Dark Lips Treatment for Men from Smoking (11 DIY Ways to Lighten Lip Color)

Updated: September 26, 2019
Dark Lips Treatment for Men from Smoking

Dark lips treatment for men is a little bit different than women because the tendency of smoking is more in men. And so, smoking is the main difference to divide the pattern of discoloration on the lips between men and women.

Besides darkening of the lips, smoking causes dark spots, wrinkles, dark stains, dryness, and dehydration on the lips.

Anyway, I will basically show you the treatment based on home remedies that break down the discoloration on your lips slowly and safely. Typically, artificial treatment cannot lighten dark lips of men properly. Therefore, I am emphasizing the natural ways.

There are many home remedies to cure dark lips. But, here I have described only a few remedies that are effective. These treatments naturally will fade the melanin pigments and also repair damaged lips.

11 tips to lighten men’s dark lips due to smoking or other things like suntan, dryness, etc.

1. Stop SmokingDark lips treatment for men

Right now stop smoking. And notice gradually you will get back your previous lip color. If you cannot stop smoking, you can read, “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.” This book will help you to quit smoking permanently in a natural way.

2. Reduce Caffeine (Tea and Coffee)Dark lips treatment for men

If you take more than 5 cups of hot tea or coffee, it will also cause dark lips. Just take 2 cups coffee or tea a day. Avoid taking hot foods because they are also liable to create darkness on the lips.

3. Wear A CapDark lips treatment for men

UV rays make the lips discolor and burnt. Sun exposure also makes the lips dry. You may have probably noticed that sun exposure not only makes the lip dark but also it makes the other body skin dark. When you go outside, you should wear a cap. It protects your face from the sun.

4. Use Honey, Glycerin, and Lemon JuiceDark lips treatment for men

Make a mixture with some honey, lemon juice, and glycerin. Apply this mixture to your lips for a few minutes over the day. Lemon juice has Citric acid that removes the dark spots from the lips. Glycerin and honey provide nutrients to the lips and also keep the lips moisturized and protective.

5. Apply Lemon JuiceDark lips treatment for men

Lemon naturally contains bleaching features that remove melanin from the lips. Lemon juice also distributes the hyperpigmentation to all skin of the lips that make the lips look less black. Use this juice two times a day and massage your lips gently with fingers. Leave lemon juice 30 minutes on the lips also. Then wash your lips off.

6. Use PapayaDark lips treatment for men

Ripe papaya is one of the best natural treatments for removing dark spots from smoking lips. Make a small paste with the ripe papaya. Apply it to the lips. Rub it for 3 minutes and then let it stay for one hour. You can use it 3 times a day until you will notice brighter lips.

7. Apply Petroleum Jelly or Lip BalmDark lips treatment for men

Men get dark lips from smoking generally. Smoking also makes their lips dry. So, they need good lip balms to moisten the lips along with lightening them. Balm or petroleum jelly works well to keep the lips well moisturized.

Bear in mind that sun protecting lip balm is the best item because it not only moisturizes the lips but also gives a protection from UV rays.

Apply the lip balm at night before sleeping. Before going outside, you can also apply the balm or petroleum jelly. Use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly or Burt’s Bees Lip Balm. These products are more renowned.

8. Use Almond Oil Dark lips treatment for men

Massage your lips twice a day with almond milk or oil (Buy it at Amazon). Then leave it on the lips for an hour. This oil helps to reduce the darkness from your lips along with breaking down the hyper-pigmentation. This oil also protects and softens your lips from the rough weather of winter.

9. Use Ice Cubes

Dark lips treatment for men

Massage your lips with an ice cube in the circular motion for 2 minutes. It removes the dry cells on the lips and increases the blood circulation so that the lips will look fresh and rosy. Ice cubes are very effective to peel off the dry skin from the lips. Being removed the dry cells, lips normally look clean and bright. Ice cubes also hydrate the lips.

10. Use Castor Oil Dark lips treatment for men

If you are a smoker and have black spot lips, castor oil is a must to remove the discoloration from your lips. Rub your dark spot lips with castor oil for 3 minutes and then let it stay for an hour twice a day. It consequently fades the melanin pigments from your lips. Castor oil also keeps your lips hydrated by removing the dryness.

11. Apply RaspberriesDark lips treatment for men

Raspberries are an effective natural treatment for men to lighten their dark lips from smoking. Make a paste with raspberries, honey, and Aloe Vera. Rub your lips gently with this mixture and leave it for 30 minutes onto the lips. This treatment gets rid of the discoloration and keeps the lips soft and nourished.


That’s all about dark lips treatment for men. You have to stop smoking first, then you will normally get natural lip tone. Besides, use the above natural ingredients that can remove your dark lips safely and make your lips healthy, fuller, and supple.

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    • Hi, you can use some home remedies to lighten and soften your dark and dry lips.

      Use one teaspoon of honey with few drops of lemon juice. Honey will nourish your lips and lemon juice break down the pigments of the lips.

      Thanks and keep well

  1. sir I am very bad felling my old lip dark but when I am started smoking there lip black spot plzzz sir help me 😕😕😕

  2. During this process please stop smoking but as my experience i’m still smoking but no more dark lips 🙂

    For fast result stop smoking

  3. Hello everybody

    My situation was same as i read in this thread everyone have problem..i was smoking since 3 years ago any my lips was dark due to smoking..i read everywhere but no result found !!!

    Before a week i make a scrub that makes my lips red within a week..its not a joke i am very surprised with this result and now i’m going to share it with you

    First of all take caster white sugar ( 2 table spoon )
    Coconut oil ( 1 table spoon )
    Honey – i prefer pure honey ( 1 table spoon )

    Mix it well and store it you can use anytime

    Now take some mixture and apply to lips, and rub your lips gently for 1 minute and wash with warm water

    After you dry your lips and apply a lip balm on lips and remain for a hour .. i used this lip balm ( KATE TOKYO CC LIP CREAM – BEAT RED )

    I prefer to use before going to bed

    I hope it will work for you 🙂


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