Dodora Lip Cream Review: It Lightens Private Parts

Dodora lip cream is a best-selling (2014) lightening essence for all private and intimate sensitive skin, like lips, groins, underarms, nipples, vaginal parts, etc.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Dodora Lip Cream Review

Dodora Magic Pink Cream/Dodora Lip Cream can be used to make the lips naturally pinkish. You can also use it for nipples, cheeks, groins, armpits, elbow or other sensitive/private skin to brighten them.

Dodora is a best-selling lip lightening cream in South Asian countries. Especially, it is mostly used in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. It is a Taiwanese lip lightener.

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Dodora is a highly qualified lip cream containing milk essence lotion that works like anDodora Lip Cream intensive medicine for dull, damaged, dry, chapped or dark lips. The lightener moisturizes the chapped skin, gives a youthful pink tint and protects the lips.

It has no any harmful elements. So, Dodora is an authentic and safe lip cream for daily use to lighten your nipples, lips or any secret skin that you would like to get pink.

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Benefits You Will Get from Dodora Lip Cream

Dodora is the most popular lip lightening cream because of giving the following benefits for your sensitive or private skin.

  • Repair, soften and lighten the damaged areolas
  • Protect, cure and moisturize your chapped lips
  • Remove the dull or dead skin cells of the lips
  • Complete protection for the lips and nipples
  • Turns the lips beautiful and pink by daily use
  • No dried or chapped lips
  • Convert your lips watery
  • A long way mild skin
  • Repair the skin from the deep
  • An absolute barrier against the dryness or rough weather

It Lightens Lip Skin

Nectarine Areolae Essence in Dodora Pink Cream takes a strong action to nourish the fragile lips and leave a pretty natural pinkish hue on the lips. Being a moist material quality product, the cream moisturizes and recovers the lips to a huge extent.

After cleaning up the lips at morning and night, just apply a slight amount and notice, it turns your lips soon pink and juicy like a baby. You can coat your lips with Dodora while stepping into outside. It protects your lips from the outside damages.

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It Lightens Nipples or Areolas

Dodora Lip Cream is not only good for dark lips but also it is excellent for dark nipples. The skin of nipples is very delicate and they become harsh, dry and discolored by the cloth friction. Pink Nectarine Areolae essence in Dodora removes the darkness, harshness, and discoloration of your nipples if you use it regularly.

You can also apply rosebud essence cream on the skin of your nipples after washing them. It increases the natural complexion, elasticity, bright color and smoothness of your bud.

Dodora Lip Cream Stays a Long Time

This skin lightening stuff is a long-term serving color on your lips, up to 4 hours. Its shade won’t be invisible through eating, washing, kissing or drinking. Its pink color simply stays for 4 hours. Then, Dodora color starts to fade away automatically but the stain remains until you remove. You can reapply once after your lunch. You have to use makeup remover to get rid of the Dodora’s stain of color completely.

Its Effective Ingredients

One container contains 15mL cream that you can apply for one month by regular usage. Dodora’s two powerful ingredients, Arbutin and Collagen are much known as skin lightening elements.

Its other ingredients are Squalane, F21, Methylparaben, Cetyl isooctanoate, water, Peach extract, Fruit acids, Hyaluronic acid, Propylparaben, and Elestin.

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Dodora Lip Cream Dabs a Pink Color

The actual color of the cream in the container is white. After applying, the cream starts turning pink in a few seconds. Your lips and nipples will be pinker when it dries up and absorbed. The pink color is the effect of its unique ingredients.

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How to Use

You can use DoDoRa Lightening Essence Cream on the daily basis. One container can be used up to one month by daily use. Wash your lips and then apply it. Apply 2-3 times a day. One is morning, the second is night and the third one is anytime you want to reapply it. Don’t press your lips heavily because it may spread it roughly. Wipeout if it goes out of the lips.

Dodora Really Worthy of You

If your lips or nipples are really dark, this pink lightener is exactly for you. Thousands of women used and lightened their lips by Dodora Lip cream. An extraordinary look will be visible on your lips as soon as you apply Dodora Essence.

  • Your lips will have an instant pink and natural glamour.
  • A sweet tint smell will emit out of your lips that will attract your partner.
  • Works effectively to save your lips not being chapped or dry.
  • Extra brightness you will get if you apply before lip gloss or lipsticks.
  • No exaggerated ingredients, so safe for use.
  • Can be used for nipples, vaginal or groins.
  • Daily usable cream.

3 Things of Dodora Pink May Hurt You

  • If the cream is not absorbed properly before getting on the dress, it may stain your clothes.
  • Dodora just leaves a single shade of pinkish color on your lips.
  • Hard to wipe the cream off until you use any remover.

Is It Safe for Use?

Dodora lip cream is not developed with any harsh, or exciting stuff. Even, no fragrance is added to it. So, Dodora Pink is safe to use on your sensitive skin. It never hurts the lips or nipples.

Side Effects

Except the hardness to remove the stain of cream, there are no side effects found yet. Nevertheless, if you see any irritation or discomfort, you should stop using it. And, as soon as meet your dermatologist.

Dodora Lip Cream Review

1. KAT | 24 | Graphic Designer

I must say, I’m addicted to it! The product was sooo good that I only have to re-apply it once a day. Once before going to work and re-apply it after eating lunch. I don’t have to worry if my lip shade will smudge on my lips or if it will transfer to my tumbler whatsoever. lol. I always wipe off my tumbler after drinking because of the lipstick. It is very annoying.

2. uminami

When I first tried it, I was so excited to put it on my nipple LOL I use my forefinger to apply and I was so happy at that time when I already see the result LOL.

Lastly, I will tell you that if your lips or nipples are dark, you can try one container of Dodora Lip Cream. Let me know your experience. Best of luck.

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    I am residing in Bangalore, i am unable to find it anywhere in Bangalore.
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