home remedies for eczema on face

10 Best Home Remedies for Eczema on Face

Last Updated: December 30, 2017

Eczema is a common skin disorder. Many people daily are affected by this skin disease. Some common symptoms of eczema are dry skin, irritation, itching, redness, inflammation, crusted sores, blisters, cracking, etc. It may give you pain and much discomfort onto the skin.

Eczema can be caused in all ages and all group people. But, it is more common in infants than the adults. Though most of the time eczema is genetic but some of the factors like allergens, environmental pollutants, sweating, or lack of skin care may trigger this problem. Eczema can be occurred on the face, hands, neck, knees, ankles, and even on the upper chest.

There are lots of medicines and treatments for eczema. But, today, I will show you some home remedies that you can use to treat your eczema on the face. If your eczema is acute, it is better to talk to your doctor.

  1. Use Jojoba Oil (Buy it from Amazon)home remedies for eczema on face

Eczema condition may be different from person to person. You may find the benefit from the jojoba oil. It is a liquid wax. Besides, the jojoba oil is similar to the natural oil of the skin. This oil is rich in fatty alcohol and fatty acid chains. So, this oil penetrates into the skin deeply and moisturizes the skin.

Rinse your hands. Rub the oil onto eczema until the oil gets absorbed into the skin. Then let the oil dry. Follow this home remedy just 3 times a day. And you will cure your eczema within a few days.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is popularly used as a homemade treatment for skin care. It has cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. For this, it can soothe and treat the irritated and itchy skin. Besides, the use of sandalwood can remove the eczema scars.

Mix one teaspoon of each camphor and sandalwood powder in a bowl and make a paste with them. Apply this paste onto the affected skin and let it stay for 10 minutes. Then rinse off the skin with lukewarm water. Repeat this treatment two times a day for a month.

  1. Use Chamomile Flowerhome remedies for eczema on face

Chamomile is a soothing home remedy for eczema affected skin. It contains a natural alcohol that is also known as bisabolol. This is the main medicine in the chamomile flower. It is incredible to reduce the inflammation, itchiness, over the scratched skin, and irritation. This bisabolol has an anti-microbial effect onto the skin. It is a little bit complex to use this treatment.

Place 4 tablespoons of dried chamomile flower in a cheesecloth and tie it off. Fill your bathtub with water and then place the chamomile water on the water. Give a squeeze of the bag and it dissolves the tea in the water. Soak your whole body in the bathtub for 10-15 minutes. Pat the skin dry and follow your regular moisturizer.

  1. Use Coconut Oil (Buy it from Amazon)

Coconut is a lipid and fat for skin care. It sinks the skin into the moisture. It fills up the intercellular points that are opened up and thus the moisture of the skin is lost. Coconut oil is an anti-aging ingredient for the skin. It makes the skin younger. The big benefits of coconut oil are it removes the irritation, discomfort, and dryness of the skin.

It is simple to apply the coconut oil on eczema affected facial skin. Rinse your hands first and pat them dry. Apply some oil on the affected skin and rub it with your fingers. Then let the oil dry onto the skin. Thus, apply the oil several times of the day.

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  1. Use Oatshome remedies for eczema on face

Oats are the nice home remedy when your eczema has reached to the complicated condition. It brings discomfort to your skin, like inflammation, itchiness, irritation, etc. You can take an old style oat soak bath to reduce the disadvantages of eczema. Oats are soothing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. The chemical elements in the oats can treat the eczema reactions onto the face and skin.

Wrap some oats with a muslin cloth like a football. Soak it in your bathtub. The water takes the constituents of the oats. Or you can simply float the oat bag on the water. Then take your bath for 10-15 minutes. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and apply your daily moisturizer.

  1. Use French Green Clay

When your eczema at the danger level like you feel more scratching or itch and it may be more worsened doing these things. You may notice open sores, scab over there and pain in the skin. All those just trigger more pain and scratching into eczema.

French green clay can relieve you from this inflammation, scratching and pain of eczema. This clay is rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, and other minerals that will mainly stop the itching on the spots. Make a paste with water/witch hazel and the clay. Witch hazel will be better because it is a great healing for eczema that is already got blisters or crusts.

Make some paste with witch hazel and clay. Then apply it on eczema and wait until the paste dry. Then wash the skin off with cool water and pat the skin dry. Finally, apply your regular cream. The rest of the paste can be stored for later use.

  1. Use Honey (Buy it from Amazon)home remedies for eczema on face

Honey can be a staple natural treatment to remove the symptoms of eczema. Honey is rich in anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to heal up the broken skin. Besides, honey is a natural humectant that holds water into the skin. But, honey can make the skin sticky. So, it is better to use it on the affected skin only.

Rinse your hands first. Apply some honey on eczema affected facial skin and rub it thickly. You can cover it with a bandage. But, better to let the skin open. Let the honey on the skin for 20 minutes. Then wash the skin off with cool water and reapply the process thickly 3 times a day.

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  1. Use Cornstarch and Oil

You can make a paste with some cornstarch and water. It will be just a soothing solution for the eczema-affected skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and reduces the irritation. Water in cornstarch is enough to soothe eczema but adding some olive or grapeseed oil to it gives extra benefits. (Buy grapeseed oil from Amazon)

Mix enough oil and cornstarch to get a paste. The paste must be medium so that it can be spread onto the skin finely. Apply the paste to the skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Then rinse off the skin with warm water and pat the skin dry. Finally, put your daily moisturizer.

  1. Use Turmerichome remedies for eczema on face

You can also use turmeric as a nice natural treatment for eczema. For many years, turmeric has been used for healing various skin diseases, like cuts, wounds or eczema. This herb is beneficial for skin because of having anti-oxidants in it. Besides, turmeric has curcumin properties that are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. These things treat the itching and inflammation of eczema.

Mix half teaspoon of turmeric powder into one cup of boiled water and let it stay for some minutes to be cool. Then wash the affected skin with this water. Repeat this remedy 3 times a day until eczema gets cured.

  1. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can treat eczema because of having some skin healing properties in it. It is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients that can soothe the itching and burning of the skin. Aloe Vera is a moisturizing natural remedy. It can hydrate the skin deeply. Besides, it has some microbial properties that can prevent the further breakout of the skin infections.

You can simply apply the aloe gel on the affected skin. Or you can add some vitamin E oil to the aloe gel. Let the gel stay for some minutes onto the skin to be dried. Then wash your skin off with warm water. Use this home remedy 2 times a day for several weeks.

These are the best home remedies to treat eczema on the facial skin areas. These natural treatments will work better on the onset of eczema. Let me know how you felt after use the homemade treatment for your eczema.


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