Your Easy-to-Follow Daily Skin Care Routine At Home to Get Glowing Skin 24 Hours

Updated: September 26, 2019
the daily skin care routine at home

To get the gorgeous glowing skin, a strict daily skin care routine you must have. No need more costly products to take care of your skin. You just need to prepare a good routine that you can follow at your home to nurse your skin.

A simple but effective skin care routine you can maintain at your home without going to a salon

Today, I will discuss how to prepare a beauty care routine for your skin and how you can follow it. I hope, if you maintain the below routine, you will have beautiful smooth skin within a short time.

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These beauty care tips are perfect for all skin types, like dry, sensitive, combination, oily or normal skin. First, you have to know your skin type, then buy your products according to it.

Anyway, before seeing the daily skin care routine at home, let’s see how you can identify your skin complexion.

1. Identify Your Skin TypeYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

If you use products without knowing your skin sensitiveness, your products won’t be usable and they can worsen your skin. See the following criteria determine your skin type:

Oily Skin: You can easily identify the oily skin. If your skin is shiny or you feel wet after touching your skin with the hands, then it is oily skin. Oily skin is the riskiest. Pimples are more common in oily skin. Dirt, blackness, blemishes, acne, blackheads or impurities are easily attracted to the oily skin. A gentle cleansing is essential for the oily skin.

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Sensitive Skin: Your skin is sensitive if your skin burns easily, reacts to any cosmetics and feels irritation for the change of weather. Sensitive skin is normally changeable. So, you feel problems to treat the sensitive skin. Before purchasing cosmetics, you should test them. You also face a little bit harder to cleanse your blemishes from the face. Spot remedies, cleanser, and moisturizer are good for taking care of sensitive skin.

Normal Skin: Your daily skin care routine at home will be easy if you have normal skin. You feel tight and smooth by touching your skin. You may see small or medium-sized pores if you have normal skin. Normal skin has no much oil or dryness. Dirt, blemishes or impurities are also less. Night skin care is the best solution for a normal skin type. You can use moisturizer, cleanser or spot treatment for your normal skin type.

Combination Skin: Combination skin means you have the features of all skin. Sometimes, you may notice oily tones, sometimes you can see dryness or sometimes you may feel normal. Most of the people have combination skin. You can moisturize, exfoliate, use spot remedies or cleanse your face.

Dry Skin: Dry skin means you have dryness, flaky, chapped or scale tones on your face. Dryness of the face is mainly caused by malnutrition or dehydration or warm weather. Of course, someone has naturally dry skin. An effective moisturizing is one of the best stuff for dry skin. You can moisturize your face at night. Honey is a good natural moisturizer for dry skin. You can use various honey or oil packs on your skin to get relief from dry skin.

2. Purchase Product as Skin TypeYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

You need to buy facial masks, cotton pads, exfoliators or scrubs, moisturizers, toners, and cleansers. You ought to buy your products based on your skin’s nature. One product does not fit for all skin types. The opposite use may harm your skin severely that you sometimes cannot recover for huge costs.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face Skin FrequentlyYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

It is very sensitive to touch the face. Through the hands, your face absorbs lots of dirt and bacteria that clog up in the pores. Later it will create acne or pimples that makes your face unsmart. If you need to touch your face, you must wash your hands with soap and warm water. Wipe the water off with a clean towel. You can also use a tissue made for the skin absorbent.

4. Don’t Pick Your PimplesYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

It is very tempting to pop the pimples. But, it does not do any good for the skin. It only worsens the skin, creating bad scars on the face. Acne is a great barrier for looking face glowing. If you have acne-prone skin, you should take an especial treatment for your pimples.

5. Create A Routine to Care for Lips, Eyes, and NoseYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

Some particular skin, like lips, eyes and the corners of the nose is finer, more sensitive and fragile. Especially, the lips become harmed easily by any roughness, like cold weather, warm wind, smoking, UV rays etc. Your skin of eyes also gets darker at any time for various reasons, including lack of sleep, mental stress etc. The creases of the nose attract more dirt that may create pimples.

So, you have to follow a different daily skin care routine at home for these parts of the face. A good combination of your face, eyes, nose, and lips can only give you a perfect attitude and appearance.

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6. Cleanse Your Face in Time and DailyYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

The glowing skin you will get rapidly if you cleanse, tone and moisturize your face regularly and timely. You should cleanse your face before makeup at morning. After coming back home, again, you have to cleanse your skin. It will keep your skin fresh and dirt free all day long. The skin care at night offers you a deep treatment. Your skin gets a chance to absorb the necessary elements perfectly that will make your skin healthy and plump. If you cleanse your face during the shower, it is easy. Or, see the tips below how to wash your face:

  • Wash your hands first, so that no poisons can be transferred into the skin.
  • Open the pores by making your skin wet with lukewarm water. Massage your face gently with a cleanser in a circular and upward motion. You can let your cleanser stay a while if the product has this feature. It will cleanse and remove the dirt, oil, or blemishes from the pores rightly.
  • Let not stay a little bit of cleanser on the face because it leads the skin to irritation and discomforts. Use damp cotton balls, sponge or splash your face to remove all the cleanser completely.
  • Lastly, wash your face with some splashes of cold water. It closes the pores so that no impurities can go into the pores. Washing your face with cold water also makes your skin look fresher.
  • Now pat your face dry with a towel. Don’t use unclean cloth because it gives hundreds of bacteria to your face.

