and one small spoon of rosewater.

Scrub your face with this grainy mix, till it starts to dry and then wash off with tepid water. Using the same wheat bran, you can create another scrub. In this one, you need to mix equal amounts of wheat bran and gram flour, along with one large spoon of curd or fresh cream and a pinch of turmeric. Mix the ingredients to create a paste and apply to your face. Once dry, use wet fingers to massage it away and then finally wash it off.

  1. Use Oats

The grainy texture of oatmeal makes for an excellent exfoliator and being natural, the chances of it causing any redness are minimal. Powder a little oatmeal and store it in an airtight container. From this powder, take half a teaspoon, to which you need to add half a lemon and one large spoon of honey.

Apply this in an even layer, all over your face and once it starts to dry, you can start scrubbing it off with gentle hands. Make sure that you are rubbing in the direction opposite to that of your natural hair growth.

  1. Homemade Face Maskhome remedies for facial hair

You can create your own peel off face mask using ingredients as simple as sugar, corn flour, and eggs. Use the white of one egg to which you need to add one large spoon of granulated sugar and half the amount of cornflour. Apply this mix all over your face and once dry, you should be able to peel it off like a mask.

  1. Dried Orange and Lemon Peels

Yet another effective peel off mask to deal with facial hair combines dried orange and lemon peels. Mix one teaspoon each of dried orange peel and dried lemon peel, to which you will have to mix one teaspoon each of oatmeal, almond meal, rose water and olive oil. Apply the fine paste on your face and allow it to dry – you could either scrub this away with wet fingers or simply peel off gently.

If you have tried some of these home remedies and are still unable to fight off the facial hair, then you could visit a good dermatologist in your town, where they offer more permanent methods of facial hair removal. Some of the known methods for hair removal are laser hair removal, electrolysis, intense pulsed light and Alexandrite laser.

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