12 Best Home Remedies For Dark Lips

Darkness of the lips is not uncommon for the brown or dark skinny people. Even the fair skin people may have experienced dark lips for their bad habits, like smoking, sun rays, lack of lip care etc. Anyway, home remedies are very effective to remove the darkness of your lips.

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
home remedies for dark lips

If you have dark lips, there is nothing as strong to lighten your lips as home remedies. Home remedies treat your dark lips naturally and make the lips healthy and fuller. There are also some other benefits of home remedies. Such as- they soften, moisturize and hydrate your lips. They give necessary minerals and nutrients for lips healthy expression.

Dark spots, black patches/shades, discoloration, brown color or any other damages of your lips can be cured by home remedies.

Darkness on the lips is a big barrier for girls to expose their beauty. You may have used many products to treat your dark lips, but you have not got pretty lips.

In this case, home remedies or natural ingredients are effective for black lips. If your lips are dark from birth, you cannot change the color so far, but you can add an extra attractiveness and furious tone to your lips.

If you have got dark lips for smoking, taking a huge amount of hot tea or coffee, sun rays or other reasons, probably you can lighten your lips or get back your previous color by natural remedies.

Anyway guys, today I will show you 12 effective home remedies for dark lips that really will make your lips fuller, healthy, natural and beautiful. Natural elements have no also side effects. So, you can try without any risk.

12 Effective Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Some of the home remedies described below I use regularly and get my expected result. See “How I take care of my dark lips“. I explained in this topic all about my lip caring processes. If your lips are dark, you can take a look at this article. I focused there more on natural ingredients.

Well, let’s see your home remedies for dark lips.

1. BeetrootHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Beetroot has lots of bleaching properties. It gets rid of blackness from the lips. It offers a beautiful red tint on the lips if you continue it. Take the same amount of beet-root juice and carrot juice. Rub your lips with this solution and let it stay on the lips for ten minutes. Then wash your lips off. Continue it for two weeks.

2. PomegranateHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Pomegranate juice is very active to treat black or brown lips. It principally does 4 things like hydration, nourishment, moisturizer and gives pink color on the lips. Take the same amount of carrot, beet-root and pomegranate juice. Pat your lips with it for several minutes and leave it for 30 minutes. Doing it daily for several weeks lightens dark lips rapidly.

3. Raw TurmericHome Remedies For Dark Lips

You can also lighten your black lips with turmeric because it is one of the best skin lightening ingredients. It is very popular in India to lighten skin. Rub your lips with a turmeric slice for 4 minutes. Maintaining it regularly will give you bright lips.

4. Rose PetalsHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Rose petals are great to remove darkness from the lips. Rose petals offer you 3 agents like cooling, moisturizing and soothing. It also seals a rosy tone on your lips so that your lips become pink. Mash up several rose petals and mix some honey with it. Apply it on your lips and leave for 30 minutes. The lip skin absorbs the ingredients from this mixer that nourishes your lips. You can maintain this solution 3 times daily.

How to lighten dark lips fast with rose petals on any occasion that stays several hours“, here I showed some steps to get rosy color lips.

5. Olive OilHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Olive oil is an excellent home remedy for various beauty care treatments. It mainly provides moisturizers and nutrients to the lips. These two elements take care of your lips. Olive oil makes your lips nourished, soft, vibrant, shine and live. Take some pure olive oil and mix some sugar with it. Exfoliate your lips with this remedy once a week. You will get shiny and glowing lips in one or two months. If you want, you can also use the following lip moisturizers or balms that keep your lips smoothly moisturized and protective.

6. SugarHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Sugar is a remedy to scrub your lips. It removes all kinds of dirt and impurities from your lips, including dry, chapped or dead skin. For this, your lips get the touch of freshness and look shine & even. Take one teaspoonful of sugar, a half teaspoonful of almond oil and a teaspoonful of honey. Mix them rightly. Exfoliate your lips with this treatment once a week, not more than twice. Continue it for 3 months. “7 natural ways to scrub your lips effectively at home“, this article tells you the detail of lip scrubbing.

The following lip scrubs are also good.

7. HoneyHome Remedies For Dark Lips

No doubt, honey is one of the best moisturizing agents to keep the skin smooth. The use of honey also repairs the discoloration like darkness, dark spots or black shades etc. Prepare a paste with half teaspoon of honey, gram flour, and yogurt. Apply this solution and stay it on lips for 25 minutes. Enjoy your gorgeous lips after rinsing off. Maintain it once a day for a few of months.

8. LemonHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Lemon consists of a bleaching feature. This feature is very responsible for fading the darkness from the skin, especially on the lips. If you have dark spots, patches, or shades on/around your lips, you can apply lemon juice. Simply massage your lips with lemon juice for a few minutes once a day when you get time. Carry on this treatment until you get an expected result.

9. CucumberHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Cucumber contains an agent of skin lightening. It removes discoloration and lightens lips fast. This home remedy is also much helpful to get rid of dark circles under eyes. Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber for some minutes. Your lips absorb cucumber juice and it fades black lines from the lips. Go with this solution once a day until receiving expected pinkish lips.

10. Almond OilHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Almond oil is a nice home remedy for dark lips. It has the properties of moisturizing and softening the lips. Mix the equal amount of almond oil and coconut oil. Leave this on the lips across the night. You can take this remedy daily one time.

11. Fuller’s EarthHome Remedies For Dark Lips

Fuller’s earth is one of the best home remedies to lighten dark lips. It gives you also glowing skin. Take the dry powder of fuller’s earth and mix some honey with it to make a paste. Apply and leave it on the lips for 10 minutes. Then wash it off. Carry on this remedy two times a week.

12. BerriesHome Remedies For Dark Lips

There are many kinds of berries, but all berries are not good for dark lips treatment. Strawberries and raspberries are especially very effective to make the lip skin healthy. Because they provide two valuable ingredients like vitamin and mineral to the lips skin. Berries also lighten discoloration and convert lips into pink color. Take 1 tablespoon strawberry juice and 2 tablespoon petroleum jelly, and mix them nicely. Apply this paste regularly two times as lip balm.

At the end, it is really a patient thing to lighten dark lips with home remedies. But, if you can continue it, you must get beautiful and pinkish lips. Actually, the above remedies are your daily beauty care options. You should select one or two remedies, then carry on them regularly. For an example- I use honey for moisturizer, rose petals for rosy color, lemon for bleaching skin, olive oil for moisturizer and sometimes I use beetroot too.

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