11 Proven Reasons For Causing Dark, Black Or Discolored Lips And Know How To Lighten Them

Updated: September 26, 2019
causes of dark lips and how to get rid of those dark lips

There are many reasons for dark lips. Some are known and some are unknown. From sun exposure to your habits may cause dark lips.

However, you got the dark lips, does not matter. But, matter when you feel very badness with your dark lips to the public. You can use various home remedies or products, like Laetitia cream to lighten your dark lips.

Before going to treat your black lips, it will be better if you find out why your lips have been dark. The reasons mainly will help you to solve this problem.

What are the reasons for dark lips? And how to get rid of darkness, dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles and other discoloration from the lips.

1. Smoking

Smoking causes dark lips, no doubt. The tobacco of smoking stains onto the lips so that your lips look black. Smoking also dries out the water and oil from the lip skin. So, lips also become dry and chapped. Even you may have dark spots or severe blackness or discoloration on your lips from smoking. Skin cancer may occur on the lips for smoking if you do not treat the discoloration. But, it is a rare case.

Cut off the habit of smoking and use a good lip lightener. Also, drink lots of water to keep the lips hydrated.

You can read Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking if you cannot quit smoking. It is a best-seller book sold over 13 million copies around the world. This book guides you to drop off the smoking easily. You can also read this article on how to lighten dark lips from smoking.

2. Hyperpigmentation

The excessive exposure to the sun rays also causes black hue on the lips. This black hue is called the melanin or hyperpigmentation. Apply sunscreen to your lips to prevent the growth of melanin. Better to use a lip balm with SPF protection that can protect your lips from the sunburn and also can keep them moisturized.

Normally use SPF 15 lip balm and if you stay more time in the sun, choose more SPF than 15, like 20, 25 or 30.  You can use Hawaiian Tropic Lip Balm SPF 45+ – Vanilla Mint. It is a perfect coverage for your lips against the UVA/UBA rays.

3. Your Ignorance

The insincerity to your lips also may cause lip discoloration. If you don’t remove the cosmetic from your lips before sleeping, it eventually causes the lip discoloration. If you don’t use any good lip moisturizer, it is a reason for your dry lips. And dryness causes darkness. Using of random cosmetics also build up pigmentation. You need to make up a routine for your lip care as lips enhance the beauty.

4. Allergens

You may experience blue and blackened lips by the allergens. Mainly the fragrances and dyes in lip cosmetics generally create an allergic reaction. The products that contain allergens, you should avoid them. The allergens may come out of your toothpaste too. Check out the toothpaste whether it is creating allergens to your lips.

5. Caffeine

Hot tea or coffee is useful to health but it has some side effects too to the lips. It dries up the skin as caffeine is diuretic. The hot flavor of caffeine is also liable to build up melanin on/around the lips. Gradually, it may turn into black, or brown color. It is right we need to take tea or coffee, but you should not have more than 3 cups a day. And drink lots of water, at least 10 glasses a day.

6. Disorder Eating

The lack of nutrients is related to nervosa and bulimia. You may feel frequent vomiting and a digestive problem of stomach acid by bulimia. This process may damage your lip normal condition that finally leads your lips to the long-term discoloration.

7. Dryness

Lip skin is thinner. It gets lost the moisturizer rapidly in any rough situation or weather. Especially, the mouth breather and smokers face dryness on the lips more. The windy weather and cold climates also lead the skin dry. For lack of care, you come up with cracked or chapped lips too. It creates first white or pale peeling lines on the lips.

In severe dry or chapped lips, you may experience darker tones around your lips. I personally get black lips in winter when my lips are deprived of moistures.

Use Lip Struck Natural Lip Balm, 100% Natural Beeswax when you feel dryness on your lips. It protects the lips from being dry, chapped or cracked. Ultimately, it hinders the darkness.

8. Toxins and Poisoning

There are some toxic metals that may be liable for creating discoloration of the lips. These metals are silver, mercury, bismuth, and copper. Some other caustic elements like strong alkalis, acids, and other poisonous substances may cause lip discoloration if you come to close them.

9. Melasma

Melasma refers to the hyperpigmentation on the skin that generally comes out of the excessive amount of melanin pigments. This type of disorder is generally caused by excessive sun exposure. You may have noticed darkness on the hands and other outer parts of the body of athletes because they have to stay a longer period of time in the UV rays.

Upper lips, forehead, and cheeks are most vulnerable to the melanin pigments or hyperpigmentation. The darkness of the lips is noticeable as symmetrical patches. You won’t feel any itching or rashes, just causing brown color.

10. Your Cosmetics

Inexpensive products made with chemicals or harsh elements sometimes harm your lips. If you use always lipsticks, it may also leave dark shades on your lips. I saw some of my friends who use lipstick more than 12 hours, they embrace a shocking with brown lips.

The expired, date over or the products stayed more than a month at your home after opening are also responsible for bringing discoloration like blue, brown or dark lines on your lips. You can also use these lipsticks:

11. Regional Fact

Because of having regional reasons, you can meet up dark lips. Especially, some Indian and African region’s people usually get black lips from birth. In birth-brown discoloration lips, there is nothing to do to get rid of the unfavorable color. Of course, some latest treatments can cure your dark lips like laser treatment.


The identification of the causes mainly will help you to remove darkness from your lips. If you smoke, you should stop it. If you take more than 5 cups of tea or coffee, must intake less. Apply expensive or natural lip care products. Try some home remedies for your dark lips. Then you will have brighter pinkish shiny soft lips.

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