21 Celebrities Having Most Beautiful, Hottest, and Sexiest Lips

Beautiful lips are precious.

Updated: September 26, 2019
Celebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever
Image: vox.com

In 1998, I did fall in love with Kate Winslet’s lips. For a few days, I couldn’t forget her appearance. She was really younger and more beautiful in Titanic. The most appealing parts of her body I had to appreciate are nothing but her lips.

I know you were too like me. I just thought about how she has got these alluring pieces of lips. If I had those lips!

Just wait, here you can see another 21 celebrities who have also most beautiful, hottest, and sexiest lips that you might have once dreamed of.

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The female celebrities who have the hottest lips

1. Sophia LorenCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Simply Sophia Loren was a symbol of beauty, and maybe her most appealing part was her lips. She was an Italian actress and her real name was Sofia Villani Scicolone. She was born in 1934. At that time, she was one of the best stunning ladies having a nice-shaped lippy asset, for that thousands of men, were fallen in her attractiveness.

Sophia Loren started her acting career with a beauty role of the pageant at the age of just 14 in 1949. She showed her acting wisdom through the performance of ‘Two Women’.

2. Angelina JolieCelebrities Having Hottest Lips Ever

Angelina Jolie, probably she is the woman who has the hottest lips on the planet. I cannot tell you how many girls desire to get pout like her. Thousands of women search Google to read the tutorial on how to get luscious lips like Angelina Jolie.

She is mainly an American actress, besides a filmmaker, and now she works as a humanitarian. She has been the highest-paid actress in the Hollywood and got lots of prominent awards and nominations, like Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, etc.

3. Jessica AlbaCelebrities Having Sexiest Lips Ever

Jessica Alba is another one that I cannot but enlist this list for her one-color sharpened lips. And she is the one who has always pretty and beautiful lips without cosmetics. She was born in 1981, and is a famous American actress and model; now also known as a businesswoman. You can say closing your eyes that she is the symbol of American-Mexican daintiness.

Especially, her lips just are ready to bloom when you spell her name. Because of a leading role in a TV series, Dark Angel; she got a Golden Globe nomination. Besides, she was awarded lots of honors, like Saturn Award, Choice Actress Teen Choice Award, etc.

4. Brigitte BardotCelebrities Having Most Appealing Lips Ever

Brigitte Bardot was a French singer and actress. She was thought as the most fashionable and sexiest celebrity on the era of the 1950s to 1960s by her initials. And maybe the lips that were her bigger weapons that cut the minds. Her lips just simply brought her stylishness into another level.

She was born in 1934, and her former name was Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. She worked for animal rights at her later age.

5. Scarlett JohanssonCelebrities Having Hottest Lips Ever

Definitely, she has been able to symbolize herself as the hottest woman because of having her curved-shaped body. And no doubt her lips are the main spiritual organs out of her all sexualities. This American singer, model, and actress was born in 1984.

Scarlett Johansson’s first debut in film was 1994. Scarlett Johansson made her first adult role in Girl with a Pearl Earring in 2003. She got BAFTA award for the Best Actress in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation.

6. Marilyn MonroeCelebrities Having Prettiest Lips Ever

This celebrity had gone away but left her symbols yet. Her red iconic lips were the main sexual stuff that flew over the Hollywood during that time and she hit upon a new culture of sexuality in the 1950s. She created lots of different stylish patterned trademarks that still dominate Hollywood. Maybe every piece of her beauty might be invisible off if she had not possessed such a pair of the hottest pout.

Marilyn Monroe’s actual name was Norma Jeane Mortenson and she was born in 1926. She became famous for doing the role of “dumb blonde” characters. She was the highest-paid actress for a decade. Yet she is considered the movie icon and her styles are followed.

7. RihannaCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

She is the present hottest music sensation who owns precious lips that can kill you in seconds. This Barbadian dark-skinned beauty was born in 1988. Her real name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She is a songwriter and singer.

Evan Rogers gave her the first scope to enter into the music industry in 2003. A Girl Like Me (2006) and Music of the Sun (2005) were her first two studio albums and they reached on the top 10 of the U.S Billboard 200. I just simply tell you that Rihanna got the recognition of Barbadian beauty for her hot lips.

8. Megan FoxCelebrities Having Sexiest Lips Ever

All the signs of beauty are fit to Megan Fox. Who doesn’t love her eyes? On the other hand, her finely curved fuller lips that are the secret of her flamboyant charm. Just simply rounded rosy lips fill you up in kissing for thousands of dollars.

Megan Fox is an American model and actress and was born in 1986. She started her career in acting in 2001. Then she performed some small roles in TV series and films. She got her first film debut in 2004 for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

9. Jennifer GarnerCelebrities Having Most Appealing Lips Ever

Jennifer Garner is another celebrity who have beautiful, sexier and fuller lips though she went under a lip surgery. If you enlist the prettiest celebrities with the hottest lips, you must cover up Jennifer Garner as she is the gift of the goddess. Just a pure and elegant smile hooks up on her lips always.

She is an American filmmaker and actress and was born in 1972. Jennifer Garner made her first film debut for ‘Where’s My Car’, a comedy fantasy in 2000. For her supporting role in Pearl Harbor, she was praised lots.

10. Eva MendesCelebrities Having Hottest Lips Ever

Eva Mendes is a Cuban-American beauty who shows her appeal differently through a mole on her cheeks and extra voluptuous lips. Men definitely love her lips and mole.  This American actress is also under the performance of the model, designer, and singer. She was born in 1974. At the end of the 1990s, she started her career in acting. She presented her career-changed performance in Training Day in 2001.