7. Apply TonerYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

Toner is a must for skin care routine because it serves 3 big benefits for your skin. One- it helps to retain your pH level that is removed after cleansing, second- it eliminates wrinkles/fine lines or spots. And finally, it prevents the growth of bacteria or poison into the skin. Toner is especially essential for oily skin. You may get lots of good toners on the market, pick your best one according to your skin texture. Pour some toner on a cotton pad and rub it on the face politely. Don’t wash your face after applying the toner. Some good toners are:

8. Moisturize Your SkinYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

After cleansing and applying toner, now time to soften your skin with a good moisturizer as per your skin type. Even if, you have oily skin, you have to moisturize your skin. Moisturizer is a must for the dry or flaky skin. You will get different kinds of moisturizers in the shops, including serums (best for normal/oily skin), gels (best for oily/spot prone skin) and creams (best for dry/sensitive skin).

Besides moisturizing the skin, it has 3 major benefits for the skin, like reducing wrinkles, blemishes and contains false tan. After drying the toner, just simply massage your skin with a moisturizer. If you have dry skin, you can apply a little bit more. If you notice really more, blot some with a tissue. Many people apply different moisturizers for the eye areas. You can also do it. Some good moisturizers are –

9. Exfoliate Your SkinYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

Exfoliation once a week is a good routine for skin care. Exfoliation enhances the skin tone. This skin care tip basically eradicates the unnecessary burdens, like dead or dry skin cells. So, your skin becomes fast and plain. Exfoliator should be gentle or pH-neutral, not be harsh. Wipe off your makeups first. Then apply your favorite exfoliator on the face. Rub for a minute with your hands gently.

You can use a washcloth to massage your face instead of hands. Soak your washcloth in warm water and then rub your skin with it. Be more careful on the corners of the nose because these parts contain more impurities or dead cells that can be seen as blackheads later. In excessive dry skin, you can scrub your skin 1-2 times a week. But, the exfoliator should be gentle. Two quality skin exfoliators are Era Organics and Cure Natural Aqua.

10. Use Face MaskYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

The application of a mask can be also an excellent skincare routine at home once or less a week. You can use a ready-made mask or you can prepare a natural mask. The natural face mask is more effective and healthy for the skin. In dry skin, you can use a rich mask formulated with moisturizer. In uneven or oily skin, better to apply the peel-off mask. If you buy a mask, you should follow the instructions given on the packet. If you prepare yourself at home, you should not leave it on your skin for more than 15 minutes.

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More tips to get flawless skin at homeYour Daily Skin Care Routine At Home

The above steps you should follow to get and enjoy the beautiful and glowing skin. Besides, you have to maintain some other tips daily to take care of your skin at home for getting constant and permanent pretty skin.

  1. Maintain your skin care routine daily and strictly. Irregular attempts cannot give you the expected skin level that you wish. Even, the random or irregular attention can cause danger to your skin.
  2. Reduce your stress because it harms greatly the beauty of the skin.
  3. Don’t sleep with makeup because it harms the skin lots. Use gentle, pH-neutral or baby remover to get rid of your makeups. Be careful whether your wipes will not make your skin dry, harsh or imperfect.
  4. The remarkable changes of the skin also depend on your sleep. You must sleep for 9 hours a day. And, if you are a teenager, you should sleep at least 9-10 hours a day because you are growing at this time.
  5. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you have to give a separate attention to your eyes also. For the lack of beauty around your eyes, your face may not look bright. Read also how to remove dark circles under eyes with home remedies.
  6. Some bad habits, including drinking, drugging or smoking is very injurious both for health and skin. Your skin may be dark, dry or premature aging for these bad habits. So, you have to give up them as soon as possible to have fairly beautiful skin.
  7. Glowing skin not only depends on the above tips but also depends on your healthy diet.
  8. For juicy skin, you must take lots of water, minimum 8 glasses a day. It keeps the health and skin hydrated that is very helpful for having feather-like soft skin.
  9. Take an exercise or walk, minimum 30 minutes a day. You can open your windows to get fresh air or you can go for a natural movement in the morning or afternoon. Fresh air is helpful for a fresh mind that indirectly beautifies your skin.
  10. Wash your bedding, like pillows 3 times a week. Fresh and clean bedding prevents the growth of the bacteria and other dirt on the skin that prevents acne or pimples.
  11. Apply sunscreen whatever the weather is. Sunscreen should be oil-free and moisturizer based.
  12. Try not to sleep in a hot room because sweating may cause puffiness or spots on your skin.
  13. Be careful about the products whether they are allergic or give irritation. If it is like so, avoid using them.
  14. Set a humidifier in the dry season in your room. It saves your skin from being damp and sweating that is excellent to foster lustrous skin.
  15. Sometimes you can use natural products because ready-made and chemical based products are not always good for the skin.
  16. Even if, by maintaining a daily skin care routine at home, if you don’t see any significant change, you should alter your products or council with your beauty care expert.

Skin Protects The Beauty, So Care It

Hi girls, don’t discontinue the above tips about the daily skin care routine at home. Just continue and hook up the tips, you will get the healthy skin.

If you like my tips on how to prepare a perfectly daily skincare routine at home, don’t forget to share it or make comments. It will help others.

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  1. Beauty goes farther than being just skin deep. Yet our skin is one of the most visible expressions of this beauty. Thanks for sharing these secrets .

  2. Wonderful article. I love these suggestions. Moisturizer is so important. I have adult acne and I noticed it got so much better when I use Moisturizer on my acne. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Monika,
    Thanks you lot for reading our page.

    Generally fair skin girls or women have fair or pink lips, and dark skin women have dark lips.

    If your lips are dark for some reasons, like sunburn, smoking, longer time use of lipstick, not removing lipstick before sleeping or any other reasons? Or your lips are dark form the birth?

    If your lips are dark from the birth, you cannot probably make your lips pink permanently. You can lighten your lips for a while by cosmetics or lip lightening cream.

    Or if your lips are dark for the above reasons, you remove the reasons, use a good lip lightening product. Your lips will be pink.

    Best of luck, Monika.


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