11. Amanda SeyfriedCelebrities Having Prettiest Lips Ever

This is just not a ‘Mean Girls’, just a doll with the bigger eyes and fuller crimson juicy lips. Amanda Seyfried is a dream to the hundreds of men who love crispy-plumped attitude and style. Her eyes and lips are her languages. She is basically an American singer, model, and actress born in 1985. Just at 11, she began her career as a model, and at 15, she started to act. Amanda Seyfried made her film debut in ‘Mean Girls’.

12. Georgia May JaggerCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Georgia May Jagger got her lip’s beauty from her parents and those lips gave her lot. You don’t need money, ask for this pout from the goddess. Just lovely simple lips puckering up as her Jerry Hall and moving like a pillow as Mick Jagger. Seems already put a fuller smile, pout gigs and beauty contrasts that go beyond your imagination about her lips.

Georgia May Jagger is an English model and fashion icon. She was born in 1992. She made a deed with Rimmel Cosmetics in 2009 and performed for Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Hudson Jeans, Miu Miu, and Versace as a model.

13. Rosie Huntington-WhiteleyCelebrities Having Sexiest Lips Ever

Nothing to say how she performed as a starring role in the blockbuster Victoria’s Secret contract. She showed all her most beautiful coveted body parts to put you in the magical sequences. Who deserve lots of money in her bank account if she inherited sumptuous lips like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley?

This English model & actress was born in 1987, and she is well-known for the work of lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret. She became one of its brand ‘angles’. Whiteley also modeled for M&S and ‘Burberry Body’ fragrance.

14. Liv TylerCelebrities Having Most Appealing Lips Ever

I can die for her smile!!! Liv Tyler is the symbol of rightly shaped and elegant lips with a striking fuller tone that goes to beautifully tuned on upper lips and curved to the fuller lower lips. She just smiles, and you can be lost. Liv Tyler is an American model and actress. She was born in 1977. She started modeling as her career at the age of 14. Then she decided she should be attentive also in acting. And her first debut in film was Silent Fall in 1994.

15. Monica BellucciCelebrities Having Prettiest Lips Ever

Who want toothsome lips? Just look at Monica Bellucci. I think she was born just for making you craved for her lips. Her enhanced lips added an extravagant charming to her whole appearance that looks really entrancing. I can tell you hardly any guy who has not desired to kiss her just for once. How a woman has owned such lips? It is just incredible.

Her real name was Monica Anna Maria Bellucci and was born in 1964. Monica Bellucci is a new style, symbol, and sexuality of fashion and model from Italian inhabitation. She started her career as a model, next converted to acting in Italian films.

16. Dita Von TeeseCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Dita Von Teese is an American model, entrepreneur, occasional actress, costume designer, and burlesque dancer. Probably she is the only celebrity who is more famous for having nice-looking red lips. She can adorn her lips expertly with lip paint. Whether it is glossy or matte finish, does not matter. And she has been able to put the red lipstick on the higher makeup.

She started to use red lipstick in the 80s when every woman loved to get on with pearly beige-pinks. Since then she has not stopped wearing red dyes. Teese said that she has at least 5 drawers of lipsticks. I think she is the only woman on the planet who looks incredible with red lipstick.

17. Kim BasingerCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Who did forget the super-hot eating scene of Kim Basinger in the erotic movie Nine 1/2 Weeks? There are lots of conversions what were the sexiest facts of that film. But, I can bet you her fuller-hot lips got sexier, not her ribbon, nails or anything else. Kim Basinger showed an extreme oral oomph with Mickey Rourke, and there were her lips for the main role.

She is an American former fashion guru, model, and actress. She was born in 1953 with the name of Kimila Ann Kim Basinger. Kim performed in her debut film in 1981, and she was featured in 38 films.

18. Julia RobertsCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Julia Roberts is such a celebrity who lives with beauty, and of course, her pucker lips are the main flowers of her charm. She is the ‘Pretty Woman’ in Hollywood and sweetheart of America. People fall in love for her natural plump pout, scented smile, and toothy grin. Julia Roberts was born in 1967. She is an American film producer and also an actress. She got more popularity in Hollywood through acting in a romantic-comedy character in Pretty Woman in 1990, and that was her rising up.

19. Kat DenningsCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

Kat Dennings is the symbol of luscious lips, curvaceous body and wild sense of humor, and maybe for that, she is now a hugely popular celebrity in Hollywood. She has won thousands of minds through her pouty fuller smile. She is an American actress and born in 1986 with the name of Katherine Litwack.

Kat Dennings is her professional name. Kat Dennings started her career with an HBO series, named Sex and the City. She also performed in some other popular films, like Raise Your Voice, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Thor: The Dark World, etc.

20. Candice SwanepoelCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

She was born with sexy soft lips, and any lipstick glides nicely on her lips, this is another secret of her beautiful lips. Lip balm is her favorite product and she cannot pass a single day without dabbing the lip balm. Candice Swanepoel was born in 1988 and she is South-African based supermodel. She is well-known for the work of Victoria’s Secret. It gave her much popularity and she became the 10th top-earning model by Forbes in 2012.

21. Adele Laurie Blue AdkinsCelebrities Having Most Beautiful Lips Ever

This incredible 29 years old talented cat-eye singer can make the ‘Skyfall’ with her bee-stung lips smile. For sure, when she greets someone with a ‘Hello’, they forget the reality and get indulged in the softness of her lips even if it is for a second. Her lips are that good!

Bigger soft pinkish upper lip with a bigger down lip is so hot that it can even Set Fire To The Rain. When her lips curve and let out harmonious music, everyone gets stunned at the voice and at the scenario. Grammys and Oscar should go to ‘Someone Like You’ my love Adele. You are your Hometown Glory.

Oh! My God!!!

Are you dreaming still of having lips like them? If you have beautiful pinkish lips, you are really lucky. If not, appreciate the God what you have for, and take care of your lips properly. Then your lips will be prettier and softer.

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